Fast, Fair, Fun (with Digital Minister Audrey Tang)
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Society & Culture
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Nov 18, 2021
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After a life of civic hacking outside the system through efforts like vTaiwan, Audrey Tang, now Digital Minister of Taiwan, speaks with Baratunde about how to use digital tools to include people in more direct, participatory, democratic practices and her design philosophy of “fast, fair, fun.” She shows how tech can help government be more responsive to and collaborative with its citizens.  Guest: Audrey Tang Bio: Digital Minister of Taiwan, open-source software contributor, poetician Online: Taiwan’s Public Digital Innovation Space; On Twitter @audreyt and the hashtag #FastFairFun Go to for transcripts, our email newsletter, and your citizen practice. ACTIONS - PERSONALLY REFLECT  Flexing our personal power When have you felt justified pushing against an authority in your life? How did you do it and did it achieve your goal? If not, why not? If so, were there other unintended consequences? If you could go back in time, would you change your actions in any way? - BECOME INFORMED What is Open Government? Get informed about this idea of "open government." Learn more about Audrey’s work at If you want to go deeper, read the book Open Democracy by Hélène Landemore. It's about centering ordinary citizens in the democratic process. Find it in our online bookstore And search social media for the hashtag #OpenGovernment to discover other related thinkers and doers helping us govern ourselves. - PUBLICLY PARTICIPATE Public Forums Practice sharing your voice on an issue you care about in a public forum (not just social media). For example, you can comment on upcoming federal regulations at But the real action is local, so join a participatory budgeting initiative by searching online for “participatory budgeting near me”, or attend a virtual or live city or neighborhood council meeting and offer feedback during the public comment section. Use your voice to influence a public issue. Flex your power! Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.

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