To Any Woman Who's STRUGGLING In Life, You NEED TO HEAR THIS! | Natalie MacNeil
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Women of Impact
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Impact Theory
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Women's Stories
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Jan 25, 2023
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Women of Impact Podcast is sponsored by Growthday Network: Download Now: The Most Important Questions You MUST Ask Your Partner here: FREE 4-Part Confidence Workshop: On Today's Episode: Starting your own business is unnerving on its own for many reasons. Deciding how you personally show up in your business for yourself and the people you serve can feel completely intimidating. So how do you break away from that feeling to experience the bigger career shifting opportunities?  Natalie has openly struggled with the idea of how she was showing all sides and dimensions of herself and reveals the nuggets of wisdom she’s gleaned from those struggles in this conversation with Lisa. Natalie MacNeil is a four time best selling author of books like, The Rituals, The Conquer Kit, and She Takes on the World. She’s a life coach and mentor focused on well-being, relationships, discovering your true purpose and creating your dream future.  Jenna Kutcher is the host of Goal Digger, the podcast that delivers life struggles, reframes, clarity and value through the lens of a mom, entrepreneur and marketing guru. In this episode she and Lisa get into some of the most impactful ways you can get yourself out of the feelings that leave you stuck, unhappy, and ruminating over your fear of failure. Check out Natalies book, The Rituals:  Check out Jenna Kutcher's new book, How Are You Really:  QUOTES: “One of the most powerful things we can do is name our shame.” Natalie MacNeil “Leave space for magic. Leave space for a different door to open that might actually feel like a door you want to walk through.” Natalie MacNeil “Faith is taking the first step without seeing the whole staircase.” Natalie MacNeil  “I’m always willing to face off with the fear and not let it run the show.” Natalie MacNeil “A lot of the time we’re so head down in the busyness and just being good that we miss what could be better.” Jenna Kutcher  “Joy and gratitude can exist with challenge.” Jenna Kutcher “Some else’s direction may not take you to your destination.” Jenna Kutcher “If you pull out your calendar and do an audit, do the things that you’re seeing align with the ‘when’?” Jenna Kutcher “We quit and give up so easily because it’s hard or we’re tired or we’re lacking resources, when really we just need to slow our pace down or we need to remember that we've already come so far.” Jenna Kutcher Follow Natalie MacNeil: Website:  Twitter:  Facebook:  YouTube:  Instagram:  Follow Jenna Kutcher: Website:  Podcast:  Instagram:  Facebook:

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