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Spring 2142 and Gated Galaxies has launched its 400 Oz-8000 ships, each carrying 50,000 "sleeping guests" to, hopefully, a new home on a shiny, brand-new planet. As soon as they find one. IF they find one.

This is the story of one of those ships – the Oz 9 – and its tiny crew of hopeless incompetents. So far, they've been in space half an hour and several hundred people are dead. So... bright future, clearly.
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12 Available Episodes (12 Total)Average duration: 00:14:41
Mar 24 | 00:17:30
episode twelve: A bucket full of mime
Mar 10 | 00:15:59
episode eleven: She might do some lasting pickles
Feb 24 | 00:15:44
episode ten: Fixing the ejaculax
Feb 11 | 00:14:16
episode nine: Mind the gap
Jan 30 | 00:15:55
episode eight: Things that go stupid in the night
Jan 13 | 00:15:37
episode seven: The biggest bunch of mindless wankers
Jan 07 | 00:12:57
episode six: Dark and starting to collect liquid
Dec 23 | 00:13:41
episode five: There's a zombie in the corridor
Dec 13 | 00:10:59
episode four: Space is great for sulking
Dec 04 | 00:13:40
episode three: Great heaving chesticles
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