This One Thing Changed Amy's Life for the Better
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May 25, 2023
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Amy's friend, Chase, joins her for this talk because this same "one thing" has changed his life for the better too! This one thing = stillness!! What is stillness? Well, achieving stillness looks different for everyone, but it requires the mind, body, and spirit to slow down!! All three parts of us have to slow down so much that we quiet our minds enough to receive intuitive guidance, hear from God, and get into the flow.

Amy's preferred methods to get still are mediation, prayer, journaling and this mantra from Gabby Bernstein: "Stillness is my key to success." This mantra/belief has been a game changer for Amy. She thinks more clearly, surrenders with ease, feels more peace, sees the bigger picture, is more fulfilled, and the list goes on!!!

In a nutshell, this episode is simply Amy and Chase having an open and honest conversation about stillness, aligning with God, faith, love, fear and more. Hope you enjoy it!!


Amy Brown // @RadioAmy //


Chase Locke // @ChaseLocke_ //

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