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After every episode of FX's "The People v. O.J. Simpson," Jeffrey Toobin (a consultant on the show who wrote the book by the same name) joins "Reliable Sources" host Brian Stelter to separate fact from fiction.
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The verdict is handed down by the jury and no viewer should be surprised. But as Jeffrey Toobin has pointed at throughout the series, as the proceedings took on a surreal atmosphere, the verdict wasn't a surprise. Jeffrey and Brian discuss the party after the verdict, O.J.'s payment from a tabloid for party photos, the works of the defense attorneys after the trial, having his work optioned for the TV show and what it's like behind the scenes now that the show has wrapped.
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Tapes surface that force Mark Fuhrman to plead the 5th on the stand - and he's not on even on trial. This spectacle causes Fred Goldman to hold a press conference to share his frustration. Jeffrey shares insights from the time of the trial and some of his thoughts on legacies of Ito, Clark and more.
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Jurors begin to get cabin fever as they are sequestered during the O.J. trial. As they begin to more restless a chess match between Marcia Clark and Johnnie Cochran begins to dismiss as many jurors as possible that are perceived not to be sympathetic to their side. And what would be a modern bombshell in a court case today as high-tech evidence of a defendant's guilt, DNA, is dismissed as unreliable.
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As the public learns more about the case conspiracy theories stat to take hold in the media. Jeffrey addresses the accuracy of courtroom activity and surprisingly, it's true. The accuracy of a budding Clark and Darden romance? If you want that answer, you'll have to listen!
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The storyline this week is all about Marcia Clark. A hard look at the treatment of the lead prosecutor during the trial in the media, at home and in court as she has her own legal issues to attend to. Jeffrey also addresses the newly released information about the folding knife that was found at the Simpson estate when it was being razed.
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Jeffrey kicks off the show by describing the powerful emotions on the set of "The Race Card" episode, directed by John Singleton. The O.J. defense team coalesces around Johnnie Cochran's strategy to use race and the necessity of it in the hope get an acquittal. Jeffrey Toobin describes how Christopher Darden gets pinned in the middle by this defense approach by being labeled as an 'Uncle Tom'. In the miniseries, actor Sterling K. Brown's portrayal of Darden, according to Toobin is amazing. The episode 6 preview that you don't want to miss.
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Jeffrey Toobin dissects episode 4 of "The People vs O.J. Simpson," explains the significance of the jury selection process, describes his favorite scene, and tells stories from the set.
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Jeffrey Toobin reacts to the intense interest in this story still today. He walks us through how he ended up out in L.A. covering the O.J. story for the New Yorker magazine. Toobin also shares stories from the courtroom, early discoveries that shaped the case, visiting attorneys to gather information and so much of what was going on behind the scenes he'd need to write another book here just to fill you in! TV episode description from FX: O.J. Simpson has been charged. Robert Shapiro seeks advice from F. Lee Bailey and comes up with a provocative strategy.
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O.J. goes on 'The Run of His Life' when he disappears in the infamous white Bronco and leads the Los Angeles police department on a multi-hour chase while threatening suicide. Jeffrey Toobin fills us in on where he was when he heard about the chase, the difference between network television coverage of the chase by Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings, and the eventual release of evidence and 911 tapes that he didn't have access to when he was writing the book. Brian and Jeffrey discuss the media circus and national level of coverage that the case received all the way to the end. It became an obsession for people that really started with the chase. O.J. Simpson's lawyers must handle an intense situation when he goes missing. They hold a press conference, read one of his 'suicide' letters and count on Robert Kardashian to help bring him home unharmed. On the next episode Jeffrey will fill us in on the casting of the actor that plays him, his role in the story and O.J.'s heighten notoriety.
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'The People vs. O.J. Simpson' is one of the most acclaimed new series of 2016. It's a miniseries, actually, airing on the FX Network. There are 10 episodes in total. All part of FX Network's 'American Crime Story' franchise. The series is based on the book 'The Run of His Life: The People v. O.J. Simpson' by Jeffrey Toobin. It was originally published back in 1996. Toobin is currently CNN's legal analyst as well as a writer at the New Yorker. When I watched the first episode of this series all I wanted to do was to talk to him about it and find out more from him about what actually happened back in the 90's, what it's been like to see his book turned into this series and how he feels about the show, keeping in mind, that he's a consultant on it. On this first episode of our own miniseries about the miniseries we delve into the pilot episode that introduces to the people and characters that we know well from this story.
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