Q&A: Dreams, Nightmares & Healing Sleep Anxiety
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Ashley Wood
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Feb 22, 2021
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The energy you bring to anything creates your experience with it.

episode 60

We are concluding the month with a Q&A episode! We received many questions about anxiety, and specifically sleep anxiety, and so for the first time, Ashley is opening up about her life-long journey with sleep anxiety, how she overcame it in 2020 (as part of her 2012 - 2020 Completion Cycle) and shares a variety of different methods to heal anxiety. Ashley also shares how to energetically cleanse a room or space with the support of ArchAngels and prayer (nothing else,) how to bless water with love (very healing) and how to support children with active, not always pleasant, dreams. Enjoy! 

Your Questions Answered

  1. When you find out that you’ve had a past life with somebody that you've connected with in this life, do you tell them about it? And if you don’t, how do you contain it? 2. You mentioned that you healed sleep anxiety as part of your 2012 - 2020 Completion Cycle and I’d love to learn more about this and how you healed it. 3. I have a lot of anxiety and to cope with it, instead of being super present, I’ll go off in may imagination and it will really calm me down. Is this detrimental to take myself out of the moment or is it perfectly fine to do? 4. How do we know when the ego is doing its job and keeping us safe versus when it’s holding us back? 5. My five year old has gone through a year of not enjoying her dreams. To her, they’re very vivid and it’s been a very dense time for her. Do you have thoughts on how to weave between motherhood, guiding and accompanying our small children who are very connected, clear and aware? 6. If I have anxiety in my life, I tend to have nightmares or unstable dreaming that affects my sleep - more recently I feel like there are energies or spirits (energy field) that is disturbing my sleep and my mind when I’m trying to rest. I’ve had to ask them to leave, and I ask my angels to protect me so I’m not inundated with something when I’m asleep. Do you have any tips or tricks that I can use to release some of these things that are around so I can get some good sleep? 7. How do I find the balance between being here and fulfilling my soul’s purpose in this life and while also having my human experience while I’m here? I sometimes feel very torn or even guilty for having aspirations of being an artist and starting my own business but also trying to understand what it means to live in my Line and connect to my Highest Self and live out my own souls purpose. Do you have any advice on how to understand where that balance is? 8. I’m curious about injury in the body and how the Pinnacle sees that. I went in my Records this morning and they laughed at me and said “you just need to slow down” and I’m curious about how you see injury in the body? 9. How do you feel about plant medicine to connect with the spirit world? 


Line Activation Questions

How can I align more with ME? What does it mean, for me, to shine my light? 

Journal Prompts

I will step into and honour ME by… I will get out of my own way by….

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