More than a Dog
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Rumble Strip
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Hub & Spoke
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May 31, 2022
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A show about our unique love of dogs, and the pain of losing them.
A show about our unique love of dogs, and the pain of losing them.

Tara Wray is a photographer…and a dog person. Her pictures of dogs are haunting and beautiful and every bit as distinctive as pictures of individual people. I interviewed her shortly after the death of her beloved dog, Nighthawk. Then my friend Tobin’s dog died, and he told me that he sometimes felt ashamed for feeling so much about the death of a dog–a dog who had been his only companion throughout the pandemic.

It seems that a lot of people feel like they have to hide the amount of grief they experience when their dogs die. But the death of a dog can be just as painful–sometimes more painful–than the death of a human family member. This is a show about dog love…and grief at their loss. And there is absurd singing.


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