Dany 3: The Dragon Reborn
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May 13, 2019
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Brotherhood Without Manners breaks down another chapter of Game of thrones. In this full spoiler reread we are on Dany 3. We really enjoyed this one so we hope you will as well.


We talk about the journey Dany has made so far. 

She is then confronted by an "imposing" figure in her life. She doesn't back down.

We discuss this huge moment in her life and how excited we are for her.

Finally she truly takes control of her own life after some lessons from her hand maiden.

As always we give our chapter inductees into the Brotherhood Without Manners.

We had some technical difficulties around 11:30. We apologize for how strange it sounds or if you feel slightly confused for a moment at this point. 

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0:00:01.220,0:00:07.080 where do we just fucking record here

0:00:05.160,0:00:09.980 yeah and I believe I did the intro for

0:00:07.080,0:00:14.580 that one I agree I think you did well

0:00:09.980,0:00:18.750 Aryer Arya yes she met Syrio Forel

0:00:14.580,0:00:21.439 are you sure about that. yes. AREYA? ha walked right

0:00:18.750,0:00:21.439 into it. Walked into what? There was nothing to walk into.

0:00:26.090,0:00:30.730 fuck it I know my line and so do you

0:00:29.519,0:00:33.809 bitch

0:00:30.730,0:00:33.809 [Music]

0:00:39.060,0:00:46.710 oh hey everybody and welcome back to

0:00:45.510,0:00:49.350 another episode of Brotherhood without

0:00:46.710,0:00:52.650 Manners your full spoiler reread

0:00:49.350,0:00:54.570 podcast of George RR Martin's A Song of

0:00:52.650,0:01:03.720 Ice and Fire series starting with Game

0:00:54.570,0:01:06.090 of Thrones. I'm Zach and he is what he

0:01:03.720,0:01:09.360 just said he was the sneaky do you other

0:01:06.090,0:01:11.220 choice words that I could recall and we

0:01:09.360,0:01:14.250 are two brothers who are just about

0:01:11.220,0:01:16.080 obsessed with George RR Martin's world

0:01:14.250,0:01:18.930 that he's created here for us in this

0:01:16.080,0:01:20.910 book so if you're just joining us for

0:01:18.930,0:01:23.100 the first time again we're full spoiler

0:01:20.910,0:01:24.060 we will straight up for untold like

0:01:23.100,0:01:26.550 starting now

0:01:24.060,0:01:29.880 like Fagin fucking suck it Oh Jojen

0:01:26.550,0:01:39.440 paste fucking Sasha come at me full

0:01:29.880,0:01:42.420 spoiler snape kills dumbledore if you're

0:01:39.440,0:01:45.540 rejoining us is that a word rejoining it

0:01:42.420,0:01:46.799 now fuck yeah thanks for coming back we

0:01:45.540,0:01:49.200 appreciate you guys being here

0:01:46.799,0:01:51.030 absolutely do we've been getting some

0:01:49.200,0:01:53.549 great feedback from you guys so we are

0:01:51.030,0:01:54.960 just excited each each time we come into

0:01:53.549,0:01:56.640 this little booth that we set up to

0:01:54.960,0:01:58.409 record we're excited to produce more

0:01:56.640,0:02:00.060 have we ever mentioned that our booth is

0:01:58.409,0:02:02.040 just a couple mattresses leaned against

0:02:00.060,0:02:03.869 the table you know we are we are getting

0:02:02.040,0:02:07.049 it hard in here and I love it

0:02:03.869,0:02:10.049 yeah we tack up a bunch of heavy

0:02:07.049,0:02:12.360 blankets to produce the sound echo in

0:02:10.049,0:02:13.860 the room for your listening and after we

0:02:12.360,0:02:17.400 do all this we still get barracks

0:02:13.860,0:02:20.519 slamming against all these efforts and

0:02:17.400,0:02:22.980 he's like he can't stop me but if you

0:02:20.519,0:02:24.750 joined us last episode we had read Arya

0:02:22.980,0:02:26.400 - Arya second chapter she had just

0:02:24.750,0:02:27.360 arrived well not just arrived but she we

0:02:26.400,0:02:30.180 were getting King's Landing through

0:02:27.360,0:02:32.400 Arya's eyes and seeing how really upset

0:02:30.180,0:02:33.600 Ned was at arguing with his council and

0:02:32.400,0:02:35.370 just how much he wasn't enjoying his

0:02:33.600,0:02:38.400 time there then we got some cereal for

0:02:35.370,0:02:40.049 relax we got an eight-year-old feeling

0:02:38.400,0:02:42.890 guilty over her friend being killed it

0:02:40.049,0:02:46.650 was a whole mix a nice bag of mixture of

0:02:42.890,0:02:49.440 emotions and and just different events

0:02:46.650,0:02:51.510 for Arya that really compact who she is

0:02:49.440,0:02:52.170 later on where that was such a good

0:02:51.510,0:02:53.910 foundation

0:02:52.170,0:02:56.040 chapter for her where it's gonna

0:02:53.910,0:02:58.050 influence the rest of what happens and

0:02:56.040,0:03:00.810 speaking of I think we have another one

0:02:58.050,0:03:02.640 of those right here with Danny where's

0:03:00.810,0:03:04.560 this chapter I think really helps

0:03:02.640,0:03:05.940 symbolize who she will become and

0:03:04.560,0:03:09.060 actually we were just talking before we

0:03:05.940,0:03:10.380 started recording that I that's sort of

0:03:09.060,0:03:13.020 my issue with Danny because I like the

0:03:10.380,0:03:14.819 character of Danny didn't Eris I always

0:03:13.020,0:03:15.900 just call her Danny because I'm lazy and

0:03:14.819,0:03:18.510 don't feel like saying the full thing

0:03:15.900,0:03:20.190 but I really like her chapters in a game

0:03:18.510,0:03:22.680 of Thrones it's after Game of Thrones

0:03:20.190,0:03:25.890 that she starts to sort of meander and

0:03:22.680,0:03:28.890 and like Karthus Garth is cool the

0:03:25.890,0:03:31.380 warlocks are sweetie pie and and then

0:03:28.890,0:03:33.150 the Marigny is not where it just gets so

0:03:31.380,0:03:35.220 complicated and convoluted over and

0:03:33.150,0:03:37.260 marine is sort of where she starts to

0:03:35.220,0:03:39.660 lose me but these chapters are there's

0:03:37.260,0:03:42.780 just something like these early on ones

0:03:39.660,0:03:45.959 are are downright inspiring from her

0:03:42.780,0:03:47.730 point of view like she just she really

0:03:45.959,0:03:50.430 finds herself and comes into her own

0:03:47.730,0:03:51.569 yeah and like it's it's the start of

0:03:50.430,0:03:56.040 something it's the start you know

0:03:51.569,0:03:57.720 probably the start of something new I'm

0:03:56.040,0:04:03.959 pretty sure that's high school musical

0:03:57.720,0:04:07.320 and that's the only but I don't know

0:04:03.959,0:04:12.239 it's been a long time since I've anyway

0:04:07.320,0:04:14.489 we open with the Dothraki sea sir Jorah

0:04:12.239,0:04:17.729 Mormont as he ranged to a halt beside

0:04:14.489,0:04:20.340 her at the top of a ridge and beneath

0:04:17.729,0:04:23.610 them the plane stretched out immense and

0:04:20.340,0:04:26.550 empty a vast flat expanse that reached

0:04:23.610,0:04:31.919 to the distant horizon and beyond it

0:04:26.550,0:04:33.900 really was a sea Danny thinks it's yeah

0:04:31.919,0:04:36.150 so we're standing on the edge of this

0:04:33.900,0:04:38.610 huge huge plane and Danny and Jorah are

0:04:36.150,0:04:43.800 sort of over looking at Simba everything

0:04:38.610,0:04:45.539 touches shit there's a lot of shit past

0:04:43.800,0:04:47.820 here Danny says there are no Hills no

0:04:45.539,0:04:50.610 mountains no trees nor cities or roads

0:04:47.820,0:04:52.979 only endless grasses blades rippling

0:04:50.610,0:04:57.960 like waves when the wind blew and it's

0:04:52.979,0:05:00.300 so so green Danny notes and this this

0:04:57.960,0:05:02.820 just Danny really hasn't done much

0:05:00.300,0:05:04.830 traveling she's seen she's well she's

0:05:02.820,0:05:05.310 seen cities on the run she hasn't had a

0:05:04.830,0:05:07.650 chance

0:05:05.310,0:05:10.200 slow down and really enjoy the beauty so

0:05:07.650,0:05:11.850 I really I like that that Danny really

0:05:10.200,0:05:13.500 does want to enjoy the beauty of this

0:05:11.850,0:05:15.630 well we'll see that even a little more

0:05:13.500,0:05:18.390 here once she once we see how she's

0:05:15.630,0:05:20.730 evolved in just a few days yeah you know

0:05:18.390,0:05:22.200 but Jorah kind of condescendingly joy

0:05:20.730,0:05:24.650 the dick I don't like joy in the book

0:05:22.200,0:05:26.730 but he says yeah it's it's green now

0:05:24.650,0:05:28.680 yeah and then he tells me you should see

0:05:26.730,0:05:30.270 her when it blooms it's all red dark red

0:05:28.680,0:05:32.190 flowers from her eyes and her eyes and

0:05:30.270,0:05:34.200 like a sea of blood and then when the

0:05:32.190,0:05:37.980 dry season comes it all turns to an old

0:05:34.200,0:05:40.380 bronze color and this is only one type

0:05:37.980,0:05:42.300 of grass sweet child there are hundreds

0:05:40.380,0:05:44.940 and he kind of goes into this and I

0:05:42.300,0:05:47.280 loved this description he says down in

0:05:44.940,0:05:49.410 the shadow lands beyond - I they say

0:05:47.280,0:05:51.720 there are oceans of ghost grass taller

0:05:49.410,0:05:54.180 than a man on horseback with stalks as

0:05:51.720,0:05:57.510 pale as milk glass it murders all other

0:05:54.180,0:06:00.960 grass and grows Jesus and glows in the

0:05:57.510,0:06:03.120 dark with the spirits of the Damned

0:06:00.960,0:06:05.340 the Dothraki claim that some day ghost

0:06:03.120,0:06:08.040 grass will cover the entire world and

0:06:05.340,0:06:10.800 then all life will end that's one of my

0:06:08.040,0:06:12.510 favorite weird sort of like wife's tales

0:06:10.800,0:06:14.880 we get in this book because that's just

0:06:12.510,0:06:18.360 such a that's such an image in my head

0:06:14.880,0:06:21.030 to me it's it's it it's like this

0:06:18.360,0:06:23.580 Dothraki version of like a Ragnarok or

0:06:21.030,0:06:26.640 the the apothem yeah yeah and it's just

0:06:23.580,0:06:29.880 such a cool way to to perceive it that

0:06:26.640,0:06:32.670 this this natural growing grass that

0:06:29.880,0:06:33.930 just happens to kill all the other

0:06:32.670,0:06:37.350 surrounding grasses

0:06:33.930,0:06:38.910 well eventually and I mean I always like

0:06:37.350,0:06:41.180 kind of compare to the the bees you know

0:06:38.910,0:06:44.400 if we if all the bees were to die off

0:06:41.180,0:06:46.770 humanity would be fuck yeah and and we

0:06:44.400,0:06:48.690 know that actually to be sort of

0:06:46.770,0:06:51.840 scientifically backed up so it's sort of

0:06:48.690,0:06:53.220 - this is like the closest thing to

0:06:51.840,0:06:55.860 sounding like an accurate statement

0:06:53.220,0:06:58.050 where you have if something doesn't keep

0:06:55.860,0:07:01.560 these from growing then eventually yeah

0:06:58.050,0:07:03.270 they're gonna kill all vegetation it's

0:07:01.560,0:07:05.760 such a cool it's a really beautiful

0:07:03.270,0:07:08.670 image - of just Westeros just covered

0:07:05.760,0:07:11.490 with these tall like it's so surreal in

0:07:08.670,0:07:14.880 my head well honestly though it's almost

0:07:11.490,0:07:16.920 like because you could say that the

0:07:14.880,0:07:18.990 ghost grass represents a number of

0:07:16.920,0:07:21.240 different cultures and civil

0:07:18.990,0:07:23.730 Asians there that the ghost grass is

0:07:21.240,0:07:25.200 Westeros it's these people barbaric

0:07:23.730,0:07:27.210 people that are going to overrun the

0:07:25.200,0:07:29.370 world if everybody let's them and

0:07:27.210,0:07:31.920 they're just going to you know force

0:07:29.370,0:07:33.210 everyone to do what they want be how

0:07:31.920,0:07:35.460 they are but at the same time it could

0:07:33.210,0:07:38.760 very much be the Dothraki themselves a

0:07:35.460,0:07:40.050 sh tag d holy shit but anyway Danny

0:07:38.760,0:07:42.240 thinks if she doesn't like the thought

0:07:40.050,0:07:43.860 of everything dying around her when it's

0:07:42.240,0:07:45.240 it's so beautiful here she doesn't want

0:07:43.860,0:07:49.050 to think about things dying that's

0:07:45.240,0:07:51.390 terrible so she hears voices and turns

0:07:49.050,0:07:53.370 and she thinks that her in search Ora

0:07:51.390,0:07:54.630 had outdistance the rest of the party

0:07:53.370,0:07:57.420 and they were finally just now catching

0:07:54.630,0:07:59.790 up Eyrie is climbing up sort of the

0:07:57.420,0:08:03.240 little expanse and so are her calls or

0:07:59.790,0:08:07.170 her cause and everyone's doing fine

0:08:03.240,0:08:11.850 except for Viserys who was miserable out

0:08:07.170,0:08:15.870 here yeah which he he had been told to

0:08:11.850,0:08:17.610 stay in Pentos like yeah man said just

0:08:15.870,0:08:21.330 chill here and he wanted to make sure

0:08:17.610,0:08:22.860 that he was by the Drogo side until the

0:08:21.330,0:08:26.040 debt was paid mm-hmm

0:08:22.860,0:08:28.590 until he had the crown that he was

0:08:26.040,0:08:30.210 promised crown fall king little wine ass

0:08:28.590,0:08:32.100 that's what led to your death if you had

0:08:30.210,0:08:34.500 just stayed there Illyrio would have

0:08:32.100,0:08:36.660 pampered your ass for as long as it took

0:08:34.500,0:08:39.240 one of my favorite parts of this is

0:08:36.660,0:08:39.930 Danny thinking and thinking about this

0:08:39.240,0:08:42.690 conversation

0:08:39.930,0:08:44.670 Viserys had done said and if he tries to

0:08:42.690,0:08:48.030 cheat me he will learn to his sorrow

0:08:44.670,0:08:50.700 what it means to wake the dragon and he

0:08:48.030,0:08:54.390 grabs the hilt of his borrowed sword and

0:08:50.700,0:08:56.190 it says yes that Ally Illyrio had

0:08:54.390,0:08:58.560 blinked at that and wished him good

0:08:56.190,0:09:01.140 fortune like good fucking luck dude go

0:08:58.560,0:09:03.210 fine you go ahead and try you f solace

0:09:01.140,0:09:05.880 or don khon show him what it means to

0:09:03.210,0:09:07.560 wake the dragon please but Danny

0:09:05.880,0:09:09.390 realizes that she doesn't want to hear

0:09:07.560,0:09:10.650 that shit today she's she's over her

0:09:09.390,0:09:12.510 brother shit she doesn't want us and

0:09:10.650,0:09:13.770 she's absolutely enjoying what she's

0:09:12.510,0:09:16.050 seeing in front of me yeah the day is

0:09:13.770,0:09:18.360 way too perfect for that shit so it said

0:09:16.050,0:09:20.370 she felt that piece and she was not

0:09:18.360,0:09:22.680 going to let her brother spoil it so she

0:09:20.370,0:09:25.410 tells Jorah tell them to wait here you

0:09:22.680,0:09:28.410 wait here tell them all I command it and

0:09:25.410,0:09:30.360 he smiles and it says that sir Jorah was

0:09:28.410,0:09:31.990 not handsome man he had a neck and

0:09:30.360,0:09:34.300 shoulders like a bowl

0:09:31.990,0:09:36.130 coarse black hair covered his arms and

0:09:34.300,0:09:38.740 chest so thickly that there was none

0:09:36.130,0:09:40.630 left for his head yet his smiles gave

0:09:38.740,0:09:42.010 Danny comfort again

0:09:40.630,0:09:44.080 I don't like book joy much he kind of

0:09:42.010,0:09:46.180 creeps me out but it's nice that Danny

0:09:44.080,0:09:48.399 has some comfort so yeah he's definitely

0:09:46.180,0:09:51.850 the creepy uncle he's got that you know

0:09:48.399,0:09:54.160 I look weird I'm kinda awkward and you

0:09:51.850,0:09:57.279 know but he's got that inviting warm

0:09:54.160,0:09:59.230 smile and that sagely Annie tells her

0:09:57.279,0:10:01.120 you're learning to talk like a queen and

0:09:59.230,0:10:03.190 she says not a queen a Khaleesi and she

0:10:01.120,0:10:05.589 gallops down the original he kinda

0:10:03.190,0:10:11.020 reminds me of that what's that villain

0:10:05.589,0:10:13.870 from the Smurfs shit yeah I don't know

0:10:11.020,0:10:16.029 his name off the top of my head but that

0:10:13.870,0:10:19.330 guy the see this is when we need your

0:10:16.029,0:10:22.360 son here dude here to just immediately

0:10:19.330,0:10:24.310 tell us the villain but she rides off

0:10:22.360,0:10:26.140 down the ridge alone and it says the

0:10:24.310,0:10:28.660 descent was pretty steep and rocky but

0:10:26.140,0:10:30.790 she rides furious fearless Lee and fury

0:10:28.660,0:10:32.380 and the danger of it all where a song in

0:10:30.790,0:10:34.899 her heart she just loves the freedom of

0:10:32.380,0:10:36.640 this choice you know she she's able to

0:10:34.899,0:10:38.140 go off on her own now and enjoy the

0:10:36.640,0:10:39.970 splendor and beauty of the day without

0:10:38.140,0:10:41.740 her brother without having to follow his

0:10:39.970,0:10:44.410 commands and doing so well though

0:10:41.740,0:10:45.610 recklessly and it's it's sort of amping

0:10:44.410,0:10:47.290 her up it's given her this little

0:10:45.610,0:10:49.810 adrenaline rush that she never really

0:10:47.290,0:10:52.570 got to brother had told her that she was

0:10:49.810,0:10:54.610 a princess but not until she had gotten

0:10:52.570,0:10:56.829 to ride her silver and like this in this

0:10:54.610,0:10:58.480 way had she ever felt like one she feels

0:10:56.829,0:11:00.520 like a princess riding out here among

0:10:58.480,0:11:03.010 this beautiful these beautiful planes

0:11:00.520,0:11:07.600 and in this tall grass and it's a very

0:11:03.010,0:11:11.620 picturesque image but then she thinks

0:11:07.600,0:11:14.170 that the the writing wasn't easy at

0:11:11.620,0:11:16.240 first yeah yeah and that when the

0:11:14.170,0:11:17.589 khalasar had originally broken camp the

0:11:16.240,0:11:20.649 morning after her wedding

0:11:17.589,0:11:22.959 they moved East to vase by snow track

0:11:20.649,0:11:25.720 and by the third day she thought she was

0:11:22.959,0:11:28.450 gonna die she had a horrible experience

0:11:25.720,0:11:30.220 these first I mean technically she's got

0:11:28.450,0:11:31.990 one of the worst experiences of all the

0:11:30.220,0:11:34.060 characters that were going to see see

0:11:31.990,0:11:37.810 this has always been one of my things in

0:11:34.060,0:11:39.850 a lot of like literature and cinema and

0:11:37.810,0:11:42.670 stuff is like a lot of people BAM that's

0:11:39.850,0:11:44.860 it they're good I like like even you

0:11:42.670,0:11:45.640 know it's such a weird reference yeah he

0:11:44.860,0:11:47.560 suffers no

0:11:45.640,0:11:49.570 effects from that this is a strong beast

0:11:47.560,0:11:51.580 that is you know if you're not doing it

0:11:49.570,0:11:54.040 right or properly it will hurt it will

0:11:51.580,0:11:56.560 and as we learn it says she had saddle

0:11:54.040,0:11:58.990 sores on her ass her thighs well not on

0:11:56.560,0:12:00.640 her ass but on her bottom but uh her

0:11:58.990,0:12:02.710 thighs were chafe raw her hands were

0:12:00.640,0:12:04.690 blistered her legs and back muscles were

0:12:02.710,0:12:07.030 so pained that she could hardly sit when

0:12:04.690,0:12:09.010 she dismounted for the day each night

0:12:07.030,0:12:11.890 her handmaidens had to help her down off

0:12:09.010,0:12:15.580 her horse but now and that's not even

0:12:11.890,0:12:18.040 where the real shit begins for her oh

0:12:15.580,0:12:21.370 yeah no you know throughout all this her

0:12:18.040,0:12:23.860 newly wedded husband he's ignored her

0:12:21.370,0:12:27.070 almost entirely wedding you know with

0:12:23.860,0:12:29.320 all of his blood riders his men his cow

0:12:27.070,0:12:32.140 they they drink and party all night

0:12:29.320,0:12:34.270 after they've settled up camp and then

0:12:32.140,0:12:37.540 you know sometime early in the morning

0:12:34.270,0:12:39.670 he'll come walking in and have his way

0:12:37.540,0:12:41.470 with her yeah just mounts her and then

0:12:39.670,0:12:44.650 falls asleep yep and that's that while

0:12:41.470,0:12:46.630 she lay in pain to to pain to sleep

0:12:44.650,0:12:49.780 after her her hard day of riding the

0:12:46.630,0:12:51.310 horse and then yeah and just mounts her

0:12:49.780,0:12:53.800 as he pleases and this becomes a cycle

0:12:51.310,0:12:55.600 until she thinks to herself that she

0:12:53.800,0:12:56.140 would rather kill herself she can't take

0:12:55.600,0:13:00.100 it anymore

0:12:56.140,0:13:02.620 yet that very night when she slept she

0:13:00.100,0:13:04.690 dreamt the dragon dream again but her

0:13:02.620,0:13:07.960 brother wasn't in it this time only her

0:13:04.690,0:13:10.930 in the dragon it scales black his night

0:13:07.960,0:13:13.510 and slick with blood her blood she

0:13:10.930,0:13:15.910 realizes and its eyes were molten gold

0:13:13.510,0:13:18.760 and as it opens its mouth and flame

0:13:15.910,0:13:21.700 roars out in a hot jet she can hear it

0:13:18.760,0:13:24.970 singing to her and she opened her arms

0:13:21.700,0:13:28.390 to the fire and embraces it now I think

0:13:24.970,0:13:31.840 it's really cool how she was just as she

0:13:28.390,0:13:33.490 was riding down the hill the the wind

0:13:31.840,0:13:37.090 was singing the song to her heart

0:13:33.490,0:13:39.880 mm-hm and now she's dragon singing to

0:13:37.090,0:13:42.190 her yeah she she lets the fire cleanse

0:13:39.880,0:13:44.650 her and temper her and she could feel

0:13:42.190,0:13:47.500 her flesh sear in blackened and slough

0:13:44.650,0:13:50.020 away and felt her blood boil and turned

0:13:47.500,0:13:54.400 to steam yet there was no pain she felt

0:13:50.020,0:13:56.050 strong and new and fierce and so holy

0:13:54.400,0:13:57.910 shit I mean that's pretty

0:13:56.050,0:13:59.230 self-explanatory I don't really think

0:13:57.910,0:14:01.600 it's much much for shadow

0:13:59.230,0:14:04.660 she's becoming this Hardy reborn yeah

0:14:01.600,0:14:07.930 her I mean and it's it's the most

0:14:04.660,0:14:10.570 important you know rebirth is she it's

0:14:07.930,0:14:12.160 her own self-image she's seeing it

0:14:10.570,0:14:13.510 herself yeah doing it herself

0:14:12.160,0:14:14.650 and no one's no one's really yeah no

0:14:13.510,0:14:17.530 one's pushing her this isn't you

0:14:14.650,0:14:19.810 ceressus beating I mean drogon Drogo

0:14:17.530,0:14:21.070 coming in drogon Drogo coming and

0:14:19.810,0:14:23.110 mounting her each night she is a

0:14:21.070,0:14:25.330 helpless victim in this circumstance at

0:14:23.110,0:14:27.670 this point but she's very quickly we're

0:14:25.330,0:14:30.610 seeing sort of gaining not only the

0:14:27.670,0:14:33.280 mental capacity but just this confidence

0:14:30.610,0:14:34.870 in herself where she's changing herself

0:14:33.280,0:14:37.300 for the better and it says that the next

0:14:34.870,0:14:38.020 day strangely she did not seem to hurt

0:14:37.300,0:14:41.080 as much

0:14:38.020,0:14:44.230 and even her handmaid and said notice

0:14:41.080,0:14:46.270 something different about her where they

0:14:44.230,0:14:50.710 were asking if she was ill like are you

0:14:46.270,0:14:54.820 sick yeah and she was like I was yeah

0:14:50.710,0:14:57.850 and so she died she's standing over the

0:14:54.820,0:14:59.800 dragon eggs as she says this and she

0:14:57.850,0:15:01.690 touches the largest egg the black and

0:14:59.800,0:15:04.180 scarlet she thought like the dragon in

0:15:01.690,0:15:06.280 my dreams and she notices that the stone

0:15:04.180,0:15:07.960 feels oddly warm and she wonders if

0:15:06.280,0:15:09.520 she's still dreaming and she pulls her

0:15:07.960,0:15:12.910 hand away from me the kind of nervous

0:15:09.520,0:15:15.730 but and then from each day on from that

0:15:12.910,0:15:17.950 day on from that hour on it yeah and

0:15:15.730,0:15:19.270 each hour after it was it was easier

0:15:17.950,0:15:22.030 than the one that came before it

0:15:19.270,0:15:27.730 she's tempered now yeah her blisters are

0:15:22.030,0:15:32.170 healing hands got calloused her soft

0:15:27.730,0:15:35.500 thighs turned supple as leather often

0:15:32.170,0:15:37.900 supple as leather yeah and so yeah we

0:15:35.500,0:15:39.970 learn that Drogo had commanded Eyrie to

0:15:37.900,0:15:41.980 teach Dani how to ride in the Dothraki

0:15:39.970,0:15:43.930 fashion but it was actually her silver

0:15:41.980,0:15:45.430 the horse that ended up teaching her the

0:15:43.930,0:15:47.590 most it seemed like they were of one

0:15:45.430,0:15:49.840 mind they seemed to share one mood and

0:15:47.590,0:15:52.750 so right there I just I feel like that

0:15:49.840,0:15:55.510 technically is is Dani giving too much

0:15:52.750,0:15:57.580 credit to the horse yeah it's her you

0:15:55.510,0:15:59.470 know I think she's got a natural on top

0:15:57.580,0:16:01.630 of that like has she's got from that

0:15:59.470,0:16:05.020 dream I feel like she just has this

0:16:01.630,0:16:07.300 that's will now inside of her to you

0:16:05.020,0:16:08.890 know fuck this I'm not I'm not just

0:16:07.300,0:16:12.760 gonna be this weak little girl who's

0:16:08.890,0:16:15.550 gonna cry and die I think it also shows

0:16:12.760,0:16:19.170 affinity for these these mounds yes I

0:16:15.550,0:16:22.270 said and it says that the death

0:16:19.170,0:16:23.710 the Dothraki were hard people and they

0:16:22.270,0:16:26.380 didn't name their animals they didn't

0:16:23.710,0:16:29.200 believe in it but so she just referred

0:16:26.380,0:16:31.810 to her horse as her silver but she had

0:16:29.200,0:16:33.400 never loved anything so much yeah and I

0:16:31.810,0:16:34.750 think again this harkens back to the

0:16:33.400,0:16:37.090 point I brought up in her very first

0:16:34.750,0:16:39.160 chapter of it's the freedom her silver

0:16:37.090,0:16:42.430 represents that freedom of I can just go

0:16:39.160,0:16:45.250 and gallop and sort of risk my life a

0:16:42.430,0:16:47.290 little bit in this sort of excursion if

0:16:45.250,0:16:48.940 I gallop too fast or a little recklessly

0:16:47.290,0:16:51.430 but it's part of the fun it's part of

0:16:48.940,0:16:54.460 the adrenaline it's my choice I decide

0:16:51.430,0:16:58.090 where we go I decide when we stop and

0:16:54.460,0:17:00.550 it's this freedom for her she as she

0:16:58.090,0:17:03.220 gets better at riding she was able to

0:17:00.550,0:17:04.959 take in more of the views as she's

0:17:03.220,0:17:06.430 riding instead of focusing just on that

0:17:04.959,0:17:09.520 and they passed through the hills of

0:17:06.430,0:17:13.120 norvos and they passed by three placid

0:17:09.520,0:17:15.130 rivers and one crazy raging roaring one

0:17:13.120,0:17:18.160 and they can't beside a beautiful blue

0:17:15.130,0:17:20.199 waterfall yeah and so she because of her

0:17:18.160,0:17:22.089 confidence you know initially most of

0:17:20.199,0:17:24.640 her time was spent focusing on trying to

0:17:22.089,0:17:27.670 ride trying to be as comfortable and not

0:17:24.640,0:17:29.860 as sore as riding well once she she had

0:17:27.670,0:17:32.080 that dream then she started riding at

0:17:29.860,0:17:34.270 the front of the cow yeah with Khal

0:17:32.080,0:17:37.750 Drogo and the blood riders yeah you know

0:17:34.270,0:17:39.970 being Khaleesi and so they also they

0:17:37.750,0:17:43.960 they skirt the ruins of a vast ed city

0:17:39.970,0:17:46.720 they also raced down valerian roads and

0:17:43.960,0:17:49.900 for half a moon they rode through the

0:17:46.720,0:17:52.060 forests of coal so it just says she's

0:17:49.900,0:17:54.250 getting this you know it also reminded

0:17:52.060,0:17:56.260 me of Aria on the Kings Road she just

0:17:54.250,0:17:58.510 wants to see like you know just what's

0:17:56.260,0:18:01.000 going on around her I pretty sure if it

0:17:58.510,0:18:02.740 wasn't the Dothraki and there was less

0:18:01.000,0:18:04.660 of a communication barrier and less of

0:18:02.740,0:18:06.490 sort of fear on Danny's part she'd be

0:18:04.660,0:18:08.290 riding among them swapping stops you

0:18:06.490,0:18:12.580 know like Aria does is well I feel like

0:18:08.290,0:18:14.920 her only because she was raised so shy

0:18:12.580,0:18:19.300 and secluded yeah yeah that it's a

0:18:14.920,0:18:22.090 little more nervous for her weaker

0:18:19.300,0:18:24.400 anything yeah she's had a rougher go of

0:18:22.090,0:18:25.760 it by this point but after all of her

0:18:24.400,0:18:28.990 traveling her

0:18:25.760,0:18:31.640 agony was a fading memory yes it wasn't

0:18:28.990,0:18:33.560 something that she's currently dragging

0:18:31.640,0:18:35.570 with her she's enjoying these new things

0:18:33.560,0:18:39.020 and taking in this new life and like

0:18:35.570,0:18:42.010 really embracing the the parts that she

0:18:39.020,0:18:46.850 can enjoy cuz even at this point she's

0:18:42.010,0:18:49.730 you know not as pained by Drogo's visits

0:18:46.850,0:18:51.650 well yeah it says she's still sore after

0:18:49.730,0:18:54.170 of day riding but it's sweet to her now

0:18:51.650,0:18:56.510 she really likes sort of that agony of

0:18:54.170,0:18:57.950 it yeah travelled and she's always eager

0:18:56.510,0:19:00.530 to jump back into the saddle the next

0:18:57.950,0:19:02.480 morning and then when Drogo came to

0:19:00.530,0:19:05.420 enjoy her in the evenings her cries

0:19:02.480,0:19:08.180 weren't always cries and playing pain at

0:19:05.420,0:19:09.470 this point and so we come back to the

0:19:08.180,0:19:11.090 current time and at the bottom of the

0:19:09.470,0:19:13.190 Ridge she's galloping away from Ser

0:19:11.090,0:19:15.380 Jorah the grasses rise up around her

0:19:13.190,0:19:17.600 tall and supple and she's just losing

0:19:15.380,0:19:21.020 herself by simply alone she's reveling

0:19:17.600,0:19:23.390 in this quiet lonely but not like a bad

0:19:21.020,0:19:25.370 lonely like this wonderful feeling of

0:19:23.390,0:19:26.870 not having to worry about anything you

0:19:25.370,0:19:28.880 know because she thinks that when she's

0:19:26.870,0:19:31.670 with the khalasar she was never truly

0:19:28.880,0:19:33.620 alone she Drogo came when the Sun went

0:19:31.670,0:19:35.510 down but other than that her handmaidens

0:19:33.620,0:19:38.180 fed her bathed her and they slept by the

0:19:35.510,0:19:40.310 door of her ten Drogo's blood riders in

0:19:38.180,0:19:43.430 the men of her cause were never far and

0:19:40.310,0:19:48.260 her brother was an unwelcome shadow day

0:19:43.430,0:19:51.080 and night and as that line hit she can

0:19:48.260,0:19:53.690 hear him screaming it sorcerer Jorah up

0:19:51.080,0:19:55.430 on the hill about being stopped of

0:19:53.690,0:19:57.410 course it's about being stopped and so

0:19:55.430,0:19:59.450 she rides on not like not having it and

0:19:57.410,0:20:01.460 it says she submerges herself deeper in

0:19:59.450,0:20:03.740 the Dothraki sea and I really just like

0:20:01.460,0:20:07.070 that line like it's a sea of grass but

0:20:03.740,0:20:08.630 she's just diving right in and she's

0:20:07.070,0:20:10.610 laughing and she's having a great time

0:20:08.630,0:20:12.590 and she gets the urge to feel the dirt

0:20:10.610,0:20:15.200 between yo is to curl her feet in the

0:20:12.590,0:20:17.600 dirt and so she dismounts and takes it

0:20:15.200,0:20:19.970 she's taking off her boot and it says

0:20:17.600,0:20:26.150 Viserys came upon her as sudden as a

0:20:19.970,0:20:29.180 summer storm and yeah you give commands

0:20:26.150,0:20:31.760 to me like she's all she's doing like

0:20:29.180,0:20:34.340 everybody's experience that where it's I

0:20:31.760,0:20:35.990 guess some people might not be is might

0:20:34.340,0:20:38.550 be too uptight but that thing we're like

0:20:35.990,0:20:41.700 you're just walking and

0:20:38.550,0:20:43.200 you see something and you're like yo I'm

0:20:41.700,0:20:44.550 gonna go do that and see the water

0:20:43.200,0:20:47.730 fountain and you're like I'm gonna go

0:20:44.550,0:20:47.970 jump in that fucking water yeah I'm

0:20:47.730,0:20:49.950 gonna

0:20:47.970,0:20:51.630 oh is that a pond out on the side of the

0:20:49.950,0:20:55.040 stream on the side of the road I'm gonna

0:20:51.630,0:20:55.040 go jump in that's yeah there's a little

0:20:55.550,0:21:02.070 yeah just enjoying it and he comes down

0:20:58.710,0:21:04.020 just fuck I hate that guy so he falls

0:21:02.070,0:21:06.450 off his horse and stumbles as he does so

0:21:04.020,0:21:08.309 and then he gets up and grabs her and

0:21:06.450,0:21:11.070 starts shaking her and asks have you

0:21:08.309,0:21:13.380 forgotten who you are look at you look

0:21:11.070,0:21:15.929 at you and she does and she says she

0:21:13.380,0:21:18.660 knows that she was bare feet with oiled

0:21:15.929,0:21:21.240 hair and in Dothraki leathers in a

0:21:18.660,0:21:22.500 riding fest in all sorts of stuff she

0:21:21.240,0:21:25.770 looked like she belonged to you

0:21:22.500,0:21:30.809 Viserys does not and his soiled linens

0:21:25.770,0:21:33.929 in his borrowed borrowed sword yes so

0:21:30.809,0:21:36.480 then he fuck man this pervert fucking

0:21:33.929,0:21:39.270 slob he tells her I will not hear orders

0:21:36.480,0:21:41.190 from some horselords slut which like

0:21:39.270,0:21:43.380 right there Danny should have just

0:21:41.190,0:21:47.130 fucking kicked him square in the nads

0:21:43.380,0:21:50.370 but then yeah he reaches under her vest

0:21:47.130,0:21:53.700 and grabs her breasts and grabs it hard

0:21:50.370,0:21:56.160 to hurt her and thankfully she shoves

0:21:53.700,0:21:58.590 him away know how oh yes yeah oh holy

0:21:56.160,0:22:01.920 fucking shit this moment when she

0:21:58.590,0:22:03.870 finally has like when when the Dragons

0:22:01.920,0:22:05.820 finally when the dragon is whoa she

0:22:03.870,0:22:08.370 fucking shoves him and you can't believe

0:22:05.820,0:22:10.710 it she has never defied him in all their

0:22:08.370,0:22:12.179 years growing up he is done and it's

0:22:10.710,0:22:15.000 that typical bully you know when you

0:22:12.179,0:22:19.110 finally rush back in the bullies like oh

0:22:15.000,0:22:23.580 my god roll this animation rage twisted

0:22:19.110,0:22:26.000 his features he he is fucking yes he

0:22:23.580,0:22:30.390 would hurt her now she knew and badly

0:22:26.000,0:22:33.000 he's going to hurt her and what Oh whip

0:22:30.390,0:22:35.190 cracks and Viserys is taken around the

0:22:33.000,0:22:37.559 throat and it sends him flying back and

0:22:35.190,0:22:40.200 sprawling in the grass he's stunned and

0:22:37.559,0:22:43.170 choking on the ground as he juggle and

0:22:40.200,0:22:45.030 he's holding the whip and eerie runs in

0:22:43.170,0:22:47.340 and so does Jorah and a bunch of her

0:22:45.030,0:22:47.960 cause and all the Dothraki are laughing

0:22:47.340,0:22:49.820 yeah

0:22:47.960,0:22:52.460 about the fact that he's just gone and

0:22:49.820,0:22:55.100 so jogo says something in Dothraki and

0:22:52.460,0:22:56.630 he translate in translates and he's

0:22:55.100,0:22:59.750 asking if she wants him dead

0:22:56.630,0:23:02.330 and Danny says no and the Dothraki joke

0:22:59.750,0:23:05.630 that he's a co-host should take his ear

0:23:02.330,0:23:07.790 as a sign of shame teacher yeah yeah he

0:23:05.630,0:23:09.170 needs a respect but Danny says that she

0:23:07.790,0:23:11.480 does not want her brother harmed

0:23:09.170,0:23:12.890 so he gets freed and he's got a line of

0:23:11.480,0:23:15.260 blood running under his chin

0:23:12.890,0:23:17.810 yeah Jorah is like I warned him Khaleesi

0:23:15.260,0:23:19.880 like I told him that it's which I

0:23:17.810,0:23:21.470 absolutely believe Jorah sat there and

0:23:19.880,0:23:23.510 was like you need to chill up here like

0:23:21.470,0:23:25.790 you were commanded by the Khaleesi and

0:23:23.510,0:23:28.520 that's what sent him into that rage of

0:23:25.790,0:23:30.830 right way demanded me exactly what led

0:23:28.520,0:23:33.440 the Dothraki to follow him and be like

0:23:30.830,0:23:35.390 who the fuck are you to be coming at our

0:23:33.440,0:23:37.340 queen Danny says as much she's like yeah

0:23:35.390,0:23:39.080 I know you you warned him I'm sure you

0:23:37.340,0:23:39.410 did and then she's watching him on the

0:23:39.080,0:23:42.380 ground

0:23:39.410,0:23:45.320 sobbing and I love this part too and

0:23:42.380,0:23:48.590 because on top of that shoving that she

0:23:45.320,0:23:52.700 did hitting him like this right here

0:23:48.590,0:23:55.100 just yeah she sees him for what he is

0:23:52.700,0:23:57.200 and that she has been better than him in

0:23:55.100,0:24:00.610 every way since the day that she was

0:23:57.200,0:24:03.500 born and like she was never given that

0:24:00.610,0:24:06.110 that fucking information nobody's ever

0:24:03.500,0:24:08.390 told her that he's this pitiful scumbag

0:24:06.110,0:24:10.070 fuck yeah she thinks he was a pitiful

0:24:08.390,0:24:12.560 thing he had always been a pitiful thing

0:24:10.070,0:24:15.440 why had she'd never seen that before

0:24:12.560,0:24:17.780 it's this moment of realization of like

0:24:15.440,0:24:20.090 why was I afraid of this so far in my my

0:24:17.780,0:24:22.280 favorite part of that is the there's a

0:24:20.090,0:24:26.530 quote there was a hollow place inside

0:24:22.280,0:24:28.970 her where once there had been fear like

0:24:26.530,0:24:31.180 it's and it makes sense that you know

0:24:28.970,0:24:34.310 now that she sees him for what he is

0:24:31.180,0:24:36.890 there's nothing to be scalable I also I

0:24:34.310,0:24:39.440 when I read that too I thought of that

0:24:36.890,0:24:42.230 as her love for him as well it was also

0:24:39.440,0:24:44.420 wrapped in this fear oh there is this a

0:24:42.230,0:24:46.430 hollow-point is hard when it comes to

0:24:44.420,0:24:47.960 him she is done with him she's written

0:24:46.430,0:24:50.270 it I think at this point he could be

0:24:47.960,0:24:52.610 killed and she wouldn't really care like

0:24:50.270,0:24:54.560 she she doesn't want to give the command

0:24:52.610,0:24:56.540 right now because it is still this new

0:24:54.560,0:24:58.580 revelation to her but yeah I took it as

0:24:56.540,0:25:00.710 that fear is also her love for him and

0:24:58.580,0:25:01.850 it's just it's hollow it's gone now when

0:25:00.710,0:25:04.309 she realizes how

0:25:01.850,0:25:06.470 that ik he is so she tells them to take

0:25:04.309,0:25:09.169 his horse he can walk at the back of the

0:25:06.470,0:25:11.600 khalasar and that's when we find out

0:25:09.169,0:25:14.419 that to the Dothraki the man who does

0:25:11.600,0:25:17.900 not ride was no man at all the lowest of

0:25:14.419,0:25:20.720 the low without honor or pride and Danny

0:25:17.900,0:25:24.289 knows this and says let everyone see him

0:25:20.720,0:25:27.200 as he is and Viserys loses his shit here

0:25:24.289,0:25:30.080 yeah he shrieks no he turns to Jorah

0:25:27.200,0:25:33.350 telling her hitter your King commands it

0:25:30.080,0:25:35.030 kill these Dothraki dogs and teacher hit

0:25:33.350,0:25:39.200 her like that's his first like go hit

0:25:35.030,0:25:41.539 her like you fuckin so Jorah looks

0:25:39.200,0:25:44.030 between the two and then he just he

0:25:41.539,0:25:47.000 shall walk Khaleesi like yeah yeah

0:25:44.030,0:25:50.179 that's 100% Jorah just realizing yeah

0:25:47.000,0:25:52.640 I'm gonna die if I yeah I go up and

0:25:50.179,0:25:54.590 strike her I won't get to her like and

0:25:52.640,0:25:57.620 sophist Eris is sitting in the dirt

0:25:54.590,0:26:01.659 defeated obviously si they ride away and

0:25:57.620,0:26:05.720 joko her Joris leading his horse and she

0:26:01.659,0:26:08.630 starts to get concerned about it and

0:26:05.720,0:26:11.150 asks will he find his way back to the

0:26:08.630,0:26:13.669 khalasar if he just is stubborn and sits

0:26:11.150,0:26:15.500 there and Jorah says you know even an

0:26:13.669,0:26:17.480 idiot like your brother the khalasar is

0:26:15.500,0:26:19.700 huge it's not hard to find and he says

0:26:17.480,0:26:22.580 that it's hard to drown in a Dothraki

0:26:19.700,0:26:24.260 sea child which to me in this moment

0:26:22.580,0:26:25.640 he's telling Danny that like yeah he'll

0:26:24.260,0:26:28.010 have no trouble but it's also kind of

0:26:25.640,0:26:29.929 ominous and it's Danny's last chapter

0:26:28.010,0:26:31.309 and dance like she's wandering kind of

0:26:29.929,0:26:34.549 helplessly throughout the Dothraki sea

0:26:31.309,0:26:38.750 and she gets swept up in this khalasar

0:26:34.549,0:26:41.270 like you will be found by a Calot to

0:26:38.750,0:26:43.220 that you know regardless and she thinks

0:26:41.270,0:26:45.860 about it the Dothraki do always have

0:26:43.220,0:26:48.980 like as big as they are they know how to

0:26:45.860,0:26:50.630 move the way they do front they've got

0:26:48.980,0:26:53.000 Scouts in the back there's you know

0:26:50.630,0:26:54.710 they've to keep all their people saved

0:26:53.000,0:26:58.250 so they're aware of how to traverse the

0:26:54.710,0:26:59.780 land without getting killed yeah she

0:26:58.250,0:27:03.110 thinks that these planes were part of

0:26:59.780,0:27:04.880 them and of her now as she's sort of

0:27:03.110,0:27:06.530 becoming one with it and she and she

0:27:04.880,0:27:08.690 thinks back on I'm hitting her brother

0:27:06.530,0:27:10.940 and she's she's kind of scared and she

0:27:08.690,0:27:14.270 says I woke the dragon didn't I and

0:27:10.940,0:27:15.200 Jorah snores yeah goes can you wake the

0:27:14.270,0:27:17.360 dead girl

0:27:15.200,0:27:19.250 and he says no your brother Rhaegar was

0:27:17.360,0:27:24.530 the Last Dragon I think that's a trident

0:27:19.250,0:27:26.600 so fuck that lying there and you raised

0:27:24.530,0:27:29.930 a dead girl and then to immediately

0:27:26.600,0:27:33.350 follow up with Rhaegar people that think

0:27:29.930,0:27:35.420 Rhaegar is cold hands some people it's a

0:27:33.350,0:27:37.760 carrot that's for some people fuck you

0:27:35.420,0:27:38.900 I absolutely that's that's one of my

0:27:37.760,0:27:41.030 theories I don't know if we've actually

0:27:38.900,0:27:42.650 stated that yet before I do happen to

0:27:41.030,0:27:43.370 believe that Rhaegar Targaryen could be

0:27:42.650,0:27:45.380 cold hands

0:27:43.370,0:27:47.300 I think Rhaegar might still be alive and

0:27:45.380,0:27:49.520 it sort of follows into the theory that

0:27:47.300,0:27:50.900 if you believe he was glamoured at the

0:27:49.520,0:27:53.540 Battle of the Trident with all the

0:27:50.900,0:27:55.220 rubies on its armor which I really just

0:27:53.540,0:27:56.450 like the idea of that that it wasn't who

0:27:55.220,0:27:58.460 we thought it is I know there's some

0:27:56.450,0:28:00.470 evidence to disprove it as Ned sees his

0:27:58.460,0:28:02.240 body floating in the river at the

0:28:00.470,0:28:04.370 Trident and we actually do get the image

0:28:02.240,0:28:06.710 of his body just kind of floating in the

0:28:04.370,0:28:08.660 shallows but I think there's a chance

0:28:06.710,0:28:09.710 that Rhaegar could be cold hands yeah so

0:28:08.660,0:28:12.140 I just think that that lines gonna

0:28:09.710,0:28:14.750 interesting can you wait the dead girl

0:28:12.140,0:28:15.560 and then your brother was the last

0:28:14.750,0:28:21.830 dragon

0:28:15.560,0:28:24.500 we are the horn I don't know uh anyway

0:28:21.830,0:28:27.200 he tells her that Viserys is less than

0:28:24.500,0:28:29.060 the shadow of a snake and her blunt his

0:28:27.200,0:28:31.430 blunt response sort of startles her and

0:28:29.060,0:28:34.850 she asks him but you saw him your sword

0:28:31.430,0:28:37.430 and he says I did and if your brother is

0:28:34.850,0:28:40.250 a shadow of a snake what does that make

0:28:37.430,0:28:43.580 his servants know his voice is bitter

0:28:40.250,0:28:46.250 here I just I think that this is clever

0:28:43.580,0:28:48.500 George stuff here as well oh yeah you

0:28:46.250,0:28:51.140 know a snake in the grass has commonly

0:28:48.500,0:28:54.860 used as somebody who an informant yeah

0:28:51.140,0:28:57.830 and if he's willing to swear his sword

0:28:54.860,0:28:59.810 that what's worse than a snake is you

0:28:57.830,0:29:02.090 know well that's it it's sort of his own

0:28:59.810,0:29:04.970 I don't even know if it's guilt but just

0:29:02.090,0:29:07.160 he's he's being a snake to you right now

0:29:04.970,0:29:09.470 like he's informing on you Danny then

0:29:07.160,0:29:11.600 like so yeah he swore his sword to your

0:29:09.470,0:29:14.090 brother like what kind of man is Jorah

0:29:11.600,0:29:16.760 and it's just interesting he's saying

0:29:14.090,0:29:19.670 that right to her but Jorah stops his

0:29:16.760,0:29:20.990 horse and asks her truth now do you want

0:29:19.670,0:29:23.960 do you want to see your brother on the

0:29:20.990,0:29:25.610 throne and she says that he wouldn't

0:29:23.960,0:29:28.009 make a very good King would he

0:29:25.610,0:29:30.889 and joy says there have been worse but

0:29:28.009,0:29:35.899 not many Viserys would make a shit king

0:29:30.889,0:29:38.119 and Danny continued saying but the the

0:29:35.899,0:29:40.700 common fold the common people they they

0:29:38.119,0:29:42.679 so the dragon banners Illyrio told us

0:29:40.700,0:29:44.779 and they're praying for Viserys Richard

0:29:42.679,0:29:47.389 to return to something free and Jolie's

0:29:44.779,0:29:48.769 some hard wisdom on her and like this is

0:29:47.389,0:29:51.379 some truth that I think she finally

0:29:48.769,0:29:54.200 needed to shelter definitely the common

0:29:51.379,0:29:57.200 folk don't give a shit about you yeah

0:29:54.200,0:30:00.859 they don't care which son of a bitch

0:29:57.200,0:30:03.019 rules and he he starts it off with they

0:30:00.859,0:30:05.299 don't care that the High Lords play

0:30:03.019,0:30:07.580 their game of Thrones ya know they just

0:30:05.299,0:30:09.649 want to live the common people pray for

0:30:07.580,0:30:12.200 rain healthy children and a summer that

0:30:09.649,0:30:15.679 never ends they don't give a fuck about

0:30:12.200,0:30:17.600 who sits the throne unless it directly

0:30:15.679,0:30:21.049 involves them and then Jorah shrugs and

0:30:17.600,0:30:24.139 said usually it does unfortunately and

0:30:21.049,0:30:25.730 so that's just an interesting yet Danny

0:30:24.139,0:30:27.559 still kind of believes that people are

0:30:25.730,0:30:30.919 holding how hope for this Targaryen

0:30:27.559,0:30:33.470 rebellion and I mean it's it's an

0:30:30.919,0:30:36.830 interesting thing because with Fagan

0:30:33.470,0:30:38.809 with fake a gun and dance we do why I

0:30:36.830,0:30:41.299 call him fake a Ghana he might actually

0:30:38.809,0:30:45.830 be a gun but we know that there sort of

0:30:41.299,0:30:50.149 is a Targaryen resurgence happening but

0:30:45.830,0:30:52.159 I think it's part of because you know we

0:30:50.149,0:30:53.899 get a lot of in John snows chapters you

0:30:52.159,0:30:57.080 need to kill the boy in what the man I

0:30:53.899,0:30:58.730 feel like this shows and maybe it's

0:30:57.080,0:31:00.830 George show you know making that

0:30:58.730,0:31:02.929 statement that women mature sooner than

0:31:00.830,0:31:06.259 men that she's killing the girl

0:31:02.929,0:31:09.109 oh yeah and giving birth to the woman

0:31:06.259,0:31:12.409 here like because she's learning these

0:31:09.109,0:31:15.200 this cold hard truth she she you know

0:31:12.409,0:31:18.320 treated this Viserys the way she did

0:31:15.200,0:31:19.989 pushing him she's learning about herself

0:31:18.320,0:31:25.159 here she's admitting things to herself

0:31:19.989,0:31:28.429 she's she's accepting truths that she's

0:31:25.159,0:31:30.919 known but she was too childish to want

0:31:28.429,0:31:32.239 yeah yeah come and see and so the more

0:31:30.919,0:31:34.279 she thinks I want Jorah says the more

0:31:32.239,0:31:35.539 sense that absolutely makes why would

0:31:34.279,0:31:37.369 these people give a shit about them

0:31:35.539,0:31:38.880 really and so she asks and what do you

0:31:37.369,0:31:41.130 pray for Ser Jorah

0:31:38.880,0:31:42.450 and he says home and she's she notices

0:31:41.130,0:31:45.060 that his voice is thick with longing

0:31:42.450,0:31:47.490 that is a true statement I believe Jorah

0:31:45.060,0:31:49.830 wants to go home so again I feel like if

0:31:47.490,0:31:53.520 you coupled this with his snake line

0:31:49.830,0:31:56.370 before to her it's just a very subtle

0:31:53.520,0:31:58.860 like he's telling her without hurting

0:31:56.370,0:32:00.540 what he's doing he's like everything I'm

0:31:58.860,0:32:03.780 doing is to go home yeah that means I

0:32:00.540,0:32:09.890 have to be a snake to you then deserve

0:32:03.780,0:32:09.890 this shadow of a snake yeah but uh it's

0:32:11.900,0:32:18.330 Danny also says that she prays for home

0:32:15.540,0:32:21.330 as well enjoy laughs and says look

0:32:18.330,0:32:23.520 around you then Khaleesi and Danny does

0:32:21.330,0:32:26.310 but it isn't the plains that she sees

0:32:23.520,0:32:28.800 then it was King's Landing and the red

0:32:26.310,0:32:31.770 keep that Aegon the Conqueror built and

0:32:28.800,0:32:34.110 Dragonstone where she was born and in

0:32:31.770,0:32:36.450 her mind's eye they're all filled with

0:32:34.110,0:32:41.340 flickering light and in her mind's eye

0:32:36.450,0:32:45.000 all the doors are red no a lot of people

0:32:41.340,0:32:47.280 read heavy into the Red Door stuff to me

0:32:45.000,0:32:51.060 i I'm starting to think that it's just

0:32:47.280,0:32:54.030 Martin's way of having a metaphor for

0:32:51.060,0:32:57.660 home and that's that's it like it's not

0:32:54.030,0:33:00.180 this convoluted mystery and I've always

0:32:57.660,0:33:01.680 wanted this with ya people that are and

0:33:00.180,0:33:03.000 and I don't think it's a bad point but

0:33:01.680,0:33:05.130 like people like to debate like where

0:33:03.000,0:33:07.020 the Red Door is and all that and even if

0:33:05.130,0:33:09.300 that is we've been lied to about that

0:33:07.020,0:33:11.300 and it's not in Braavos or pentose or

0:33:09.300,0:33:14.250 wherever we were told it might be I

0:33:11.300,0:33:16.140 still don't see a scene where Danny gets

0:33:14.250,0:33:17.640 to this red door and walks through and

0:33:16.140,0:33:21.270 everything is good or there's a major

0:33:17.640,0:33:22.950 revelation for her it's not like where

0:33:21.270,0:33:25.020 she wants to and yes she's applying it

0:33:22.950,0:33:27.210 to Western I feel like this is the best

0:33:25.020,0:33:29.700 representation to show us that it

0:33:27.210,0:33:32.550 doesn't matter whether that initial one

0:33:29.700,0:33:34.920 was in Pentos or torn or Braavos or

0:33:32.550,0:33:37.620 where he wants it to be it's saying here

0:33:34.920,0:33:40.440 that in her mind's eye all the doors

0:33:37.620,0:33:43.440 were red so wherever it's wherever she

0:33:40.440,0:33:45.960 is that's her home regardless of where

0:33:43.440,0:33:50.910 she ends up she just she just wants a

0:33:45.960,0:33:52.740 home not a specific spot and so as long

0:33:50.910,0:33:54.450 as she can get herself where she

0:33:52.740,0:33:57.150 established and comfortable and not

0:33:54.450,0:33:59.400 having to to run like she has her whole

0:33:57.150,0:34:01.500 life that's where the way I'll solve

0:33:59.400,0:34:02.910 this whole red door thing only reason

0:34:01.500,0:34:04.470 the door is red is because Danny's

0:34:02.910,0:34:05.820 viewing it is a child and it's actually

0:34:04.470,0:34:07.350 a brothel and there's a red light

0:34:05.820,0:34:09.450 shining down on the door so she always

0:34:07.350,0:34:11.129 sees it as red but it's actually not a

0:34:09.450,0:34:12.990 red door it's just a regular door in a

0:34:11.129,0:34:14.730 brothel district somewhere and she's

0:34:12.990,0:34:16.200 seeing the red lantern outside the light

0:34:14.730,0:34:20.810 reflecting off the door and it's not

0:34:16.200,0:34:23.639 actually a red door Danny's a whore done

0:34:20.810,0:34:24.840 moving on that was pretty sad with

0:34:23.639,0:34:26.639 Jeannie I don't think you're a whore

0:34:24.840,0:34:28.500 I actually entirely enjoy your character

0:34:26.639,0:34:30.060 but yeah I'm kind of over the red door I

0:34:28.500,0:34:31.679 think it just symbolizes home for a day

0:34:30.060,0:34:32.760 anything but right a sin if you have a

0:34:31.679,0:34:34.800 different opinion or if you have more

0:34:32.760,0:34:37.129 evidence because I'm always down to be

0:34:34.800,0:34:40.350 proven wrong but it happens a lot

0:34:37.129,0:34:41.940 not from you and she says that my

0:34:40.350,0:34:43.710 brother will never take the same seven

0:34:41.940,0:34:50.629 kingdoms Danny I feel you mine won't

0:34:43.710,0:34:50.629 either he's useless an older one not me

0:34:50.929,0:34:56.490 you got that right he said she had known

0:34:54.119,0:34:58.290 it all her life but she just never said

0:34:56.490,0:34:59.640 it that loud never really acknowledged

0:34:58.290,0:35:02.070 this thought that he would never

0:34:59.640,0:35:05.070 actually do what he said but man she has

0:35:02.070,0:35:07.890 some great evidence and she she voices

0:35:05.070,0:35:10.650 it over to Jorah you know just all the

0:35:07.890,0:35:12.330 shit that he's not good at and I love it

0:35:10.650,0:35:14.369 she says he could not lead an army even

0:35:12.330,0:35:17.550 if my husband gave him one he will never

0:35:14.369,0:35:19.170 take us home and Jorah says wise child

0:35:17.550,0:35:21.390 at this and that's what knowing annoys

0:35:19.170,0:35:23.640 me about Jorah is like why couldn't you

0:35:21.390,0:35:24.869 just do wise Khaleesi like well you got

0:35:23.640,0:35:27.450 to do the child I understand that she is

0:35:24.869,0:35:30.000 child but like she's in

0:35:27.450,0:35:32.190 Joris an idiot if he doesn't see this as

0:35:30.000,0:35:34.920 a moment of growth for her so like why

0:35:32.190,0:35:37.290 condescend her with the child when she's

0:35:34.920,0:35:39.900 making because drives that's it he's a

0:35:37.290,0:35:41.760 snake in the fucking grass I get it like

0:35:39.900,0:35:43.410 this is why I really don't like book

0:35:41.760,0:35:45.450 Jorah is because he's got this

0:35:43.410,0:35:47.400 condescending and she tells him I am no

0:35:45.450,0:35:49.859 child and she gallops off leaving them

0:35:47.400,0:35:51.180 all behind again and by the time she

0:35:49.859,0:35:54.240 actually catches up to the khalasar

0:35:51.180,0:35:56.100 again it's dusk yeah her tent so she

0:35:54.240,0:35:59.390 sees her tents been erected over by a

0:35:56.100,0:36:04.200 nice little spring fed pool by slaves

0:35:59.390,0:36:06.240 yeah and yeah she she can hear voices

0:36:04.200,0:36:08.220 the COS are swapping stories

0:36:06.240,0:36:11.010 in the tent near her cause I'm Sallust

0:36:08.220,0:36:13.320 and yeah she thinks that by the time he

0:36:11.010,0:36:15.930 arrives at the cam everyone's gonna know

0:36:13.320,0:36:18.030 Viserys for a walker cuz there are no

0:36:15.930,0:36:19.830 secrets in the khalasar and word travels

0:36:18.030,0:36:22.890 quick so he's gonna be mocked

0:36:19.830,0:36:26.220 mercilessly from this point so she gives

0:36:22.890,0:36:28.680 her her silver over to some slaves most

0:36:26.220,0:36:32.520 likely to slaves thanks for grooming

0:36:28.680,0:36:35.250 purposes clean it up and and Jace attend

0:36:32.520,0:36:37.550 yeah it goes on into her tent and she's

0:36:35.250,0:36:40.560 that's basically she's going to

0:36:37.550,0:36:44.220 immediately head over to her dragon yeah

0:36:40.560,0:36:48.300 she sees this weird finger of red light

0:36:44.220,0:36:50.220 and dusty like that yeah so once she

0:36:48.300,0:36:51.869 gets over there there's just a finger of

0:36:50.220,0:36:53.460 light that hits the dragon eggs and it's

0:36:51.869,0:36:55.320 very reminiscent of when she first got

0:36:53.460,0:36:56.640 them two lights reflecting and showing

0:36:55.320,0:37:00.330 them shimmer and that's all I think it

0:36:56.640,0:37:03.780 was kind of because she said that they

0:37:00.330,0:37:05.760 they like exploded Burnie I've got the

0:37:03.780,0:37:08.250 quote here for an instant thousands of

0:37:05.760,0:37:10.800 droplets of scarlet flames swam before

0:37:08.250,0:37:13.080 her eyes it it explodes this like

0:37:10.800,0:37:15.450 kaleidoscope of life real quick when it

0:37:13.080,0:37:17.490 hits a certain point on this egg and so

0:37:15.450,0:37:19.290 now it it's been they've been known to

0:37:17.490,0:37:21.450 do that anyway that kind of light

0:37:19.290,0:37:24.420 trickery yeah stuff she winks and it's

0:37:21.450,0:37:26.280 gone but I do definitely think that with

0:37:24.420,0:37:28.890 the way she's feeling the way things are

0:37:26.280,0:37:32.580 going those eggs are coming alive they

0:37:28.890,0:37:34.200 are at this point stirring and yeah

0:37:32.580,0:37:36.840 she's telling herself stone there

0:37:34.200,0:37:39.570 they're stone they the dragons are all

0:37:36.840,0:37:41.310 dead but when she picks it up it's warm

0:37:39.570,0:37:43.260 in her hand it's warm to the touch and

0:37:41.310,0:37:45.920 she thinks that the Sun the Sun must

0:37:43.260,0:37:48.660 have warmed it while we rode but

0:37:45.920,0:37:50.369 obviously we know there's something more

0:37:48.660,0:37:55.470 going on she's had these dragon dreams

0:37:50.369,0:37:57.840 she's changing her self actually as much

0:37:55.470,0:37:59.310 as I don't have a right to comment it on

0:37:57.840,0:38:00.900 it will learn at the end of the chapter

0:37:59.310,0:38:06.240 she's changing at this point both

0:38:00.900,0:38:09.180 physically and mentally and in just her

0:38:06.240,0:38:11.720 cognitive way so she she's changing

0:38:09.180,0:38:15.359 these eggs are changing it's it's this

0:38:11.720,0:38:18.810 parallel that's running but she decides

0:38:15.359,0:38:20.040 that yeah it was a Sun so she she's not

0:38:18.810,0:38:21.900 worried she commands a bath

0:38:20.040,0:38:23.550 be prepared for her yeah so they bring

0:38:21.900,0:38:26.760 her big copper tub she got as a wedding

0:38:23.550,0:38:29.130 gift yeah and has it filled up and her

0:38:26.760,0:38:31.230 handmaidens start cleaning her up she

0:38:29.130,0:38:36.600 climbs in with one of them to clean

0:38:31.230,0:38:39.090 which is just a position back from here

0:38:36.600,0:38:40.710 so she asks and I don't think she

0:38:39.090,0:38:42.420 directs the tie there one specifically

0:38:40.710,0:38:44.460 but she asks if they've ever seen a

0:38:42.420,0:38:47.370 dragon and they answer that the dragons

0:38:44.460,0:38:49.440 are gone Khaleesi and she's pretty

0:38:47.370,0:38:51.590 disappointed yes everywhere even in the

0:38:49.440,0:38:54.510 east because she had heard stories that

0:38:51.590,0:38:56.400 magic and I have a interesting quote

0:38:54.510,0:39:00.810 here that was magic had died in the West

0:38:56.400,0:39:02.760 when the Dragons came to valaria and and

0:39:00.810,0:39:05.670 basically goes on to say that try as

0:39:02.760,0:39:09.300 they might it couldn't be held back this

0:39:05.670,0:39:11.400 dying off of magic but in the east

0:39:09.300,0:39:13.140 Danny had heard rumors that things were

0:39:11.400,0:39:16.410 different that there were manticores in

0:39:13.140,0:39:18.750 the Jade sea bass cliffs and et blood

0:39:16.410,0:39:20.610 mages warlocks and shadow binders in a

0:39:18.750,0:39:22.580 shy so why couldn't there be dragons

0:39:20.610,0:39:26.070 especially when she heard that dragons

0:39:22.580,0:39:27.710 supposedly originated in a shy so she's

0:39:26.070,0:39:31.680 sort of holding out this hope that maybe

0:39:27.710,0:39:33.480 somewhere secretive maybe just living on

0:39:31.680,0:39:36.990 their own dragon so somewhat survived

0:39:33.480,0:39:39.420 but they continue to deny at the dragon

0:39:36.990,0:39:42.360 dragons are gone Khaleesi but Doria

0:39:39.420,0:39:45.990 speaks up yeah now Dory was found in Y a

0:39:42.360,0:39:48.090 brothel and was at least sand and so

0:39:45.990,0:39:51.210 she's not Dothraki no and she's older

0:39:48.090,0:39:53.910 than Danny and he's about 20 yes yeah

0:39:51.210,0:39:57.210 and so there you know Danny's 13 almost

0:39:53.910,0:39:58.680 14 here and the other two were around

0:39:57.210,0:40:00.720 Danny's age they were also found as

0:39:58.680,0:40:02.850 slaves and brought at that same age

0:40:00.720,0:40:04.920 thirteen fourteen so Doria speaks up

0:40:02.850,0:40:07.560 saying that my trader from Qarth had

0:40:04.920,0:40:11.270 told her yet dragons came from the moon

0:40:07.560,0:40:14.340 and he said that the moon was an egg and

0:40:11.270,0:40:16.860 there were once two moons in the sky but

0:40:14.340,0:40:19.410 one got too close to the Sun and cracked

0:40:16.860,0:40:21.780 and a thousand thousand dragons poured

0:40:19.410,0:40:23.580 out and drank up the sun's fire and

0:40:21.780,0:40:25.530 that's why they breathe fire I really

0:40:23.580,0:40:27.030 like this story so that all this of all

0:40:25.530,0:40:30.360 the stories now this is one that I've

0:40:27.030,0:40:33.540 read in other mediums oh yeah yeah

0:40:30.360,0:40:35.610 there's a lot of stuff behind this one

0:40:33.540,0:40:37.800 since I haven't quite finished fire and

0:40:35.610,0:40:40.890 blood and world of Ice and Fire story

0:40:37.800,0:40:44.490 though is that one day the second day

0:40:40.890,0:40:47.130 the moon we know will crash go too far

0:40:44.490,0:40:54.540 and back and release more dragon that be

0:40:47.130,0:40:57.360 reward yeah which is really really so

0:40:54.540,0:40:59.340 the Dothraki girls lavatory and they say

0:40:57.360,0:41:07.950 no the moon it's God

0:40:59.340,0:41:10.140 wife of Sun it doesn't know anyway so

0:41:07.950,0:41:11.580 Danny yeah she's pretty bummed about

0:41:10.140,0:41:14.250 this but she gets out of the tub and

0:41:11.580,0:41:16.620 she's thinking of eggs and yeah she's

0:41:14.250,0:41:18.270 getting oiled up and perfume and stuff

0:41:16.620,0:41:22.380 and they prepare her dinner for her and

0:41:18.270,0:41:25.230 they're leaving and she tells you so now

0:41:22.380,0:41:29.210 this this scene is given given actual

0:41:25.230,0:41:31.290 air time on the TV show montage montage

0:41:29.210,0:41:32.670 it's you know they're eating dinner

0:41:31.290,0:41:34.640 she's I feel like she's definitely gonna

0:41:32.670,0:41:38.910 talk a little bit more about the Dragons

0:41:34.640,0:41:40.170 yeah but then she has also been hired

0:41:38.910,0:41:41.490 for a specific reason

0:41:40.170,0:41:44.130 yeah dorias gonna teach Danny how to

0:41:41.490,0:41:46.770 fuck and so I think that that's she's

0:41:44.130,0:41:48.120 been teaching her oh yeah I agree but

0:41:46.770,0:41:52.590 tonight's the night where she's really

0:41:48.120,0:41:55.250 like show me the real shit yeah this is

0:41:52.590,0:41:57.270 the first night drugged always and

0:41:55.250,0:42:00.000 apologies but Drogo always takes her

0:41:57.270,0:42:02.040 from behind as is the Dothraki way and

0:42:00.000,0:42:03.600 we learned a little later on the

0:42:02.040,0:42:07.290 tonight's the first night she makes him

0:42:03.600,0:42:09.450 look upon her and yeah so they speak her

0:42:07.290,0:42:11.460 and Doria speak it long into the night

0:42:09.450,0:42:13.140 and then when it says when Drogo comes

0:42:11.460,0:42:15.810 to her she's waiting for him and he's

0:42:13.140,0:42:17.640 surprised and she tells him that tonight

0:42:15.810,0:42:20.160 we must go outside and she drops her

0:42:17.640,0:42:21.750 silks as we learned from her first

0:42:20.160,0:42:24.060 chapter the way or the second the one

0:42:21.750,0:42:27.200 with the wedding that all things of

0:42:24.060,0:42:29.400 importance must be done under the sky so

0:42:27.200,0:42:31.950 that's perfect right there cuz here's

0:42:29.400,0:42:34.110 mine here comes my fucking question of

0:42:31.950,0:42:37.750 the episode Danny no she's getting

0:42:34.110,0:42:40.850 pregnant right now right

0:42:37.750,0:42:44.000 all things of importance must be done

0:42:40.850,0:42:47.180 like let's go out here and do this

0:42:44.000,0:42:49.940 and so I'm embracing like Danny's God Oh

0:42:47.180,0:42:51.800 like a cousin so I'll come back to it

0:42:49.940,0:42:54.350 yeah all things of importance must be

0:42:51.800,0:42:55.940 done she they go right out in the middle

0:42:54.350,0:42:57.890 of the khalasar short away from their

0:42:55.940,0:42:59.510 tent and he tries to turn her over and

0:42:57.890,0:43:01.910 she says no tonight I would look upon

0:42:59.510,0:43:04.010 your face and they start doing the dirty

0:43:01.910,0:43:07.820 so no I think that this is more what I

0:43:04.010,0:43:10.310 was think what I was important the

0:43:07.820,0:43:15.410 importance was was she's taking charge

0:43:10.310,0:43:17.270 she's becoming a queen - yes that she

0:43:15.410,0:43:18.590 knows that she's getting pregnant I mean

0:43:17.270,0:43:20.930 I definitely think that's her plan is

0:43:18.590,0:43:23.960 that you know what cuz and I feel like

0:43:20.930,0:43:26.150 it goes back to that the dream where it

0:43:23.960,0:43:30.050 says that the dragon was slick with her

0:43:26.150,0:43:32.090 blood yeah so it's it's her child yeah

0:43:30.050,0:43:34.400 that's how it should be that seems like

0:43:32.090,0:43:36.080 a birth scene right yeah and so I

0:43:34.400,0:43:39.110 definitely think that it's alluding to

0:43:36.080,0:43:40.790 that whether she knows she probably has

0:43:39.110,0:43:42.650 some kind of subtle knowledge this is

0:43:40.790,0:43:43.940 that motherly instinct like this is the

0:43:42.650,0:43:46.700 night that I'm doing it and it's

0:43:43.940,0:43:50.240 actually going to happen you know my my

0:43:46.700,0:43:52.310 ovulation is lining up with the sky she

0:43:50.240,0:43:55.880 has to go under the planets the rising

0:43:52.310,0:43:57.020 but yeah so uh yeah they go at it right

0:43:55.880,0:43:58.640 there in the middle of the cows are

0:43:57.020,0:44:00.200 there is no shame amongst the Dothraki

0:43:58.640,0:44:01.670 she can hear people whispering she knows

0:44:00.200,0:44:03.890 people are watching but she's just

0:44:01.670,0:44:06.740 focused on Drogo and at the moment of

0:44:03.890,0:44:09.730 his pleasure Khal Drogo calls out her

0:44:06.740,0:44:13.310 name which damn girl

0:44:09.730,0:44:14.660 Dori I know some shit then we kind of

0:44:13.310,0:44:17.870 jump ahead and I'm guessing at this

0:44:14.660,0:44:20.600 point a couple weeks a week or so no no

0:44:17.870,0:44:23.750 I would say that it's been months at

0:44:20.600,0:44:24.410 least they're on the way we learn so

0:44:23.750,0:44:27.140 yeah probably

0:44:24.410,0:44:29.180 besides I've had two kids in it well not

0:44:27.140,0:44:31.970 personally but I have two children that

0:44:29.180,0:44:34.550 you know their mother gave birth to them

0:44:31.970,0:44:36.890 and you don't show start showing

0:44:34.550,0:44:39.080 immediately you know so I yeah that's

0:44:36.890,0:44:41.060 true cuz uh yeah G Queen notices this

0:44:39.080,0:44:43.010 well of Danny's belly and Khaleesi

0:44:41.060,0:44:46.250 you'll have baby inside you yeah she's

0:44:43.010,0:44:48.650 just noticing it and Danny responds i I

0:44:46.250,0:44:51.230 know and that's when we get sort of a

0:44:48.650,0:44:54.680 bombshell it was their fourteenth named

0:44:51.230,0:44:57.020 and and chapter so she's pregnant 14

0:44:54.680,0:45:00.290 year old at the edge of the Dothraki sea

0:44:57.020,0:45:07.099 the the inside like she's far in next

0:45:00.290,0:45:09.619 week on team no I I really for some

0:45:07.099,0:45:11.570 reason the the bringing up again the

0:45:09.619,0:45:14.000 quote that all things of significance

0:45:11.570,0:45:15.829 must be done under the open sky it

0:45:14.000,0:45:17.240 really made me feel like she knew she

0:45:15.829,0:45:19.609 was getting pregnant that night like

0:45:17.240,0:45:22.040 this is when Drogo and I are going to

0:45:19.609,0:45:23.900 make our child yes yeah I didn't I mean

0:45:22.040,0:45:26.869 I I feel like that's what the dream is

0:45:23.900,0:45:28.910 meant to tell us by George I I was

0:45:26.869,0:45:31.040 thinking of it more as because she's

0:45:28.910,0:45:33.859 feeling so empowered she's gonna take

0:45:31.040,0:45:36.050 control of this and she wants to enjoy

0:45:33.859,0:45:38.270 herself too tonight yeah since that's

0:45:36.050,0:45:40.130 she's the one leading the way that's

0:45:38.270,0:45:41.930 important to her cuz it's the first time

0:45:40.130,0:45:44.900 and that's what she was referring to but

0:45:41.930,0:45:46.700 no you absolutely could could be right

0:45:44.900,0:45:48.770 that it's because she knows you know I

0:45:46.700,0:45:50.150 know I'm I'm having his child yeah I

0:45:48.770,0:45:51.980 need to give birth to this dress it just

0:45:50.150,0:45:53.540 felt so like I mean it's definitely an

0:45:51.980,0:45:55.930 empowering moment anyway where she's

0:45:53.540,0:45:59.750 taking control but it feels so much more

0:45:55.930,0:46:02.359 empowering to me than just I'm gonna I'm

0:45:59.750,0:46:04.369 gonna not let him ride me like a dog I'm

0:46:02.359,0:46:07.190 gonna take charge of sex like it to me

0:46:04.369,0:46:09.950 it's like I'm ready to carry this man's

0:46:07.190,0:46:13.910 child like I'm ready to embrace what

0:46:09.950,0:46:15.920 being a Khaleesi is even though she's 14

0:46:13.910,0:46:17.720 and like really she probably isn't as

0:46:15.920,0:46:19.970 far as development ready for that stuff

0:46:17.720,0:46:23.690 by eight so we got also remember that in

0:46:19.970,0:46:28.670 this world you know a 13 14 year old

0:46:23.690,0:46:31.069 child is very much equivalent again to a

0:46:28.670,0:46:34.490 very limited here but it is almost

0:46:31.069,0:46:37.730 equivalent to being a 17 18 as far as

0:46:34.490,0:46:39.650 like being raised maidenhood you know

0:46:37.730,0:46:42.200 once you do hit the point where you

0:46:39.650,0:46:44.630 won't be already kicks in it yeah that's

0:46:42.200,0:46:47.270 it you're technically you are an adult

0:46:44.630,0:46:51.470 yeah and you know obviously that's not

0:46:47.270,0:46:53.960 how it works today but you know so she

0:46:51.470,0:46:55.700 definitely has reached this womanhood is

0:46:53.960,0:46:57.640 what I think is supposed to be said here

0:46:55.700,0:47:00.039 is she's 14 she's a woman yeah

0:46:57.640,0:47:02.200 so you're an inductee I can't give it to

0:47:00.039,0:47:05.230 anyone but Danny this well yeah I mean

0:47:02.200,0:47:07.809 I'd like to give it to you no joke Oh or

0:47:05.230,0:47:09.700 you know Koro for his you know taking a

0:47:07.809,0:47:13.289 year teaching respect oh yeah yeah but

0:47:09.700,0:47:16.390 Danny's just so fucking awesome yeah

0:47:13.289,0:47:18.789 mine is different I'm giving mine to the

0:47:16.390,0:47:21.130 trader from Qarth who tells badass

0:47:18.789,0:47:23.559 stories and just spreads that kind of

0:47:21.130,0:47:25.359 stuff because that's what I think really

0:47:23.559,0:47:26.829 and I brought it up with the ghost grass

0:47:25.359,0:47:29.440 those type of stories or what really

0:47:26.829,0:47:30.970 pulls me into this world like ya know

0:47:29.440,0:47:32.619 they're not fucking true and we know

0:47:30.970,0:47:34.450 that I mean the ghost grass maybe who

0:47:32.619,0:47:36.849 knows but do you like the the moon is an

0:47:34.450,0:47:39.160 egg thing probably not but it's just fun

0:47:36.849,0:47:41.349 cuz some people believe it like durian

0:47:39.160,0:47:45.549 ah I don't think she buys it a hundred

0:47:41.349,0:47:47.410 percent but I think that like it really

0:47:45.549,0:47:49.210 ain't grosses me in this world so I love

0:47:47.410,0:47:50.829 just those those sort of different

0:47:49.210,0:47:52.779 stories so if we got a trader in the

0:47:50.829,0:47:54.999 Brotherhood who can tell sweet stories

0:47:52.779,0:47:58.029 yeah I'm game yeah and like I said I

0:47:54.999,0:47:59.559 just she she really is finding herself

0:47:58.029,0:48:02.950 in this chatter this is by far my

0:47:59.559,0:48:09.460 favorite read so far just because of you

0:48:02.950,0:48:12.369 know talking shop thank God so good to

0:48:09.460,0:48:14.410 see her she put him in this fucking

0:48:12.369,0:48:15.940 place should have done it like in the

0:48:14.410,0:48:17.619 show she does to the merchant who tries

0:48:15.940,0:48:19.690 to kill him where he was naked yeah

0:48:17.619,0:48:21.489 should have done that to him but I

0:48:19.690,0:48:23.440 digress anyway those are our inductees

0:48:21.489,0:48:25.269 write us in please and let us know yours

0:48:23.440,0:48:28.180 yeah so if you're following along with

0:48:25.269,0:48:29.019 our show series episode 5 just aired

0:48:28.180,0:48:33.339 yesterday

0:48:29.019,0:48:36.989 shit how was it they can't answer me oh

0:48:33.339,0:48:41.650 yeah shit because we're recording this

0:48:36.989,0:48:43.839 but wait for the 16th this Thursday and

0:48:41.650,0:48:45.279 we will release our show episode and we

0:48:43.839,0:48:50.079 can let you know what we thought right

0:48:45.279,0:48:52.809 anyway next week as far as booked show

0:48:50.079,0:48:56.400 booked show episode look episode we are

0:48:52.809,0:48:58.150 going to be reading brand in 4 grand 4

0:48:56.400,0:49:00.880 mm that should be pretty exciting

0:48:58.150,0:49:03.549 because bran has just woken up last we

0:49:00.880,0:49:06.220 knew from his interesting fall dream

0:49:03.549,0:49:07.839 right and spreading his wings fly or die

0:49:06.220,0:49:09.190 so there's gonna be some cool shit

0:49:07.839,0:49:10.480 happen in that so yeah please write us

0:49:09.190,0:49:11.630 in let us know your inductees either for

0:49:10.480,0:49:13.130 Danny or for

0:49:11.630,0:49:16.040 ahead of time and we'll read them out on

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0:50:30.680,0:50:37.850 think it works pretty well it's not

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0:50:37.850,0:50:42.710 just yeah you know we don't want to

0:50:39.770,0:50:44.510 scare you all stop yelling at me okay

0:50:42.710,0:50:50.110 but anyway thanks for being here guys we

0:50:44.510,0:50:50.110 will catch you on the next episode I

0:50:51.130,0:50:54.580 started that trend


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