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Sep 11, 2019
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Get reading, y'all, we've got a lot to say. You can find Dreaming of You at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Kobo, or at your local indie. It's currently $2.99 in digital everywhere, so snatch it up!

We'll be announcing the schedule for the first few reads later this week -- so you'll have time to read ahead, but in the meantime, sit back, relax, and let us give you a preview of what's to come!

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Show Notes

- Jen tweeted about Altogether by Brill Harper and then all of Romancedlandia read it. It's deliciously filthy.

- Read Sarah's drunk texts to Jen and Kate on the Vika group chat.

- Take a look at these covers for Rebecca Zanetti's Deadly Silence.

- Sarah was on Wicked and the Wallflowers podcast to talk about Brazen and the Beast.

- You had no idea flag design was so fascinating.

- Looking back at twitter, it might have been a shared love of Derek Craven that made Sarah and Jen friends. We can't wait to discuss Dreaming of You in two weeks.

We're Back! We promised you we'd be back with Season Two in September, and here we are in September, back with Season Two! We've said farewell to [Season One][1], but we'll never fully be able to quit IAD, so Season Two will be **The Books That Blooded Us** -- that is, the books that made us the romance readers we are...books that taught us what the genre could be, books that scratched our itch, books that made us lifelong romance readers, books that set us on the path directly to your earholes! Over the season, we'll tackle 10 (or so) books that blooded each of us -- we'll deep dive, discuss, and delight in each other's picks -- and we've got some fun ideas for how you all can share the books that blooded you! So...where do we begin? We begin in two weeks with the primordial text for both of us...the one...the only...*Dreaming of You*. We'll talk Derek Craven's cockney accent, Sara Fielding's legendary novel, Lisa Kleypas's immense skill with talismans, and we'll get to the very bottom of some of the most controversial bits of this glorious book that the two of us love a whole lot.

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