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Real AKA Truth is a biracial podcast that speak nothing but the real truth about trending topics, celebrity news, sports, politics, life, the world around us and more through a black and white eyed prospective on society & culture. So join us each week (Saturday) as you're sure to get a smile with Muff, T.Y. (Terrence Young) and Nick.

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24 Available Episodes (24 Total)Average duration: 01:35:25
Aug 17 | 01:28:07
Episode 23: Thin Skinned
Aug 12 | 01:10:28
Episode 22: White Girls
Aug 03 | 01:18:45
Episode 21: Ni**a Please
Jul 28 | 01:43:15
Episode 20: Wild & Wacky
Jul 24 | 02:08:23
Episode 19: Week Full Of Shambles
Jul 24 | 01:32:07
Episode 18: When Will We Learn?
Jul 24 | 01:39:09
Episode 17: Why Oh Kawhi
Jun 29 | 00:03:26
PSA: We Will Be Back July 6th 2019
Jun 22 | 01:39:12
Episode 16: Just A Day In The Life
Jun 15 | 01:29:45
Episode 15: Lezbehonest
Great hilarious chemistry between the hosts. A GREAT LISTEN!!!
Jun 16, 2019 by Taylor Jaine

I am still whipping tears off my face from laughing so freaking hard. The host and the co-host is just simply amazingly witty while also being wise. For current events in a funny informative way this is the podcast to listen to. 2 thumbs up. 5 stars. 10/10. I agree with the previous review left before mine that the audio could be better but the guys and their content seriously makes up for it!

Even at only a few episodes in, great podcast!
Jun 10, 2019 by AshleyWhy

Recently came across this podcast as I expanded my listening horizons! I'm only a few episodes in, but the back and forth between podcast hosts is natural and entertaining. Topics are up to date, recent and the podcast hosts offer a good take on the topics at hand Can't wait to see where these guys go!!

Hilarious yet informative on current events in pop culture/society
Jun 15, 2019 by Frank T

These guys are hilarious. I can not get enough of them. I wished they did 2 episodes a week. Audio could be better but its at a 85% rate so not terrible. Just wished more episodes had the entire cast as published in their description. Other than that REAL AKA TRUTH podcast is definitely one I will always follow as long as they continue to make them. I love laughing at their crazy chemistry, even when they go back and forth you can tell it's a bond they've always had. Glad I came across these dudes!!!

I Very informative with current events such as topics & celebrity news with a taste of comedy
Jun 07, 2019 by Johnny Black

I agree with these guys that they are the #BestUndergroundPodcast. Now no doubt there is plenty room for growth but once they're able to make the podcast bigger & better I see them being one of the top mainstream podcasts out. Nick is very funny, just hearing the things he has been threw in life & the way he tells it is really hilarious. Muff is kind of wise with his philosophy & comedy. T.Y. is just a blast to hear him argue & be obnoxious is very funny in its own way. I love to join them every week to hear them talk about the week's topics, current events & more. O could actually see these guys with their own syndicated radio show on Sirius XM. I would definitely tune in every morning to get the scoop from them in their witty ways. Audio could be better but I look past it because they are still underground. I give it 3.5 stars out of 5!!!

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