Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 - The Bells
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May 16, 2019
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Brotherhood Without Manners is back with another episode watching Game of Thrones. In this episode the brother's watch the fifth and second to last episode of Game of Thrones.....ever! 


We talk about how we came to this point.

We discuss some of the many farewells we see during the episode.

Of course we give our general feelings about the episode as a whole and break down each scene as best we can.

As always we give our inductees into the Brotherhood for this episode.

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0:00:00.000,0:00:04.799 any more effort you might actually

0:00:01.140,0:00:06.990 become a DJ that's not nice I like DJs I

0:00:04.799,0:00:08.820 don't think they just hit space bar.I am going to use that

0:00:06.990,0:00:10.620 as a cold open. Dont you dare

0:00:08.820,0:00:12.960 because then the one thing

0:00:10.620,0:00:15.540 Illenium will ever hear from me personally

0:00:12.960,0:00:20.180 will be this podcast and he will think that guy's a

0:00:15.540,0:00:20.180 dick I never wanted me like I hate

0:00:32.419,0:00:36.500 what up everybody welcome to another

0:00:34.399,0:00:39.470 episode of Brotherhood without banners a

0:00:36.500,0:00:41.870 full spoiler reread podcast where

0:00:39.470,0:00:42.920 during these episodes we are watching a

0:00:41.870,0:00:48.079 TV show

0:00:42.920,0:00:51.350 and what a fucking show we

0:00:48.079,0:00:53.150 have two episodes left only two one of

0:00:51.350,0:00:57.470 which is happening in just a few short

0:00:53.150,0:00:59.750 minutes very shortly so we're gonna give a

0:00:57.470,0:01:03.079 quick rundown of last week we're going

0:00:59.750,0:01:05.210 to talk a little bit about some emails

0:01:03.079,0:01:07.520 and then we're going to go and watch the

0:01:05.210,0:01:09.080 show and by run down we mean very little

0:01:07.520,0:01:11.330 run down there's been a lot of hate

0:01:09.080,0:01:14.000 about the Last of the Starks I'm

0:01:11.330,0:01:16.520 choosing to just stick with what I liked

0:01:14.000,0:01:17.869 about it instead of well that's it we're

0:01:16.520,0:01:19.399 sitting on the side of the fence where

0:01:17.869,0:01:21.259 yeah there is shit load that we could sit

0:01:19.399,0:01:23.660 there and nitpick and pull apart and

0:01:21.259,0:01:25.670 complain about but there's two episodes

0:01:23.660,0:01:28.399 left I'm I want to enjoy the fucking

0:01:25.670,0:01:31.070 show yeah so I'm enjoying it and loving

0:01:28.399,0:01:32.899 every part of it yeah I I'm not gonna

0:01:31.070,0:01:35.240 focus on the things that I don't like

0:01:32.899,0:01:37.549 over the amazing things I'm getting that

0:01:35.240,0:01:40.490 I do so yeah I don't see the point in it

0:01:37.549,0:01:42.770 but the last episode we laid some people

0:01:40.490,0:01:44.900 to rest we got some sweet send-off some

0:01:42.770,0:01:47.750 goodbyes everybody's hating on the Jon

0:01:44.900,0:01:49.340 ghost thing but as I've mentioned I've

0:01:47.750,0:01:51.200 decided that they said their goodbyes

0:01:49.340,0:01:54.560 the night before and they were just too

0:01:51.200,0:01:56.899 tore up to have another goodbye yeah I

0:01:54.560,0:01:58.790 mean again the the direwolves were never

0:01:56.899,0:02:02.329 really what they were in the show in the

0:01:58.790,0:02:04.399 books so you know I never really felt as

0:02:02.329,0:02:05.840 soon as I killed summer for Brian I was

0:02:04.399,0:02:09.320 kind of like oh okay these dire wolves

0:02:05.840,0:02:11.090 aren't that's around yeah so I kind of

0:02:09.320,0:02:13.790 made my peace with that it sucks I agree

0:02:11.090,0:02:16.250 but then we lost a second dragon reg all

0:02:13.790,0:02:18.019 went down which you know if you weren't

0:02:16.250,0:02:20.450 really expecting that to happen before

0:02:18.019,0:02:21.380 the penalty' mate s episode then you

0:02:20.450,0:02:23.660 know you probably weren't thinking

0:02:21.380,0:02:25.190 things clearly you know you need to find

0:02:23.660,0:02:27.260 a way to even the odds a bit a couple

0:02:25.190,0:02:29.989 dragons just burning down King's Landing

0:02:27.260,0:02:32.090 makes it easy mode so you know yeah

0:02:29.989,0:02:33.829 episode pretty much wraps up where we

0:02:32.090,0:02:35.810 got the key players in the South Jon

0:02:33.829,0:02:37.310 still on his way re in the Hound we're

0:02:35.810,0:02:39.620 heading south you got that dynamic duo

0:02:37.310,0:02:43.310 back together and missin dies he'll head

0:02:39.620,0:02:45.290 went way south yeah up above the wall so

0:02:43.310,0:02:45.860 this episode looks like it's either the

0:02:45.290,0:02:47.960 the burn

0:02:45.860,0:02:51.100 over the Battle of King's Landing yeah

0:02:47.960,0:02:54.260 so should be a good time Clegane bowl

0:02:51.100,0:02:55.640 confirmed yes so some some I can't even

0:02:54.260,0:02:57.500 call them predictions at this point

0:02:55.640,0:03:00.740 basically it's this episode of next

0:02:57.500,0:03:02.270 episode Clegane Bowl Arya doing some

0:03:00.740,0:03:04.400 cool faceless shit hopefully should

0:03:02.270,0:03:06.500 might be part of Clegane Bowl she might

0:03:04.400,0:03:09.380 be part of handling some Cersei business

0:03:06.500,0:03:12.080 who knows I play we might get all the

0:03:09.380,0:03:13.940 deaths people wanted in episode three

0:03:12.080,0:03:15.380 that we didn't I know a lot of people

0:03:13.940,0:03:18.050 were disappointed that most people

0:03:15.380,0:03:20.570 survived that I think that might be this

0:03:18.050,0:03:22.070 time yeah fixed in this episode here

0:03:20.570,0:03:24.770 coming up yeah I agree

0:03:22.070,0:03:27.320 so we missed them very much last week

0:03:24.770,0:03:30.260 but you know some of the effects of long

0:03:27.320,0:03:32.810 night had taken its toll but the silent

0:03:30.260,0:03:35.870 sisters the not so silent sisters yeah

0:03:32.810,0:03:37.760 have gotten back in touch with us after

0:03:35.870,0:03:39.410 you know not keeping their namesake and

0:03:37.760,0:03:40.880 remaining silent for a week which they

0:03:39.410,0:03:43.400 let us know was because they were they

0:03:40.880,0:03:46.280 were divided about this episode one of

0:03:43.400,0:03:48.410 them liked it one of them didn't really

0:03:46.280,0:03:50.420 at all and that's okay like we said

0:03:48.410,0:03:52.700 we're willing to yep so they mentioned

0:03:50.420,0:03:55.070 that it's they are very happy to see the

0:03:52.700,0:04:00.019 Hound Arya team-up yeah I could not be

0:03:55.070,0:04:03.820 more onboard if any of the pairings in

0:04:00.019,0:04:07.250 this show would be the most badass

0:04:03.820,0:04:09.049 bullshit sitcom style comedy show I

0:04:07.250,0:04:12.170 would like to see how Arya and the Hound

0:04:09.049,0:04:14.180 yeah and just you know on their random

0:04:12.170,0:04:15.709 adventures throughout Westeros so I'm

0:04:14.180,0:04:19.070 really excited they're doing some shit

0:04:15.709,0:04:22.880 together again the cat and Hound cat the

0:04:19.070,0:04:25.220 canals in the house yeah they also go on

0:04:22.880,0:04:27.470 to mention that they believe bran is the

0:04:25.220,0:04:29.630 real wild card for this season and I

0:04:27.470,0:04:32.390 absolutely agree with that bran had me

0:04:29.630,0:04:34.610 shook after his scene in Winterfell yeah

0:04:32.390,0:04:37.340 so I do think that he could pop out at

0:04:34.610,0:04:39.860 any moment and just bah and chick it

0:04:37.340,0:04:42.200 suddenly awful so I agree with them

0:04:39.860,0:04:44.510 there they uh there's been a big theory

0:04:42.200,0:04:49.370 going around about there might possibly

0:04:44.510,0:04:52.550 be more dragons and yeah I um I don't

0:04:49.370,0:04:54.260 know uh yeah I'm not a sure I mean at

0:04:52.550,0:04:55.640 this point like I said I'm kind of along

0:04:54.260,0:04:57.380 for the ride

0:04:55.640,0:04:58.700 I just don't foresee it happening I mean

0:04:57.380,0:05:01.400 they have

0:04:58.700,0:05:03.830 really gone terribly in depth about

0:05:01.400,0:05:06.530 dragonlore and and sort of the fact that

0:05:03.830,0:05:08.900 there they don't really have genders so

0:05:06.530,0:05:13.760 that males can reproduce so it would I

0:05:08.900,0:05:15.560 think it would condemning birth what if

0:05:13.760,0:05:17.630 it happens cool if not I'm cool with

0:05:15.560,0:05:18.830 just Drogo new Danny burning shut up

0:05:17.630,0:05:20.320 yeah so we look forward to hearing what

0:05:18.830,0:05:23.210 they have to say about tonight's episode

0:05:20.320,0:05:27.010 we also received some correspondence

0:05:23.210,0:05:30.800 from from a Twitter follower at t Brad

0:05:27.010,0:05:35.060 he he basically matki Brad zero four one

0:05:30.800,0:05:36.350 five oh yeah yeah got it so he just was

0:05:35.060,0:05:37.880 letting us know how much he enjoys the

0:05:36.350,0:05:40.700 podcast but then he asked a quick

0:05:37.880,0:05:42.350 question which I I answered him there

0:05:40.700,0:05:45.290 but I I think we're gonna go way more

0:05:42.350,0:05:47.570 into detail about this question on our

0:05:45.290,0:05:51.080 series wrap up episode that's going to

0:05:47.570,0:05:53.330 occur after the season finale and so he

0:05:51.080,0:05:55.220 just asked what storyline would you

0:05:53.330,0:05:57.350 change to more directly pull from the

0:05:55.220,0:05:59.060 book if you could I'm assuming we're

0:05:57.350,0:06:01.280 gonna limit it to one if you got to

0:05:59.060,0:06:04.010 choose one ah quick fire off the hip I

0:06:01.280,0:06:05.540 would say and I guess it's sort of a

0:06:04.010,0:06:08.930 cheap but I would say the Littlefinger

0:06:05.540,0:06:11.030 Santa oh yeah storyline from the book so

0:06:08.930,0:06:13.370 he mentioned you're on Greyjoy way on

0:06:11.030,0:06:15.230 board with a shotgun a few different

0:06:13.370,0:06:17.090 ideas you know with victory on but again

0:06:15.230,0:06:18.440 will go way deeper in a detail I think

0:06:17.090,0:06:21.530 about that yeah

0:06:18.440,0:06:23.300 in our series wrap-up so either way Todd

0:06:21.530,0:06:24.920 thanks for listening we think your

0:06:23.300,0:06:28.070 writing in and look forward to it

0:06:24.920,0:06:30.050 happening again with that we're gonna go

0:06:28.070,0:06:31.880 watch his goddamn s yeah man do you have

0:06:30.050,0:06:33.410 anyone in particular you want to say who

0:06:31.880,0:06:35.030 you expect to not make it through

0:06:33.410,0:06:39.770 tonight no because I'm just worried

0:06:35.030,0:06:42.010 about Tyrion I think I'm on that group

0:06:39.770,0:06:45.830 that thinks that the Hound is going to

0:06:42.010,0:06:47.540 win my game bowl but died which is

0:06:45.830,0:06:49.220 unfortunate the other option I think

0:06:47.540,0:06:51.470 would be kind of cool and I mentioned it

0:06:49.220,0:06:52.970 to you earlier as if arya gets cut down

0:06:51.470,0:06:54.920 by the mountain

0:06:52.970,0:06:56.300 I know it's and it's terrible but she

0:06:54.920,0:06:58.430 gets cut down by the mountain and that's

0:06:56.300,0:07:02.630 what Spurs the Hound into this brutal

0:06:58.430,0:07:05.030 rage of Minaya see see I don't like that

0:07:02.630,0:07:07.550 one that one's horrible and beautiful

0:07:05.030,0:07:09.320 and tragic and I think our lives are

0:07:07.550,0:07:11.090 about to be the same so well there's

0:07:09.320,0:07:11.840 gonna be a quick brief intermission and

0:07:11.090,0:07:13.460 we will catch you guys

0:07:11.840,0:07:16.310 after the jump when we become more

0:07:13.460,0:07:19.600 unsullied about the penultimate episodes

0:07:16.310,0:07:19.600 young love

0:07:21.530,0:07:30.970 [Music]

0:07:32.360,0:07:40.210 we're back guys hey man what an episode

0:07:37.370,0:07:41.569 what an episode the penultimate episode

0:07:40.210,0:07:44.889 yeah

0:07:41.569,0:07:48.889 loosely we believe titled the bells I

0:07:44.889,0:07:51.460 think that that's what we're we're

0:07:48.889,0:07:56.300 looking at at the moment

0:07:51.460,0:07:56.810 fuck yes overall how do you feel you

0:07:56.300,0:08:02.509 like it

0:07:56.810,0:08:03.259 hi I fucking I loved it I fucking loved

0:08:02.509,0:08:07.009 it

0:08:03.259,0:08:09.020 so yeah we'll jump right in I uh if it

0:08:07.009,0:08:11.330 is titled the bells I'll double check

0:08:09.020,0:08:13.240 that at some point but I think it's

0:08:11.330,0:08:16.759 fitting that it begins with Ferris

0:08:13.240,0:08:18.740 writing his letters and trying to get

0:08:16.759,0:08:22.550 John installed on the throne you tried

0:08:18.740,0:08:24.289 dad I think that was that was Ferris

0:08:22.550,0:08:26.569 trying to have Danny poisoned right I

0:08:24.289,0:08:28.490 was a little girl there like that's what

0:08:26.569,0:08:30.349 I was thinking yeah yeah like I'm pretty

0:08:28.490,0:08:32.390 sure he was already trying to feed

0:08:30.349,0:08:35.209 trying to finish this off and she won't

0:08:32.390,0:08:39.769 eat but yeah Ferris gets executed

0:08:35.209,0:08:43.130 brought out Tyrion yes Denis approaches

0:08:39.769,0:08:45.769 Jon he tries to sway Jon into two

0:08:43.130,0:08:49.070 becoming King and Jon's like nah fuck

0:08:45.769,0:08:52.640 that Jon and Tyrion approaches generis

0:08:49.070,0:08:54.949 telling era that yeah I told them I'm

0:08:52.640,0:08:57.019 the guy and then she basically said that

0:08:54.949,0:08:59.390 you played right into Santa's hand Santa

0:08:57.019,0:09:02.779 wanted you to spread these lies and

0:08:59.390,0:09:04.519 Danny was looking rough yeah and that

0:09:02.779,0:09:07.370 Dragonstone was she just shut herself

0:09:04.519,0:09:09.380 away scene well like she's lost her her

0:09:07.370,0:09:14.660 most trusted adviser Jorah she lost her

0:09:09.380,0:09:16.399 best friend miss and I and now fucking

0:09:14.660,0:09:16.940 Varys is trying to kill her and she

0:09:16.399,0:09:19.430 knows it

0:09:16.940,0:09:21.470 yeah yeah Varys gets he's writing a

0:09:19.430,0:09:24.410 letter and he burns it and he puts it in

0:09:21.470,0:09:26.209 his little pot and grey worm shows up

0:09:24.410,0:09:29.089 and puts him in irons and takes him down

0:09:26.209,0:09:31.100 to this rocky beach and that setting for

0:09:29.089,0:09:33.290 burning him was intense because it was

0:09:31.100,0:09:37.550 just Danny John Tyrion and some

0:09:33.290,0:09:39.890 unsullied and yeah Tyrion has this nice

0:09:37.550,0:09:43.290 moment of you know he admits to him it

0:09:39.890,0:09:45.600 was me and it says I I hope I'm

0:09:43.290,0:09:47.310 and I wasn't wrong burning me is the

0:09:45.600,0:09:49.410 right thing to do and ya know Barris

0:09:47.310,0:09:51.240 wasn't wrong and that little moment like

0:09:49.410,0:09:52.830 cuz I really up til then I didn't really

0:09:51.240,0:09:55.140 care I was a good Barris is gone that's

0:09:52.830,0:09:57.690 great whatever but then tearing put his

0:09:55.140,0:10:01.980 hand on them yeah it was like ah they

0:09:57.690,0:10:07.800 are friends yeah and so tearing steps

0:10:01.980,0:10:10.230 away in drug on material you know if you

0:10:07.800,0:10:15.450 ever betray me you will burn and he did

0:10:10.230,0:10:18.180 and he did no one down from there we

0:10:15.450,0:10:21.060 tearing gets told that Jamie was caught

0:10:18.180,0:10:23.520 trying to sneak past their lines and is

0:10:21.060,0:10:25.680 now captive and Tyrion goes and visits

0:10:23.520,0:10:29.250 him and this is after Danny tells him

0:10:25.680,0:10:31.800 that one more failure and you won't yeah

0:10:29.250,0:10:33.510 your your Donsky you won't be there

0:10:31.800,0:10:34.410 won't be another you won't have a chance

0:10:33.510,0:10:36.330 for another failure

0:10:34.410,0:10:38.700 and so tyrion tyrion goes visit jamie

0:10:36.330,0:10:40.830 and decides that he's gonna free him and

0:10:38.700,0:10:42.540 maybe jaime and cersei will have a

0:10:40.830,0:10:45.180 chance because the first thing that got

0:10:42.540,0:10:48.090 me yeah well it was at the end when gia

0:10:45.180,0:10:50.910 is saying goodbye and tells him you know

0:10:48.090,0:10:52.950 you were all I really had survived my

0:10:50.910,0:10:55.590 child yeah and then he goes in for the

0:10:52.950,0:10:57.480 hug and he sobs and dude yeah that was a

0:10:55.590,0:11:02.760 good scene and then Tyrion rushes out

0:10:57.480,0:11:05.070 and Jamie escapes and then we get to we

0:11:02.760,0:11:06.870 got to see Ariane the Hound arrived at

0:11:05.070,0:11:09.600 King's Landing yeah there was yeah I was

0:11:06.870,0:11:12.120 actually kind of surprised that Jer go

0:11:09.600,0:11:14.760 right into the battle yeah I was a lot

0:11:12.120,0:11:16.350 more I was very surprised that there was

0:11:14.760,0:11:18.150 that I didn't think we were getting a

0:11:16.350,0:11:20.430 battle like is there was so much

0:11:18.150,0:11:22.950 beforehand leading up with Jon Snow goes

0:11:20.430,0:11:24.590 to visit Danny after her and grey worm

0:11:22.950,0:11:29.730 have a moment with Miss on Days collar

0:11:24.590,0:11:32.520 yeah and Jon comes down to visit her and

0:11:29.730,0:11:35.340 she asks am i is that all I am to you is

0:11:32.520,0:11:37.230 my queen and then tries to kiss him

0:11:35.340,0:11:39.300 which basically is her saying no you you

0:11:37.230,0:11:42.540 think of me as you're on now which means

0:11:39.300,0:11:46.860 you're embracing this carrion lineage so

0:11:42.540,0:11:49.470 what the fuck and it's it's a shit show

0:11:46.860,0:11:53.610 from that point on yeah it just it gets

0:11:49.470,0:11:56.040 wild cuz she's like she tells you know

0:11:53.610,0:11:57.180 kind of gives the nod that she will call

0:11:56.040,0:11:58.920 off the attack if she

0:11:57.180,0:12:03.840 here's the bells cuz Tyrians really

0:11:58.920,0:12:06.930 pushing the bagging for it and they fuck

0:12:03.840,0:12:09.180 I'm just so mind blowing over yeah tells

0:12:06.930,0:12:10.560 John the same thing that if you hear the

0:12:09.180,0:12:13.410 bells ringing that's the sound for

0:12:10.560,0:12:15.690 surrender so let up he tells Jamie you

0:12:13.410,0:12:17.760 know try to get the bells to sound that

0:12:15.690,0:12:20.100 will be the signal Tyrion also set up

0:12:17.760,0:12:23.430 with Davos to have a dinghy

0:12:20.100,0:12:28.770 so that Jaime and Cersei can escape yet

0:12:23.430,0:12:31.530 ever and you know that's that if it

0:12:28.770,0:12:35.270 works that's cool but I didn't really

0:12:31.530,0:12:39.570 see that actually and now the thing we

0:12:35.270,0:12:42.480 we see Cersei kind of just being fairly

0:12:39.570,0:12:44.580 confident yes going on we see your arms

0:12:42.480,0:12:45.810 out with the grey fleet and Danny says

0:12:44.580,0:12:48.030 you know be ready for my signal

0:12:45.810,0:12:50.700 yeah basically and we circuit and this

0:12:48.030,0:12:52.140 intense buildup of like Jane Jaime and

0:12:50.700,0:12:54.170 the hound and Arya making their way into

0:12:52.140,0:12:57.210 the city and like the gates are closing

0:12:54.170,0:13:00.750 any more love hands and people are

0:12:57.210,0:13:04.110 panicking now and then Danny goes

0:13:00.750,0:13:06.090 fucking ham which I was surprised that

0:13:04.110,0:13:07.770 this didn't happen sooner I tell ya I

0:13:06.090,0:13:09.840 had thought that I was expecting it last

0:13:07.770,0:13:12.720 episode at the last of the Starks after

0:13:09.840,0:13:14.820 Euron got ragle I thought she's gonna go

0:13:12.720,0:13:16.530 fuckin ballistic and I mean drugged on

0:13:14.820,0:13:17.910 her handle business they took out the

0:13:16.530,0:13:20.490 fucking fleet they took out the

0:13:17.910,0:13:22.230 scorpions in the way that you know was

0:13:20.490,0:13:23.790 kind of expected from the beginning if

0:13:22.230,0:13:26.130 she had done with her three organs

0:13:23.790,0:13:29.340 could've handled them from there she

0:13:26.130,0:13:31.260 goes on to start blasting the scorpions

0:13:29.340,0:13:33.390 on the battlements right well she blows

0:13:31.260,0:13:36.300 out the fucking wall yeah and then she

0:13:33.390,0:13:38.730 comes flying decay the main gate Fox

0:13:36.300,0:13:40.920 about the golden company in one big

0:13:38.730,0:13:46.650 swoop and when that happens they charge

0:13:40.920,0:13:49.830 yeah just a go and man Harry Strickland

0:13:46.650,0:13:52.080 like more screen time than he deserved

0:13:49.830,0:13:53.610 he and honestly that was if I had to

0:13:52.080,0:13:55.950 make a complaint throughout the whole

0:13:53.610,0:13:58.140 episode it was just there was a lot of

0:13:55.950,0:14:00.800 time granted it was great time because

0:13:58.140,0:14:02.340 it felt built attention and stuff of

0:14:00.800,0:14:05.370 vacating the city

0:14:02.340,0:14:06.870 yeah citizens closing windows just shit

0:14:05.370,0:14:09.360 that like we got it's gonna happen but

0:14:06.870,0:14:11.070 like spend more time on the other things

0:14:09.360,0:14:13.560 but so yeah

0:14:11.070,0:14:16.410 in Davos and grey worm are leading this

0:14:13.560,0:14:18.560 charge into the city the sacking of the

0:14:16.410,0:14:21.090 city officially we finally get it and

0:14:18.560,0:14:23.040 Danny starts taking out the troops yeah

0:14:21.090,0:14:26.610 she's taking out the the troops outside

0:14:23.040,0:14:28.110 the walls the Scorpions left on the

0:14:26.610,0:14:30.390 battlements until there are none laughs

0:14:28.110,0:14:32.610 they she wipes them all out and John and

0:14:30.390,0:14:34.530 Davos and grey worm come up to this

0:14:32.610,0:14:36.690 intersection and there's a big

0:14:34.530,0:14:39.390 contingent of Lannister men and you can

0:14:36.690,0:14:41.100 see immediately the DAO on the Lannister

0:14:39.390,0:14:42.930 men like they're looking at the dragon

0:14:41.100,0:14:45.660 flying around there look at the dragons

0:14:42.930,0:14:51.420 randomly landing and Cersei is up in the

0:14:45.660,0:14:54.450 the kief and and Qyburn is like just see

0:14:51.420,0:14:56.490 you know shit shitty the scorpions

0:14:54.450,0:14:57.990 aren't really doing all and so he's like

0:14:56.490,0:15:00.660 well all it takes is one shot and he's

0:14:57.990,0:15:02.340 like problem is we got no more scorpions

0:15:00.660,0:15:05.100 to take yeah it's like you're on he's

0:15:02.340,0:15:07.350 got him and you know the the iron fleets

0:15:05.100,0:15:09.090 gone yeah he got blasted off a bow so

0:15:07.350,0:15:11.430 then the Lanterman start laying down

0:15:09.090,0:15:13.050 their swords and so john takes that it's

0:15:11.430,0:15:14.340 okay they're surrendering so you and

0:15:13.050,0:15:16.380 then it goes through this montage of

0:15:14.340,0:15:17.970 people start screaming out rings yeah

0:15:16.380,0:15:22.860 like they're ready like they want

0:15:17.970,0:15:24.750 surrender and I don't know if Cersei

0:15:22.860,0:15:26.700 gives the call but eventually they do

0:15:24.750,0:15:28.140 start to ring so I don't think it was

0:15:26.700,0:15:29.520 the Cersei thing I don't think it was

0:15:28.140,0:15:31.440 just the people trying to get to the

0:15:29.520,0:15:32.850 fucking Bell yeah and start ringing it

0:15:31.440,0:15:33.990 so that was another time where I was

0:15:32.850,0:15:35.400 kind of like all right

0:15:33.990,0:15:37.410 everybody clearly wants it the bells are

0:15:35.400,0:15:39.030 gonna ring let's ring these bells and

0:15:37.410,0:15:40.380 didn't see what happened yes you know

0:15:39.030,0:15:42.090 and we're getting it from all different

0:15:40.380,0:15:44.040 viewpoints Jon Snow is watching intently

0:15:42.090,0:15:45.660 Tyrians watching intently yeah because

0:15:44.040,0:15:47.490 the Lannister men threw their swords

0:15:45.660,0:15:48.840 down they were ready to be done so yeah

0:15:47.490,0:15:52.050 the bells start ringing and it's this

0:15:48.840,0:15:54.600 moment of relief until we'll see that in

0:15:52.050,0:15:57.690 this part got me because Danny's face is

0:15:54.600,0:15:59.490 likes all scruffed up she's pissed you

0:15:57.690,0:16:00.840 could tell she's still upset I was

0:15:59.490,0:16:01.290 expecting her to go up and now go

0:16:00.840,0:16:03.360 confront

0:16:01.290,0:16:06.480 Cersei yeah like this is it she's going

0:16:03.360,0:16:08.730 after Circe nope she starts whipping the

0:16:06.480,0:16:12.510 fucking she just turns on the fucking

0:16:08.730,0:16:15.540 sick and just decimate cuz Molineux she

0:16:12.510,0:16:17.970 said in that that moment with John when

0:16:15.540,0:16:19.680 she was you know is that all I am to you

0:16:17.970,0:16:22.290 she says you know the people loved you

0:16:19.680,0:16:24.810 that all I know here in Westeros is fear

0:16:22.290,0:16:27.120 and then she tries to kiss him

0:16:24.810,0:16:30.900 he backs off and she's like alright then

0:16:27.120,0:16:33.060 fear it is and so I think that that was

0:16:30.900,0:16:35.310 her intent was you know what they need

0:16:33.060,0:16:37.050 to if they won't love me then they have

0:16:35.310,0:16:40.680 to fear me yeah I need to give them a

0:16:37.050,0:16:42.120 reason to yeah it was such a holy shit

0:16:40.680,0:16:44.040 cuz all of a sudden yeah the cities

0:16:42.120,0:16:47.010 getting decimated and John and Tyrians

0:16:44.040,0:16:48.839 expressions of just oh shit John starts

0:16:47.010,0:16:50.850 holding back the Northmen like this

0:16:48.839,0:16:53.670 we're not attacking these miss Graham

0:16:50.850,0:16:55.650 immediately runs up and stabs well a

0:16:53.670,0:16:58.830 couple things that I want to mention

0:16:55.650,0:17:00.150 about grey worm here that bitch ass this

0:16:58.830,0:17:02.279 little things that I'm not thrilled

0:17:00.150,0:17:04.770 about you know he's an unsullied and we

0:17:02.279,0:17:07.140 know more so in the books just cuz it's

0:17:04.770,0:17:08.459 weigh heavily details but even in the

0:17:07.140,0:17:10.050 show you know that they're emotionless

0:17:08.459,0:17:12.089 they're trained to not have any issues

0:17:10.050,0:17:14.160 he looked away when Masson died died

0:17:12.089,0:17:16.170 which I think just goes to show how much

0:17:14.160,0:17:17.490 they cared about each other not that

0:17:16.170,0:17:20.100 he's supposed to be allowed to care

0:17:17.490,0:17:23.130 because he is an unsullied but for him

0:17:20.100,0:17:24.990 to feel this vengeful like I'm so mad

0:17:23.130,0:17:27.209 I'm just gonna brutally kill things I

0:17:24.990,0:17:29.220 mean I guess I suppose he is following

0:17:27.209,0:17:32.070 his queen his leader you know which he's

0:17:29.220,0:17:34.440 trained to do with she does but he's

0:17:32.070,0:17:36.300 that's a I'm taking it more as the

0:17:34.440,0:17:38.820 grammar mister reflection on Danny's

0:17:36.300,0:17:41.220 angry yeah he's taking his lead from her

0:17:38.820,0:17:42.990 as soon as she cuz they're I mean

0:17:41.220,0:17:47.040 there's no way about it Danny just

0:17:42.990,0:17:49.230 slaughtered innocence women children and

0:17:47.040,0:17:50.940 and so as soon as she did that great

0:17:49.230,0:17:53.340 where I'm turned and stabbed the first

0:17:50.940,0:17:55.679 Garda you can see in the back just yuck

0:17:53.340,0:17:56.760 and John immediately starts holding back

0:17:55.679,0:17:58.679 the north and this and like we're not

0:17:56.760,0:18:00.929 doing this don't worry when we notice is

0:17:58.679,0:18:03.330 that it's gonna be an issue yeah John

0:18:00.929,0:18:05.610 turned on Daenerys at the last moment he

0:18:03.330,0:18:07.650 refused to fight type thing and it's

0:18:05.610,0:18:10.490 just from this point on it's fuckin K

0:18:07.650,0:18:12.960 yes like we do get the you know

0:18:10.490,0:18:15.870 Qyburn is like we have to leave maegor's

0:18:12.960,0:18:17.490 holdfast at that point I thought he

0:18:15.870,0:18:20.390 might have an aria and was getting her

0:18:17.490,0:18:22.190 Oh somewhere secretive

0:18:20.390,0:18:24.440 yeah I was thinking for a second Khyber

0:18:22.190,0:18:27.410 was already dead so yeah but then we do

0:18:24.440,0:18:29.720 see that the hound and Arya are making

0:18:27.410,0:18:31.700 their way up it scanned

0:18:29.720,0:18:32.900 there in the map room I think it is and

0:18:31.700,0:18:35.690 the fucking place is just coming down

0:18:32.900,0:18:38.320 cuz Dani is relentless yeah she's going

0:18:35.690,0:18:41.390 nuts everything everything and like I

0:18:38.320,0:18:42.980 know a lot of people were very against

0:18:41.390,0:18:46.550 it I really liked at the beginning in

0:18:42.980,0:18:48.350 the previously on they really showed all

0:18:46.550,0:18:52.040 the different situations where she was

0:18:48.350,0:18:54.770 warned about that this outcome yeah man

0:18:52.040,0:18:56.210 she's killing it yeah fucking like if

0:18:54.770,0:18:58.220 she has to go mad Queen

0:18:56.210,0:19:00.620 this is buckets I mean as far as

0:18:58.220,0:19:00.950 spectacle goes I'm loving it and that's

0:19:00.620,0:19:02.690 it

0:19:00.950,0:19:04.400 am I happy for the character Danny no

0:19:02.690,0:19:06.440 this is definitely a step back just like

0:19:04.400,0:19:08.360 I think Jamie had a major setback in his

0:19:06.440,0:19:10.520 arc do I think it completely ruined

0:19:08.360,0:19:12.170 their arc know that it just didn't their

0:19:10.520,0:19:14.780 arcs aren't going the way I wanted them

0:19:12.170,0:19:15.890 to and would hope they were but I mean

0:19:14.780,0:19:17.660 that's the whole point of the show is

0:19:15.890,0:19:20.030 this good and bad and we choose to act

0:19:17.660,0:19:21.800 on but we get just these scenes of Danny

0:19:20.030,0:19:23.930 just racking this city and it's fucking

0:19:21.800,0:19:26.450 brutal this fire I love the fire from

0:19:23.930,0:19:29.680 the Dragons because it blasts yeah not

0:19:26.450,0:19:32.690 only sets things on fire but it's like

0:19:29.680,0:19:35.120 and so yeah Arya and the Hound are in

0:19:32.690,0:19:38.060 the map room at this point Danny has

0:19:35.120,0:19:41.200 moved her attacking up to the red keep

0:19:38.060,0:19:44.630 itself she's classic old fuck out powers

0:19:41.200,0:19:45.770 its ter this moment here got me - yeah

0:19:44.630,0:19:47.690 this was another one though they're

0:19:45.770,0:19:50.450 ready to just charge on in the Hound is

0:19:47.690,0:19:52.070 seeing how fucking crazy shit's getting

0:19:50.450,0:19:54.890 around them the map room literally is

0:19:52.070,0:19:59.600 cracking through the floor he grabs Arya

0:19:54.890,0:20:03.410 first by the arm and fatherly behind the

0:19:59.600,0:20:05.240 head to me you need like trust me I want

0:20:03.410,0:20:07.010 to end up like me well that's it he was

0:20:05.240,0:20:09.560 like you know I know you you want

0:20:07.010,0:20:13.880 revenge I've lived like that my entire

0:20:09.560,0:20:18.380 life this is what you become yeah go you

0:20:13.880,0:20:20.390 can live and she she died yeah it snaps

0:20:18.380,0:20:23.750 it right out of that that faceless men

0:20:20.390,0:20:26.240 and he walks away he goes she stops him

0:20:23.750,0:20:28.280 with the sand or sand or and she like

0:20:26.240,0:20:32.060 and I think that's the first time that

0:20:28.280,0:20:34.250 he's ever accepted a thing like it

0:20:32.060,0:20:37.490 wasn't a go fuck off Kon

0:20:34.250,0:20:41.980 like no I think you're out of you you're

0:20:37.490,0:20:45.980 welcome going live like he's that's the

0:20:41.980,0:20:46.490 that was the true closer on his are

0:20:45.980,0:20:48.020 great

0:20:46.490,0:20:50.450 yeah well because she was right there

0:20:48.020,0:20:52.550 with him right up to that last and had

0:20:50.450,0:20:54.170 he not said anything she was going right

0:20:52.550,0:20:55.370 up those stairs with him and it would

0:20:54.170,0:20:56.990 have been a whole different scene with

0:20:55.370,0:20:59.660 Arya and the Hound at the bottom of the

0:20:56.990,0:21:02.150 stairs when Cersei Qyburn and the

0:20:59.660,0:21:03.920 mountain come down but the mountain air

0:21:02.150,0:21:06.470 the Hound didn't want that for he she

0:21:03.920,0:21:08.990 would have died there she goes off into

0:21:06.470,0:21:11.360 fucking bad-ass here so yeah she takes

0:21:08.990,0:21:13.460 off he's right and he continues on and

0:21:11.360,0:21:17.960 this is where we get what everybody has

0:21:13.460,0:21:19.460 fucking waiting and I just I hopped on

0:21:17.960,0:21:21.710 the interwebs for the brief second

0:21:19.460,0:21:24.230 before we recorded this and people are

0:21:21.710,0:21:26.360 hating on Clegane Bowl I I thought the

0:21:24.230,0:21:27.500 scenery the because we talked about it

0:21:26.360,0:21:30.710 you know where are they gonna find you

0:21:27.500,0:21:32.450 exactly and so we get Cersei the

0:21:30.710,0:21:34.010 mountain and Qyburn coming down the

0:21:32.450,0:21:34.550 stairs mess with some of their guard and

0:21:34.010,0:21:36.260 the Hound

0:21:34.550,0:21:38.900 just walks right up to the bottom of the

0:21:36.260,0:21:41.390 steps and immediately takes care of the

0:21:38.900,0:21:44.150 three guards no issue and he looks at

0:21:41.390,0:21:46.850 the mountain and lets you know calls him

0:21:44.150,0:21:50.090 out let's do this and Cersei and Khyber

0:21:46.850,0:21:51.950 know like all impacts and he ignores

0:21:50.090,0:21:54.320 Cersei and then Qyburn steps forward and

0:21:51.950,0:21:56.990 says you know listen to your queen I

0:21:54.320,0:22:00.320 mean perfect what a great just fucking

0:21:56.990,0:22:02.360 slam ya know wall just like was it was

0:22:00.320,0:22:06.890 it the mountain back in yeah he slammed

0:22:02.360,0:22:09.230 just a random car yeah yeah just like

0:22:06.890,0:22:10.880 this so I am some throws and launches

0:22:09.230,0:22:14.270 him down the stairs I already saw the

0:22:10.880,0:22:16.310 greatest Humpty Dumpty egghead yeah I

0:22:14.270,0:22:18.110 mean Qyburn was never a huge character

0:22:16.310,0:22:20.170 to me and so the fact that it was his

0:22:18.110,0:22:23.000 creation that killed him yeah just

0:22:20.170,0:22:24.800 monster to Cersei I like to the like

0:22:23.000,0:22:26.780 after Khyber instead Cersei just sort of

0:22:24.800,0:22:29.600 like well let me just get now to you I

0:22:26.780,0:22:31.670 see you boys got business guys got some

0:22:29.600,0:22:33.950 things to himself gonna walk by this

0:22:31.670,0:22:35.540 point this whole hallway hits like claps

0:22:33.950,0:22:37.160 a mountain actually had to shield well

0:22:35.540,0:22:39.200 that's right yes they were coming I was

0:22:37.160,0:22:41.660 like with his bond yeah and he had some

0:22:39.200,0:22:42.840 heavy shit drop it means I was just open

0:22:41.660,0:22:44.760 this stairway

0:22:42.840,0:22:47.640 and yeah the mountain battle Sarco

0:22:44.760,0:22:50.010 inhabitant Danny in the city burning in

0:22:47.640,0:22:52.110 the background and they go at it they go

0:22:50.010,0:22:54.120 at it a nice helmet rocks his helmet off

0:22:52.110,0:22:55.710 and we get the first clear look at that

0:22:54.120,0:23:00.380 yeah and it looks like it's some kind of

0:22:55.710,0:23:03.210 a poison yeah he looks very like very

0:23:00.380,0:23:05.310 like spidery it looks like spider venom

0:23:03.210,0:23:08.580 yeah just so he's growing on there but

0:23:05.310,0:23:12.060 but it's a brutal fight and Arya is just

0:23:08.580,0:23:14.460 running front through the city fucking

0:23:12.060,0:23:16.470 she gets almost kind of attached cuz she

0:23:14.460,0:23:18.150 was about trampled and I loved I don't

0:23:16.470,0:23:20.040 know well that was it they start they

0:23:18.150,0:23:21.690 start cutting it between how I'm getting

0:23:20.040,0:23:24.150 his ass kicked and are you getting

0:23:21.690,0:23:27.060 trampled in this crowd and stepped on

0:23:24.150,0:23:29.070 and it was so like got punchy where are

0:23:27.060,0:23:30.420 you would get a fucking shoe on her back

0:23:29.070,0:23:32.460 and it would switch to the hound get

0:23:30.420,0:23:34.470 slammed into the ground or some such a

0:23:32.460,0:23:36.540 great and yes its woman with a daughter

0:23:34.470,0:23:38.670 ends up helping are you're up and kits

0:23:36.540,0:23:40.650 her up and they they get out of there

0:23:38.670,0:23:42.420 and the hound and sup getting pinned and

0:23:40.650,0:23:44.400 he he almost got over and he's just

0:23:42.420,0:23:45.360 stabbing and I first the way he was

0:23:44.400,0:23:46.650 stabbing him in the shoulder I thought

0:23:45.360,0:23:47.760 he was trying to cut off his arm well

0:23:46.650,0:23:50.190 cuz he first he hit him in the chest

0:23:47.760,0:23:52.440 with the shattered and then he got

0:23:50.190,0:23:54.360 thrown down the stairs himself like we

0:23:52.440,0:23:55.770 got that cool shot yeah of the mountain

0:23:54.360,0:23:58.470 and pulling the sword out like

0:23:55.770,0:24:00.420 surrounded by the slope and his armor

0:23:58.470,0:24:02.340 came off because of all of yeah that and

0:24:00.420,0:24:04.470 all the giant rocks fucking : yeah on

0:24:02.340,0:24:05.940 him and then we get to see basically the

0:24:04.470,0:24:08.520 same thing that's on his face with his

0:24:05.940,0:24:09.840 body just you know wounds and yeah he

0:24:08.520,0:24:11.610 gets the Hound up against the wall and

0:24:09.840,0:24:15.200 has him by the throat and the hounds

0:24:11.610,0:24:17.460 just stab him stab him just possible

0:24:15.200,0:24:19.770 fucking die in the house starts laughing

0:24:17.460,0:24:22.440 I mean the actor

0:24:19.770,0:24:24.780 Rory I can't get McCain something like

0:24:22.440,0:24:27.510 that yeah he fucking killed it yeah so

0:24:24.780,0:24:29.820 he actually we just read a Sansa chapter

0:24:27.510,0:24:32.460 that we recorded recently for the other

0:24:29.820,0:24:36.930 part of our show of our podcast me

0:24:32.460,0:24:39.000 really proud of it and and it was the

0:24:36.930,0:24:42.900 the tournament with Sansa in the Hound

0:24:39.000,0:24:45.180 escorts her home and she she makes a

0:24:42.900,0:24:48.090 comment about the mountain and it says

0:24:45.180,0:24:50.880 that he he roars at or he was drunk and

0:24:48.090,0:24:53.160 that's what I pictured this lady did is

0:24:50.880,0:24:54.660 this this growling like it's it's hard

0:24:53.160,0:24:56.640 to even know that it's a laugh but

0:24:54.660,0:25:00.240 because he's roaring but it is a

0:24:56.640,0:25:02.070 and it's an ironic laugh but yeah the

0:25:00.240,0:25:04.280 fucking mountain just picks him up and

0:25:02.070,0:25:06.570 starts to punch out those eyes yeah he

0:25:04.280,0:25:07.740 did with over and I was terrified

0:25:06.570,0:25:10.170 because I was the worst I thought that

0:25:07.740,0:25:11.880 was existence in the Hound just shrieks

0:25:10.170,0:25:14.040 and drives the knife through his eye and

0:25:11.880,0:25:16.429 for a second I thought oh he killed him

0:25:14.040,0:25:18.630 you know his brain does it but he just

0:25:16.429,0:25:20.760 starts pulling the fucking knife out in

0:25:18.630,0:25:23.429 the Hound grits his teeth and sees the

0:25:20.760,0:25:25.200 wall collapsing behind him and sets his

0:25:23.429,0:25:27.090 feet and just takes him out and they

0:25:25.200,0:25:29.370 both go through the wall and they tumble

0:25:27.090,0:25:31.980 down down down into the fucking fire

0:25:29.370,0:25:33.809 instead oh they're both dead they're

0:25:31.980,0:25:39.480 both dead and I'm okay with it like

0:25:33.809,0:25:41.250 clicking no I mean I mean the Hound went

0:25:39.480,0:25:44.549 out by basically saying I love you to

0:25:41.250,0:25:46.110 Arya go be better than me so and she

0:25:44.549,0:25:50.520 does she's running she's trying to

0:25:46.110,0:25:52.440 protect this family at this point we get

0:25:50.520,0:25:54.390 Jaime has been running his way through

0:25:52.440,0:25:55.440 the city and gets locked out and so he

0:25:54.390,0:25:57.750 ends up coming to the bottom of the

0:25:55.440,0:26:01.890 tower where thing is to get to Cersei

0:25:57.750,0:26:03.570 and you're on fucking Greyjoy and they

0:26:01.890,0:26:05.340 have a fight he's running his fucking

0:26:03.570,0:26:07.470 mouth like you're on does and just

0:26:05.340,0:26:10.710 saying you know don't you want to add

0:26:07.470,0:26:13.130 another King tear your lists later and

0:26:10.710,0:26:16.890 that's what Jaime just like you're not

0:26:13.130,0:26:18.809 yeah they have a fight yeah I love that

0:26:16.890,0:26:21.929 he starts the fight off with love I

0:26:18.809,0:26:24.750 fucked the Queen and Jaime just was like

0:26:21.929,0:26:27.299 oh you mother yeah so they fight Jaime

0:26:24.750,0:26:27.690 at SAP twice and then manages to throw a

0:26:27.299,0:26:30.390 punch

0:26:27.690,0:26:31.590 you're on which is golden hand which is

0:26:30.390,0:26:33.059 one of the best things I've ever seen

0:26:31.590,0:26:35.520 and then drive a soul and then drive a

0:26:33.059,0:26:37.590 sword through them and I didn't I did

0:26:35.520,0:26:40.890 like your ons last line of I'm the man

0:26:37.590,0:26:43.290 who killed Jamie yes cuz that to me was

0:26:40.890,0:26:45.720 honestly the most bookish Iran has ever

0:26:43.290,0:26:47.700 been with that creepy smile dying saying

0:26:45.720,0:26:50.490 like I'm the man who's it that just

0:26:47.700,0:26:52.410 seems like at first I thought that they

0:26:50.490,0:26:53.970 were gonna stick true to show you're on

0:26:52.410,0:26:56.669 and I thought that he was just gonna say

0:26:53.970,0:26:59.100 I'm the man which would have been way

0:26:56.669,0:27:03.030 more of the character that they've shown

0:26:59.100,0:27:05.700 us so far just yeah I'm the man fuck you

0:27:03.030,0:27:08.760 you're we get a lot more of just Jon is

0:27:05.700,0:27:09.630 in shock yeah and so he just you're

0:27:08.760,0:27:11.970 seeing a

0:27:09.630,0:27:13.620 out of the Danny's army the unsullied

0:27:11.970,0:27:15.930 they're just some of the tears

0:27:13.620,0:27:17.760 they're killing children it's it's way

0:27:15.930,0:27:20.910 beyond even the sack of King's Landing

0:27:17.760,0:27:22.380 with time no no it's brutal and so one

0:27:20.910,0:27:25.590 of the he sees one of the soldiers

0:27:22.380,0:27:27.720 taking a girl go fucking away he stops

0:27:25.590,0:27:29.190 him and then kills well John gives him

0:27:27.720,0:27:31.320 the out John pins him against the wall

0:27:29.190,0:27:33.060 and like he doesn't say anything he just

0:27:31.320,0:27:34.980 sits there but he doesn't stab him he

0:27:33.060,0:27:36.600 just sits it and then the dude starts to

0:27:34.980,0:27:39.810 struggle and go first so that's when

0:27:36.600,0:27:42.090 John kills him like yeah just this turn

0:27:39.810,0:27:44.790 on the drop at the time this became one

0:27:42.090,0:27:47.370 of the most vicious attacks on a city

0:27:44.790,0:27:50.160 people yeah people are burn innocent

0:27:47.370,0:27:52.160 killed and that's it with Arya we get

0:27:50.160,0:27:55.170 her running around running from it and

0:27:52.160,0:27:57.240 like how many times are you running and

0:27:55.170,0:28:00.060 just all the sudden kaboom fucking rocks

0:27:57.240,0:28:02.460 hit yeah I mean I have that in the

0:28:00.060,0:28:04.920 makeup artist effects like the people

0:28:02.460,0:28:06.900 who do that shit she looked I didn't

0:28:04.920,0:28:11.250 recognize her and there that one point

0:28:06.900,0:28:12.930 where she just such a well done and then

0:28:11.250,0:28:14.910 like the progression as she's running

0:28:12.930,0:28:18.330 around and sweat yeah seeing the blood

0:28:14.910,0:28:19.890 and so she ends up hiding in a in the

0:28:18.330,0:28:22.380 room again with the and she finds that

0:28:19.890,0:28:25.590 that's yes father and daughter and she's

0:28:22.380,0:28:27.840 like again fucking bad-ass Arya's just

0:28:25.590,0:28:29.640 thinking what she found she found a

0:28:27.840,0:28:31.620 purpose here like the Hound told her you

0:28:29.640,0:28:34.320 know go go and do something that's not

0:28:31.620,0:28:36.450 revenge and she sees that and in this

0:28:34.320,0:28:38.490 room it's all women children's well cuz

0:28:36.450,0:28:40.410 yeah so this woman helped her so that

0:28:38.490,0:28:41.970 also kind of gives her that you know she

0:28:40.410,0:28:43.260 picked her up off the ground yeah she's

0:28:41.970,0:28:44.940 a good she's a good person

0:28:43.260,0:28:46.950 yeah that doesn't so she's like you guys

0:28:44.940,0:28:50.460 need to move you can't stay here you're

0:28:46.950,0:28:52.320 gonna die oh no she's like me now Arya

0:28:50.460,0:28:54.840 picks them up and drags them and they

0:28:52.320,0:28:57.180 run they run they run they run and just

0:28:54.840,0:28:58.470 you can see it just in and that like I

0:28:57.180,0:29:01.410 found myself thinking that I'm like his

0:28:58.470,0:29:04.080 are you just gonna get fucking flats and

0:29:01.410,0:29:06.660 that's how she cuz I would be irate if

0:29:04.080,0:29:08.580 Danny's dragon just in the merciless

0:29:06.660,0:29:10.680 killing obviously she's not eating for

0:29:08.580,0:29:12.270 Arya but yeah so I guess that wasn't big

0:29:10.680,0:29:13.770 concern for me Danny just looked to be

0:29:12.270,0:29:15.390 willy-nilly like she wouldn't give a

0:29:13.770,0:29:17.910 fuck if she was near Dothraki well

0:29:15.390,0:29:19.920 that's it before she even went all crazy

0:29:17.910,0:29:21.630 and started torching everywhere I was

0:29:19.920,0:29:22.060 like damn she's getting real close to

0:29:21.630,0:29:24.490 hit

0:29:22.060,0:29:27.280 some of the the her own forces and like

0:29:24.490,0:29:28.900 yeah it was intense so arias running

0:29:27.280,0:29:31.180 through the streets with this girl and

0:29:28.900,0:29:32.950 her mother and the mother gets hit by a

0:29:31.180,0:29:34.720 dothraki screamer yeah

0:29:32.950,0:29:37.150 and like that's what was blowing me away

0:29:34.720,0:29:38.580 I was how many these people don't know

0:29:37.150,0:29:41.250 aria from Lake

0:29:38.580,0:29:43.510 she's just as liable to get cut down

0:29:41.250,0:29:44.980 coming up behind I mean you just see I

0:29:43.510,0:29:46.990 said running the dog back here just

0:29:44.980,0:29:49.450 swinging and taking people down left so

0:29:46.990,0:29:51.310 the mother gets hit and so she drops

0:29:49.450,0:29:53.530 down and then the daughter is trying to

0:29:51.310,0:29:55.720 pick her up and re cease fuckin drug on

0:29:53.530,0:29:57.430 coming so Aria trying to help get them

0:29:55.720,0:29:58.870 on office that's the mother can't happen

0:29:57.430,0:30:00.460 so the mother's even like get the

0:29:58.870,0:30:02.470 daughter like her I think that's what

0:30:00.460,0:30:04.630 she said yeah yeah take her and so our

0:30:02.470,0:30:07.110 he tries to get her and the girl gets

0:30:04.630,0:30:09.730 away and runs back I'm sorry he's like

0:30:07.110,0:30:12.730 Aria dives out of the way and she it

0:30:09.730,0:30:14.890 looks like she gets covered blasted back

0:30:12.730,0:30:17.320 leaking and so we get back to into the

0:30:14.890,0:30:19.450 the red keep Cersei is now standing in

0:30:17.320,0:30:21.820 the the map room panicking and yeah so

0:30:19.450,0:30:24.820 at this point were just real quick we've

0:30:21.820,0:30:28.930 gotten the scene of the dragon shadow

0:30:24.820,0:30:32.020 over king yeah yeah we got like you know

0:30:28.930,0:30:33.580 I mean just that Danny flying over the

0:30:32.020,0:30:36.520 city and taking out parts of the red

0:30:33.580,0:30:38.530 keep taking that that was insane to look

0:30:36.520,0:30:41.650 at and see just parts of the red keep

0:30:38.530,0:30:43.060 collapsing towers and fucking rooms that

0:30:41.650,0:30:46.360 we've known forever

0:30:43.060,0:30:47.980 just go seeing Cersei and as the map

0:30:46.360,0:30:50.380 room around her it's burning and

0:30:47.980,0:30:52.390 collapsing and she's panic Jaime comes

0:30:50.380,0:30:54.340 in and she loses her fucking shit she

0:30:52.390,0:30:56.680 just breaks and she doesn't know what to

0:30:54.340,0:31:01.360 do it's not you know it's not going the

0:30:56.680,0:31:03.370 way she said he's hurt yeah and he's

0:31:01.360,0:31:05.170 saying you know it's it's just us like

0:31:03.370,0:31:07.360 let's go we gotta go and try to get the

0:31:05.170,0:31:10.750 fuck out of here so he leads her off out

0:31:07.360,0:31:13.180 of the map room and we get John back in

0:31:10.750,0:31:16.120 the the shit of it and John is seeing

0:31:13.180,0:31:17.860 all the same things are is and John just

0:31:16.120,0:31:20.200 starts calling for a retreat get the

0:31:17.860,0:31:22.600 fucker at this point we get the overhead

0:31:20.200,0:31:25.810 shot where wildfire starts detonating

0:31:22.600,0:31:28.690 name starts mixing in with the red and

0:31:25.810,0:31:30.220 it is that wildfire from Joe Harris or

0:31:28.690,0:31:32.740 is that stuff that she's had moved I I

0:31:30.220,0:31:34.120 think it's I mean at this point doesn't

0:31:32.740,0:31:35.770 matter I think it could be it's either

0:31:34.120,0:31:37.720 Aires pockets or Cersei

0:31:35.770,0:31:40.120 pockets but either way yeah so Danny

0:31:37.720,0:31:42.010 fucking hid deep enough to catch the

0:31:40.120,0:31:43.990 it's not Cersei who pulled the plug on

0:31:42.010,0:31:47.350 King's Landing and the Wildfire it's

0:31:43.990,0:31:49.840 fucking Danny and so yeah we get that

0:31:47.350,0:31:52.090 job immediately calls for a retreat he

0:31:49.840,0:31:53.890 wants out Tyrion still kind of Duty

0:31:52.090,0:31:55.540 bopping around the city at this point

0:31:53.890,0:31:58.150 just looking at the horror that yeah

0:31:55.540,0:32:00.280 that's wrong everything we thought he

0:31:58.150,0:32:02.110 could prevent it you know he's supported

0:32:00.280,0:32:04.900 her up until the last even with the John

0:32:02.110,0:32:10.150 stuff he's still yeah supported her and

0:32:04.900,0:32:12.160 so then we get fucking into aria we get

0:32:10.150,0:32:14.400 back to aria and it was at this point

0:32:12.160,0:32:17.830 well I think that even this happened

0:32:14.400,0:32:20.350 after I said after Jaime and oh yeah

0:32:17.830,0:32:21.730 yeah Jaime Cersei get down to where the

0:32:20.350,0:32:23.080 dragon skulls are kept yes they were

0:32:21.730,0:32:25.630 supposed to be using the secret exit

0:32:23.080,0:32:27.190 from through that room down to the

0:32:25.630,0:32:28.690 dinghy yeah and get out of there and

0:32:27.190,0:32:30.220 they get around the corner and Jamie

0:32:28.690,0:32:32.290 sees that their tunnel that they need is

0:32:30.220,0:32:35.050 completely collapsed and they're fucked

0:32:32.290,0:32:36.940 and right here I have to know some of

0:32:35.050,0:32:40.090 the best acting I've seen from Lena

0:32:36.940,0:32:42.340 Headey like from both of them like she I

0:32:40.090,0:32:44.260 got panicked for her with I don't want

0:32:42.340,0:32:46.750 to I don't want a child to die I don't

0:32:44.260,0:32:49.360 want to die it's not like you need to

0:32:46.750,0:32:51.490 you need to look at me don't look at

0:32:49.360,0:32:53.980 anything else nothing else is it like

0:32:51.490,0:32:55.930 yeah this is and it's so good cuz like

0:32:53.980,0:32:58.510 you're so focused on them you can see

0:32:55.930,0:33:01.120 the collapse yeah but you're so focused

0:32:58.510,0:33:03.130 in on that and like so like right up

0:33:01.120,0:33:05.350 that is not how I expected seriously to

0:33:03.130,0:33:06.700 die I'm a thousand percent okay with it

0:33:05.350,0:33:08.920 class you know

0:33:06.700,0:33:10.870 Cersei wasn't gonna stand her ground and

0:33:08.920,0:33:13.510 meet face to face with Danny and get

0:33:10.870,0:33:16.900 executed via sword search he was gonna

0:33:13.510,0:33:19.570 run and fight in picker and kill herself

0:33:16.900,0:33:22.330 before anything I I almost expected her

0:33:19.570,0:33:25.060 to leap off like Tommen did when Qyburn

0:33:22.330,0:33:26.830 I when they were walking in in there and

0:33:25.060,0:33:28.270 Jaime was looking at the the path and

0:33:26.830,0:33:30.880 Cersei was standing there kind of Wiggin

0:33:28.270,0:33:33.130 out I half-expected Tyrion to come

0:33:30.880,0:33:35.500 around the corner and be like you did

0:33:33.130,0:33:37.570 this to Cersei like and try to kill her

0:33:35.500,0:33:40.720 and then Jaime has to kill him they all

0:33:37.570,0:33:42.130 die together shoot there but I really

0:33:40.720,0:33:44.560 liked that it was just them in the end

0:33:42.130,0:33:47.350 Jaime obviously took a couple steps back

0:33:44.560,0:33:49.570 on his arc but he was never perfect he

0:33:47.350,0:33:50.980 was we'll see and that's I know a lot of

0:33:49.570,0:33:53.230 people are very upset with what he did

0:33:50.980,0:33:58.750 to Brienne I am one of them I'm not no

0:33:53.230,0:34:00.490 however you know I think that this is

0:33:58.750,0:34:03.610 actually one of the truest to form

0:34:00.490,0:34:06.220 following Martin's style of writing that

0:34:03.610,0:34:08.860 yes he made all this progress yes he had

0:34:06.220,0:34:10.720 this great turnaround art but when faced

0:34:08.860,0:34:13.570 with Circe's impending death there's

0:34:10.720,0:34:15.670 some things that just you know you can't

0:34:13.570,0:34:18.070 help but not redeem and so it sucks to

0:34:15.670,0:34:20.620 see cuz like who doesn't love Jaime

0:34:18.070,0:34:22.270 Lannister like he was so great answer

0:34:20.620,0:34:24.910 like we no longer have Cersei Lannister

0:34:22.270,0:34:28.390 on the show right we just lost Jaime and

0:34:24.910,0:34:30.460 Cersei Lannister and so a big slap in

0:34:28.390,0:34:32.200 the face almost as you know we were all

0:34:30.460,0:34:33.940 sent here you know how excel granted I

0:34:32.200,0:34:36.730 was excited for Cersei to be the big bad

0:34:33.940,0:34:39.160 yeah Danny's the big bad yeah and like

0:34:36.730,0:34:41.440 not that it was completely blind siding

0:34:39.160,0:34:43.330 us because you know we a lot of people

0:34:41.440,0:34:46.540 were calling the mad Queen yeah yeah but

0:34:43.330,0:34:48.490 like god it's cool fuck that's cool yeah

0:34:46.540,0:34:51.250 no it was it was definitely neat and

0:34:48.490,0:34:53.500 like the way they just I felt for Cersei

0:34:51.250,0:34:55.660 Lannister one last time in this show and

0:34:53.500,0:34:57.610 that's what I've always liked about her

0:34:55.660,0:34:59.500 character is no matter how disgusting

0:34:57.610,0:35:03.130 she gets there's always that moment

0:34:59.500,0:35:04.840 where you're like ah yeah just the way

0:35:03.130,0:35:07.330 this and that in that last moment if not

0:35:04.840,0:35:11.220 like this not like this that's it was

0:35:07.330,0:35:14.860 just those words the actress just really

0:35:11.220,0:35:17.110 portrayed that fear that say yeah Jaime

0:35:14.860,0:35:19.990 Cersei Lannister are now gone

0:35:17.110,0:35:22.420 collapsed underneath yeah been keep and

0:35:19.990,0:35:25.030 then yeah so then it's on Arya waking up

0:35:22.420,0:35:27.760 and then it's on Aria and we only see

0:35:25.030,0:35:29.410 the like the left hand called it I was

0:35:27.760,0:35:31.480 terrified because I thought that fire

0:35:29.410,0:35:33.640 looked it looked really intense as it

0:35:31.480,0:35:35.320 went over her cut away so I was

0:35:33.640,0:35:36.670 convinced that she was half her face was

0:35:35.320,0:35:39.220 burned like the house yeah and it was

0:35:36.670,0:35:42.280 gonna be this immediate like transformer

0:35:39.220,0:35:44.650 ya know luckily it wasn't she sees the

0:35:42.280,0:35:46.420 dead girl's birth yeah she sees the

0:35:44.650,0:35:48.490 mother and the little girl I hit the

0:35:46.420,0:35:51.550 table the mother in our little girl just

0:35:48.490,0:35:53.530 fucking mummified from how harshly they

0:35:51.550,0:35:55.930 were burned which is very it reminds me

0:35:53.530,0:35:58.300 of like the the Pompeii pictures the

0:35:55.930,0:36:00.070 volcano that burned them so fast that

0:35:58.300,0:36:01.650 they just and you can jet like Maisie

0:36:00.070,0:36:04.259 Williams goddamn Mike

0:36:01.650,0:36:07.289 is killing it this season just filled

0:36:04.259,0:36:10.259 with the anger she cries she has it here

0:36:07.289,0:36:11.940 yeah and it's all in and I really think

0:36:10.259,0:36:13.109 that you know yeah it is this girl and

0:36:11.940,0:36:15.839 the mother but it's essentialist

0:36:13.109,0:36:17.759 destruction they literally just fought

0:36:15.839,0:36:20.279 an army of the undead and now they came

0:36:17.759,0:36:22.740 down here and Danny just massacred all

0:36:20.279,0:36:25.259 of these innocent people like most of

0:36:22.740,0:36:27.089 which were women and children like

0:36:25.259,0:36:29.099 people who had no stake in the battle

0:36:27.089,0:36:32.339 Tyrion was a hundred percent right like

0:36:29.099,0:36:35.460 and Danny went full-on mad queen/full

0:36:32.339,0:36:38.069 Mario was fuckin irate and then we get

0:36:35.460,0:36:40.200 this just she's walking through and I

0:36:38.069,0:36:42.059 mean just the imagery is just intense in

0:36:40.200,0:36:43.650 this episode of arias standing in King's

0:36:42.059,0:36:47.940 Landing as it's burning around her in

0:36:43.650,0:36:50.190 the ashes and I believe it's Harry

0:36:47.940,0:36:52.559 Strickland source that makes sense

0:36:50.190,0:36:54.180 because they showed him so I didn't

0:36:52.559,0:36:55.680 really look at the braids that were on

0:36:54.180,0:36:57.059 the hair of Harry Strickland's horse but

0:36:55.680,0:36:59.700 I noticed that this one had some blonde

0:36:57.059,0:37:01.950 braids in its mane and shit but there's

0:36:59.700,0:37:03.960 a beautiful pure white horse standing in

0:37:01.950,0:37:07.319 the middle of all this carnage and arias

0:37:03.960,0:37:09.150 immediately goes up to it and I remember

0:37:07.319,0:37:11.400 as it was happening I was sitting there

0:37:09.150,0:37:13.589 like are we like is this actually

0:37:11.400,0:37:15.329 happening during a game of Thrones up so

0:37:13.589,0:37:17.730 like after what we just witnessed this

0:37:15.329,0:37:19.650 dragon telling are we watching Arya

0:37:17.730,0:37:21.569 Stark walk up to a horse like with

0:37:19.650,0:37:24.539 King's Landing burning around it like it

0:37:21.569,0:37:26.009 just seems so out of place but yeah I

0:37:24.539,0:37:27.720 like I think it was one of the best

0:37:26.009,0:37:30.420 scenes this season there was just

0:37:27.720,0:37:34.069 something yeah magical now you mentioned

0:37:30.420,0:37:36.569 off off air the the mic here that it

0:37:34.069,0:37:39.269 immediately popped into your head the

0:37:36.569,0:37:42.630 the term pale man the pale man yeah like

0:37:39.269,0:37:46.950 to me it just seemed like Arya embodying

0:37:42.630,0:37:48.420 I mean yeah not that well like not that

0:37:46.950,0:37:50.519 that because I know the pale mare is a

0:37:48.420,0:37:52.710 disease in the books but to me it seemed

0:37:50.519,0:37:54.960 like the pale mayor of one of the

0:37:52.710,0:37:58.170 horsemen like the horseman yeah like in

0:37:54.960,0:38:00.119 the middle of all this death and Arya

0:37:58.170,0:38:02.519 being such a harbinger of death herself

0:38:00.119,0:38:04.440 she chose to walk away from like she

0:38:02.519,0:38:06.869 didn't one why don't have you think that

0:38:04.440,0:38:08.849 her jumping on that horse is to she's

0:38:06.869,0:38:10.619 done she's leaving she's good she's gone

0:38:08.849,0:38:12.450 for good or do you think she's taking it

0:38:10.619,0:38:14.580 to go to try and kill well we did see

0:38:12.450,0:38:16.620 the next week's ink freak and she

0:38:14.580,0:38:19.260 is standing in the army of the unsullied

0:38:16.620,0:38:21.510 right yesterday I would guess that Danny

0:38:19.260,0:38:23.790 I think this is straight-up she blames

0:38:21.510,0:38:27.510 Danny and I think John does too

0:38:23.790,0:38:30.390 John has been pretty shook on this and I

0:38:27.510,0:38:32.250 yeah we just that's the last shot of the

0:38:30.390,0:38:33.060 episode it's already just riding away in

0:38:32.250,0:38:35.750 King's Landing

0:38:33.060,0:38:37.530 yeah hang on this pale white horse and

0:38:35.750,0:38:39.210 holy fucking shit

0:38:37.530,0:38:41.790 it happened King's Landing is burned to

0:38:39.210,0:38:45.900 the ground he was landings Don yo it was

0:38:41.790,0:38:48.030 Daenerys who did it the advising and

0:38:45.900,0:38:49.590 warning of absolutely every well that's

0:38:48.030,0:38:52.950 it just at the beginning of the episode

0:38:49.590,0:38:54.720 Varys is words I hope I hope I hope I

0:38:52.950,0:38:56.640 mean yeah I hope I deserve this yeah I

0:38:54.720,0:38:59.790 hope you could write in burning me and I

0:38:56.640,0:39:03.630 should have been watching her he was

0:38:59.790,0:39:05.490 right like and I mean after all the all

0:39:03.630,0:39:07.260 the shit and how poor laying him his

0:39:05.490,0:39:09.450 story got towards the last few seasons

0:39:07.260,0:39:12.380 like he's still one of the smartest

0:39:09.450,0:39:16.260 motherfuckers yeah you know I just man

0:39:12.380,0:39:18.300 it's it all came to a head here and I

0:39:16.260,0:39:22.010 know a lot of people or I'm sure it

0:39:18.300,0:39:27.900 disappointed in it but that was yeah

0:39:22.010,0:39:29.670 Varys Euron Jaime Cersei said it is it

0:39:27.900,0:39:34.680 just the four there the Hound the Hound

0:39:29.670,0:39:36.750 the mountain Khyber uh Jesus I would say

0:39:34.680,0:39:38.100 Harry Strickland yeah Oh Casey's

0:39:36.750,0:39:41.010 weird-looking anyway yeah man what a

0:39:38.100,0:39:44.310 fucking just tick tick tick tick tick

0:39:41.010,0:39:47.340 yeah and alright not a big surprise to

0:39:44.310,0:39:49.230 anybody but I I think it was so fucking

0:39:47.340,0:39:52.890 well done yeah I'm thrilled with the

0:39:49.230,0:39:54.510 episode I enjoyed it I think it was like

0:39:52.890,0:39:56.640 I said there were some things that and I

0:39:54.510,0:39:59.070 they're not even complaints there it was

0:39:56.640,0:40:01.710 well done the way that they would draw

0:39:59.070,0:40:04.050 out the the montages of getting everyone

0:40:01.710,0:40:05.880 to escape of all that shit you know it

0:40:04.050,0:40:07.020 just drew in the tension where it's like

0:40:05.880,0:40:09.000 alright I don't want to see these people

0:40:07.020,0:40:10.440 right yeah let's see the fucking I want

0:40:09.000,0:40:12.000 to see what's gonna happen that's it I

0:40:10.440,0:40:13.350 just wanna see more like I'm gonna go

0:40:12.000,0:40:15.270 back and just look at more shots of

0:40:13.350,0:40:18.030 King's Landing burning well yes I mean

0:40:15.270,0:40:19.530 that would an injury of Arya in the

0:40:18.030,0:40:21.060 smoke with you know look yeah there's

0:40:19.530,0:40:23.220 one point where there's like an archway

0:40:21.060,0:40:25.080 yeah why in the lights coming through

0:40:23.220,0:40:26.420 and everything's just burning around her

0:40:25.080,0:40:27.619 and I said it well

0:40:26.420,0:40:30.619 watch it I was like that's a fucking

0:40:27.619,0:40:33.799 image right there like it was just and

0:40:30.619,0:40:35.540 the makeup was so well done are you so

0:40:33.799,0:40:38.540 rough like poor Ari I kept getting

0:40:35.540,0:40:41.240 fucked by like debris difference like

0:40:38.540,0:40:43.069 Danny kept blasted like I'd be fucking

0:40:41.240,0:40:44.990 pissed too if I was Arya like you almost

0:40:43.069,0:40:46.730 killed me like thirteen and John I was

0:40:44.990,0:40:48.799 worried about John and Davos down there

0:40:46.730,0:40:51.890 and got all of her soldiers worried we

0:40:48.799,0:40:53.900 only saw her face in her in her throne

0:40:51.890,0:40:56.510 room while she and then while she was

0:40:53.900,0:40:59.960 riding her dragon a few times we saw

0:40:56.510,0:41:01.880 Danny's episode but Jesus Christ Emilia

0:40:59.960,0:41:04.130 Clarke's fucking face throughout was

0:41:01.880,0:41:07.010 just awesome you know she looked intense

0:41:04.130,0:41:09.650 what I really liked during the Varys

0:41:07.010,0:41:12.559 trial thing there was the way that she

0:41:09.650,0:41:17.650 just trick Horace it was so nonchalant

0:41:12.559,0:41:17.650 and like I told you that was insane I

0:41:18.970,0:41:22.730 really liked that we got to see Barris

0:41:21.230,0:41:25.549 interacting with a little bird for the

0:41:22.730,0:41:27.020 first time yeah and like as soon as it

0:41:25.549,0:41:30.470 opened with that I was like okay so he's

0:41:27.020,0:41:32.540 dying that's up his little what if I

0:41:30.470,0:41:37.010 taught you the bigger the risk the

0:41:32.540,0:41:41.059 bigger the reward yeah and he was going

0:41:37.010,0:41:43.760 for him yeah so now that the battles

0:41:41.059,0:41:47.900 done and Danny has clearly got King's

0:41:43.760,0:41:49.160 Landing Varys had before he with when he

0:41:47.900,0:41:51.440 was meeting with her before he got

0:41:49.160,0:41:52.910 arrested he had about six or seven

0:41:51.440,0:41:55.910 little notes there that he had written

0:41:52.910,0:41:57.619 I'm imagining all conceit is containing

0:41:55.910,0:42:00.049 the same information that who John is

0:41:57.619,0:42:03.799 yeah that were likely sent to all the

0:42:00.049,0:42:05.960 high houses left in Westeros yeah Danny

0:42:03.799,0:42:07.339 just took the throne but everybody knows

0:42:05.960,0:42:11.299 she doesn't have the right claimant yeah

0:42:07.339,0:42:13.040 so what do you think what did what do

0:42:11.299,0:42:15.440 you expect well I think Danny just made

0:42:13.040,0:42:17.990 so many fucking enemies right there with

0:42:15.440,0:42:22.910 burning King's Landing what I am NOT

0:42:17.990,0:42:25.520 getting is that the only I mean yeah

0:42:22.910,0:42:27.290 John is on her side but all of her

0:42:25.520,0:42:29.540 trusted advisers that would have

0:42:27.290,0:42:32.299 assisted her throughout this part are

0:42:29.540,0:42:35.540 gone she just broke any trust she had

0:42:32.299,0:42:38.660 with Tyrion yeah and Jon the only people

0:42:35.540,0:42:40.450 you know Varys Jorah miss and they're

0:42:38.660,0:42:43.010 all the ones that way

0:42:40.450,0:42:45.170 stand beside her and all he's gonna do

0:42:43.010,0:42:46.850 is listen to every fucking word she says

0:42:45.170,0:42:49.130 well you know he's gonna like I said

0:42:46.850,0:42:50.990 he's gonna rat on John yeah call him the

0:42:49.130,0:42:52.340 men back and so all the other ones were

0:42:50.990,0:42:55.310 the ones that could have helped her

0:42:52.340,0:42:57.290 maintain control if she stays in power

0:42:55.310,0:42:59.720 and John dies if John doesn't take

0:42:57.290,0:43:01.970 control songs that there's no break in

0:42:59.720,0:43:04.910 the wheel she won't ya know she's gonna

0:43:01.970,0:43:07.340 have to maintain this this control with

0:43:04.910,0:43:09.290 fear and you can't break the we didn't

0:43:07.340,0:43:11.810 expect this to be the last episode of

0:43:09.290,0:43:17.780 Dany sort of coming into the throne as

0:43:11.810,0:43:20.780 the mad queen with so much just so much

0:43:17.780,0:43:23.080 between Arya John Davos Tyrion just the

0:43:20.780,0:43:26.570 way they're feeling toward her now the

0:43:23.080,0:43:28.369 savagery of the fuck is the sack of

0:43:26.570,0:43:31.550 King's Landing this time around it's

0:43:28.369,0:43:34.280 just insane yes it was a switch a flick

0:43:31.550,0:43:36.230 of a switch and it was like all of her

0:43:34.280,0:43:38.359 soldiers even the unsullied just became

0:43:36.230,0:43:41.119 the most ruthless Dothraki that have

0:43:38.359,0:43:44.150 ever fucking been known to man and her

0:43:41.119,0:43:46.750 herself just tortured entire section

0:43:44.150,0:43:49.040 sees it caught me but like I didn't I

0:43:46.750,0:43:50.630 see it sat there long enough that I

0:43:49.040,0:43:52.520 thought that she was okay with the bells

0:43:50.630,0:43:55.490 and so that's why I was she started like

0:43:52.520,0:43:57.350 crying like and you heard her like and

0:43:55.490,0:43:59.720 taking into I was like yeah I know her

0:43:57.350,0:44:01.040 Fox like cuz at first when she took off

0:43:59.720,0:44:03.770 and she was flying over the city I was

0:44:01.040,0:44:06.710 like oh she's just gonna go and burn the

0:44:03.770,0:44:10.580 red key I thought she was gonna burn I

0:44:06.710,0:44:13.100 thought so as well and then oh yeah it's

0:44:10.580,0:44:17.540 just the fucking City way and people are

0:44:13.100,0:44:19.250 dying and it's awful um yes I'm next

0:44:17.540,0:44:21.290 episode it's a very very last episode

0:44:19.250,0:44:24.010 ever of Game of Thrones and it is

0:44:21.290,0:44:29.810 Daenerys starring as the mad Queen

0:44:24.010,0:44:33.650 taking her own who's your inductee for

0:44:29.810,0:44:37.880 last episode Sandor Clegane Sandor thank

0:44:33.650,0:44:41.030 you that's cool cuz he oh man he killed

0:44:37.880,0:44:43.760 his brother here they embodied what it

0:44:41.030,0:44:45.800 was to be a knight and yo he did it by

0:44:43.760,0:44:47.960 pressing his fucking face into the

0:44:45.800,0:44:49.700 flames he put him into that giant

0:44:47.960,0:44:52.230 fucking pit of fire at the bottom

0:44:49.700,0:44:55.440 ya know he charged my legs like ever

0:44:52.230,0:45:01.230 yeah yeah I did so I'm gonna miss him

0:44:55.440,0:45:06.300 because found all day every day

0:45:01.230,0:45:09.420 that's wild absolutely wild my a lot of

0:45:06.300,0:45:11.849 wildfire um yeah I gradually for you

0:45:09.420,0:45:13.800 well duh no I wanted to I was

0:45:11.849,0:45:16.589 considering giving it to Jamie for

0:45:13.800,0:45:17.760 killing your on cuz fuck your on but

0:45:16.589,0:45:20.400 honestly I think I'm gonna give it to

0:45:17.760,0:45:22.230 John I don't even I was gonna give it to

0:45:20.400,0:45:24.960 John for doing some cool shit but like

0:45:22.230,0:45:28.500 you dumbass like you're such a dumbass

0:45:24.960,0:45:30.119 John but I guess we were all fooled by

0:45:28.500,0:45:31.740 Danny so I'm gonna give it to John for

0:45:30.119,0:45:33.570 protecting that girl and realizing that

0:45:31.740,0:45:35.700 what the fucking unsullied are doing is

0:45:33.570,0:45:37.740 wrong that's not the way you should be

0:45:35.700,0:45:39.750 handling some shit yeah John's got some

0:45:37.740,0:45:42.630 decisions to me but luckily he's got

0:45:39.750,0:45:45.119 Aria he's got on there with him in Davos

0:45:42.630,0:45:47.220 yes Tyrion without Arya he'd be fucked

0:45:45.119,0:45:49.829 because he he's just I still feel he's

0:45:47.220,0:45:51.119 as naive as Ned was down there he wants

0:45:49.829,0:45:54.119 to go down and play the fucking

0:45:51.119,0:45:56.369 Honorable you know I'll walk away

0:45:54.119,0:45:58.829 because I follow the rules yeah but now

0:45:56.369,0:46:00.390 like that sort of way of thinking has

0:45:58.829,0:46:02.069 been taking over which is my Ferris was

0:46:00.390,0:46:05.190 fighting for him so I think between

0:46:02.069,0:46:07.940 Tyrion Davos and Arya fighting for John

0:46:05.190,0:46:11.280 that Danny's in a lot more trouble than

0:46:07.940,0:46:13.200 she thinks because she just she just

0:46:11.280,0:46:15.599 sort of went back on everything they

0:46:13.200,0:46:18.000 were trying to achieve of not ruling

0:46:15.599,0:46:20.250 over a city of ashes and that's just

0:46:18.000,0:46:22.260 what she turned into has this whole the

0:46:20.250,0:46:24.060 whole fucking see not only yeah not only

0:46:22.260,0:46:25.950 did we get the vision brands vision of

0:46:24.060,0:46:27.720 the dragon shadow over the city but the

0:46:25.950,0:46:29.550 red key where we're also gonna get the

0:46:27.720,0:46:31.770 red keep with the ash of just being

0:46:29.550,0:46:36.480 completely destroyed and covered Nash

0:46:31.770,0:46:39.359 because Danny Danny went ham and like

0:46:36.480,0:46:41.040 I'm not I'm not saying that she didn't

0:46:39.359,0:46:43.980 have a right to that you know losing

0:46:41.040,0:46:47.660 joram is Sande all her unsullied her

0:46:43.980,0:46:51.150 dragon isn't a reason to but it just

0:46:47.660,0:46:54.210 depends ring man take take a pop like

0:46:51.150,0:46:56.040 that's it they they straight all of

0:46:54.210,0:46:57.630 these innocents called for surrender and

0:46:56.040,0:46:59.339 you could hear them Cersei could hear

0:46:57.630,0:47:03.480 them in the red keep yeah so it was just

0:46:59.339,0:47:05.190 a vengeance clear it was it worth it or

0:47:03.480,0:47:08.190 in the mall definitely not

0:47:05.190,0:47:10.619 not if you well I mean we'll see if at

0:47:08.190,0:47:12.930 the end of the last episode next Sunday

0:47:10.619,0:47:14.369 no definitely I thrown I definitely

0:47:12.930,0:47:17.400 think it's worthy of that that

0:47:14.369,0:47:20.130 penultimate label yeah it was definitely

0:47:17.400,0:47:23.220 one of the highlights of the season not

0:47:20.130,0:47:24.869 so it is called bell the bells I think

0:47:23.220,0:47:27.630 that's an apt name because earlier in

0:47:24.869,0:47:29.760 the series Varys says that he hates the

0:47:27.630,0:47:33.420 bells because the bells ring for horror

0:47:29.760,0:47:38.039 a city under attack she sees yeah we did I

0:47:33.420,0:47:39.780 got dead King so the bells signal horror

0:47:38.039,0:47:41.670 and this time they did as well because

0:47:39.780,0:47:43.049 as soon as they started ringing Danny

0:47:41.670,0:47:48.599 started unleashing hell

0:47:43.049,0:47:52.380 god damn so r.i.p Jaime Cersei

0:47:48.599,0:47:54.539 r.i.p Sandor Clegane

0:47:52.380,0:47:56.369 r.i.p the mountain I mean I don't know

0:47:54.539,0:47:58.289 what you can even do if you even can

0:47:56.369,0:48:01.619 rest in peace but sure bro try it

0:47:58.289,0:48:05.099 Qyburn like you're crazy you know

0:48:01.619,0:48:08.220 you did your thing until those were our

0:48:05.099,0:48:11.609 thoughts let us know yours good bad ugly

0:48:08.220,0:48:14.490 or indifferent yeah otherwise we will be

0:48:11.609,0:48:17.400 seeing you probably for a fairly short

0:48:14.490,0:48:19.980 episode next week after that season the

0:48:17.400,0:48:22.410 season finale just because the following

0:48:19.980,0:48:24.329 week were or week after that even we're

0:48:22.410,0:48:26.339 gonna be doing a nice long episode

0:48:24.329,0:48:31.260 that's just gonna be wrapping up the

0:48:26.339,0:48:33.000 whole show just an in-depth chat so you

0:48:31.260,0:48:36.119 know if you've got thoughts just to

0:48:33.000,0:48:37.559 include about that get ready please let

0:48:36.119,0:48:39.869 us know your thoughts of the series

0:48:37.559,0:48:41.640 series as a whole for that one we will

0:48:39.869,0:48:44.039 still be having an episode based on the

0:48:41.640,0:48:47.430 finale in itself but for our bigger

0:48:44.039,0:48:48.930 whole show wrap up episode the right in

0:48:47.430,0:48:51.569 your thoughts about you know your

0:48:48.930,0:48:53.400 favorite season and why or yeah all that

0:48:51.569,0:48:56.309 kind of we're planning some fun little

0:48:53.400,0:48:58.049 things for that we think so you know get

0:48:56.309,0:49:00.109 us your inductees for this episode will

0:48:58.049,0:49:02.520 read them out hit us up on the usual

0:49:00.109,0:49:04.250 socials we're on facebook

0:49:04.250,0:49:09.000 yeah that one so


0:49:09.000,0:49:13.320 we did get an inductee for a couple

0:49:11.070,0:49:16.470 episodes ago but we were so in shock I

0:49:13.320,0:49:18.930 believe it was @Viserion_the_Icedragon

0:49:16.470,0:49:22.290 or something like that and he just

0:49:18.930,0:49:24.990 had given it to who is it Arya. Arya I

0:49:22.290,0:49:28.440 believe that episode. But yea so Twitter

0:49:24.990,0:49:30.890 is @mannerswithout we love to hear

0:49:28.440,0:49:33.540 from you guys there as well we have the

0:49:30.890,0:49:36.780 Gmail without manners Brotherhood at

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0:49:46.740,0:49:50.760 stuff but again just write to us guys

0:49:49.350,0:49:52.890 let us know what you're thinking what

0:49:50.760,0:49:56.520 are you feeling now it's we got one

0:49:52.890,0:49:58.620 episode left folks in this journey known

0:49:56.520,0:50:03.420 as Game of Thrones is over as far as the

0:49:58.620,0:50:05.820 show so let's enjoy it take it for what

0:50:03.420,0:50:10.010 it is I guess and we'll catch you guys

0:50:05.820,0:50:10.010 on the next one Valar Dohaeris. Peace!





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