The Puppy Diaries
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Rumble Strip
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Hub & Spoke
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May 11, 2022
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Chris and Beth got a puppy and recorded the first seven months. It was harrowing. And hilarious.
Chris and Beth got a puppy and recorded the first seven months. It was harrowing. And hilarious.

 I’ve been thinking of getting a dog for years but even though I have an eighteen-year-old son, I’ve never felt mature enough to have a dog. So when my friend Chris told me he and his partner Beth were getting a puppy, I asked if he’d chronicle the event, and for the next seven months, he sent me recordings of what it was like to have a puppy. It was hilarious and weird and totally harrowing.

Here are the Puppy Diaries.


Thanks SO MUCH to Christopher Attaway and Beth Lewis for making these recordings. They are so goddamn beautiful and I will be forever grateful.

Thank you Tobin Anderson for your help in the edit.

Beth is a writer and performer and Chris makes a podcast called Left of the Dial, which is awesome. To hear the other Rumble Strip episode featuring Chris and Beth before their life with Mouse, click here. #ftg-2424 .tile .icon { color:#ffffff; }#ftg-2424 .ftg-items .loading-bar i { background:#666; }#ftg-2424 .ftg-items .loading-bar { background:#fff; }#ftg-2424 .tile .icon { font-size:12px; }#ftg-2424 .tile .icon { margin: -6px 0 0 -6px; }#ftg-2424 .tile .caption-block .text-wrapper span.text { font-size:12px; }#ftg-2424 .tile .caption-outside .text-wrapper span.text { font-size:12px; }#ftg-2424 .tile .caption-block .text-wrapper span.title { font-size:14px; }#ftg-2424 .tile .caption-outside .text-wrapper span.title { font-size:14px; }#ftg-2424 .tile { background-color: transparent; }#ftg-2424 .tile .caption-block .text-wrapper span.text { color: #ffffff; }#ftg-2424 .tile .caption-block .text-wrapper span.title { color: #ffffff; }#ftg-2424 .tile .caption-outside .text-wrapper span.text { color: #ffffff; }#ftg-2424 .tile .caption-outside .text-wrapper span.title { color: #ffffff; }#ftg-2424 .tile .ftg-social a { color: #ffffff; }#ftg-2424 .tile .caption-block { transition-timing-function:linear; }#ftg-2424 .tile .caption-block { transition-duration:0.25s; }#ftg-2424 .tile .tile-inner:before { background-color: #000000; }#ftg-2424 .tile .tile-inner:before { background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.8); }

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