Windfall, Part 3: Squid Pro Quo
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Natural Sciences
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Jul 08, 2021
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The promise of the nascent American offshore wind industry meets an unlikely foe: squid fishermen in Rhode Island. Forces collide — like the enduring symbol of the American blue-collar worker, the big money of global energy interests, and the volatility of American politics. We ask: what is the nature of power?

Windfall is the story of a promising renewable technology and the potential of wind power in a changing climate. It’s a story about who has the power to reshape our energy future.

Featuring: Joe McNamara, Norbert Stamps, Josiah Dodge, Kevin Sullivan, Jason Jarvis, Meghan Lapp, Lars Pederson, Nicola Groom, Ben Storrow, Kevin Stokesbury, David Monti, David Bernhardt, and Gina Raimondo.

Part 3 of 5.


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A note about our reporting process


Co-hosts: Sam Evans-Brown and Annie Ropeik

Reported by Sam Evans Brown Written by Sam Evans-Brown, Jack Rodolico, and Annie Ropeik

Senior Producer: Jack Rodolico

Executive Producer: Erika Janik

Mixing: Justine Paradis 

Fact-checking: Sara Sneath

Editors: Erika Janik, Annie Ropeik, Justine Paradis, Felix Poon, and Hannah McCarthy

Special thanks to Miriam Wasser of WBUR and Craig Lemoult for audio of Lars Pederson and David Bernhardt in this episode. Thanks also to Christa Bank, Jean Flemma, Andrew Gill, David Bidwell, Henrik Lund, John Mitchell, Callie Tansill-Suddath, and the Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies.

Music: Ben Cosgrove, Blue Dot Sessions, and Breakmaster Cylinder

Windfall Graphic Design: Sara Plourde

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