Fearless Presentations Masterclass Part 8 - Add More Impact to Your Presentation Part 1 of 2
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Doug Staneart
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Oct 11, 2021
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In this episode, we continue our master class about presentation skills. This week we take that presentation skeleton that you created a couple of weeks ago and show you 10 ways to add impact to it. Last week, we covered 5 of the items. This week, we finish up with the final 5 impact ideas.By the way, I have created a free downloadable guide for you. Just go to https://www.fearlesspresentations.com/audio-guideAfter you create the basic structure of your talk to inform,  you can add additional zing to your speech by adding some of these impact ideas.  

 Typically, if you design a great outline using the ideas in the previous chapter, you will create a good presentation skeleton. In this chapter, we will put a little meat on the bones of the skeleton. Remember, we are presenting our case to the jury. So these ideas just add a little more evidence to prove that each bullet point is true. Most often, just one or two of these ideas added to each bullet will create fantastic content that your audience will both enjoy and believe.

 Proceed with a little caution, though. 

 These impact ideas will make good presentations great presentations. However, if you have a poorly designed presentation and add in these enhancers, you will likely make the presentation worse.

 If you have a good presentation centered around just a few key bullet points, then adding a couple of enhancers under each bullet for reinforcement will work well. If you have 50 slides already prepared and add in additional content, you’ll likely make the presentation worse.

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