How To Stress Less In Life & Fitness w/ Jason Williams
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Steph Gaudreau
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Fitness & Nutrition
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Aug 13, 2019
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Jason Williams believes that nutrition and fitness should not be something that you stress about. Instead, Jason works to integrate practices like meditation and yoga into his personal training to help his clients realize the power of embracing a modality of approaches to your fitness regime.

True Mind-Body Connection

Getting fit is not always about lifting weights or moving at a high intensity. Jason focuses on finding exercises to give you the health and serenity you crave while crossing over to different realms of the health space. Learn how to incorporate yoga, meditation and more into your workout seamlessly and effectively, as well as the multiple benefits you can receive by letting go of some of that stress. 

Promoting a message of awareness, inclusion, and the desire to play, Jason is changing the game when it comes to creating a sustainable life through fitness, nutrition, and mindset. It is time to embrace a more fun-loving approach to fitness and find a way to embrace recovery and self-love to develop a true mind-body connection. 

Have you experimented with alternative modalities such as yoga and meditation? How do you find they benefit your workout? Share with us in the comments on the episode page!


On Today's Episode

  • Why you shouldn't be stressed about working out and how to find a happy balance
  • Simple ways to embrace basic meditation practices without extra effort
  • Debunking the most common misconceptions about meditation 
  • The importance of inclusion and awareness in fitness and in life
  • How to develop a mind-body connection through a lighthearted fitness approach



“There are other things in life to worry about, you have enough, so make it fun, working out should be fun.” (28:05)

“I realized how much [meditation] changed my life, in terms of relationships, to fitness, the way I eat, to average decision making. It was awesome and that's what I wanted to bring to people, it was kind of like that missing piece to what I had.” (37:22)

“Meditation allows your time back. You feel like you get all this time back in the world from doing meditation.” (46:58)

“I don't care how you do it, but awareness is my message and including everyone so your life will become a lot easier, and that's what we all want.” (50:27)


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