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"Topics" features long-time friends and creative comedic collaborators Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter as they tackle some of mankind's most difficult questions: What is the nature of love? Is time travel possible? Does God exist? And so many more. "Topics" is a thoughtful, intense conversation about what makes humankind... kind of human. Featuring original music by Dan Deacon!
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Los Angeles, CA
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60 Available Episodes (60 Total)Average duration: 00:28:48
Jun 11 | 00:03:10
Introducing Obscure - Michael's new podcast
Dec 24 | 00:32:35
56 Santa
Dec 17 | 00:29:16
55 Unknown
Dec 10 | 00:25:11
54 The Nolan Film, Interstellar
Dec 03 | 00:32:26
53 Architecture
Nov 26 | 00:32:22
52 Snow
Nov 19 | 00:33:55
51 Empires
Nov 12 | 00:32:53
50 Rebirth
Nov 05 | 00:37:07
49 Topicon
Jun 25 | 00:36:39
48 Nature of Identity (w/ Nev Schulman)
An all-time classic
Mar 13, 2018 by alistener

A podcast with numerous episodes I revisit often. The two Mikes know how to make it happen for me and they're in great if a little uneven form across this series.

Ended just as it hit its stride
Jun 28, 2017 by BillyKlubz

This podcast had a great premise, but struggled to live up to it in the early going. Both Michaels (Showalter and Ian Black) are funny guys, but you could tell they were still feeling things out in the early going. As the show went on, they found their footing in the premise (no spoilers, but it's obvious) and it got better and better. For example, they spend one episode talking about how they are going to discuss a topic, but then never actually get into it. Brilliant. Definitely worth a listen if you like dry comedy, but go in knowing that it can be uneven.

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