TPP 329: Julie Bogart on Moving Through Writing Resistance for Differently Wired Kids
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Debbie Reber
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Kids & Family
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Jun 06, 2023
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Today’s episode features an eye-opening conversation with Julie Bogart on how to help kids who have resistance around writing, which, I have a hunch, is something many of you out there listening are familiar with. Julie, the mastermind behind the Brave Writer program, the Brave Writer podcast, and really thoughtful content on all things kids, writing, learning with confidence, and critical thinking, is the perfect person to explore this topic with. 

What I thought might be an interview that focused on the nuts and bolts of writing ended up being a very moving and inspiring lesson about self-expression and trust. Julie and I talked about how separating the mechanical and self-expression parts of writing can help kids experience less resistance to writing, how to break through barriers students may have when it comes to expressing themselves, and what Julie identifies as performance anxiety at the heart of a child’s struggles to getting starting putting words down on the page. Julie also gave some fantastic advice on how to change the script around writing resistance and where to get started for parents experiencing this at home. 

Julie Bogart is known for her common sense parenting and education advice. She’s the author of the beloved book, The Brave Learner, which has brought joy and freedom to countless home educators. Her new book, Raising Critical Thinkers, offers parents a lifeline in navigating the complex digital world our kids are confronting.

Julie’s also the creator of the award-winning, innovative online writing program called Brave Writer, now 22 years old, serving 191 countries. 

Things you'll learn from this episode

  • What Brave Writer is and how it helps families looking to support their children in becoming more confident writers
  • How separating the mechanical and self-expression parts of writing can help kids experience less resistance
  • Julie’s thoughts on support systems and available assistive technology and how they influence kids’ relationships with writing
  • How to break through the resistance when children feel daunted by the idea of expressing themselves
  • Why Julie believes performance anxiety is at the root of resistance when kids struggle to begin a writing task
  • Advice for parents raising kids who experience intense resistance around the writing process

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