Chapter 17 - Chip
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Amity Bros.
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Science Fiction
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Science Fiction
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May 10, 2019
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Welcome to the Season 2 finale of Marsfall! Thank you so much for joining us on this journey, and a HUGE thank you to all of our amazing patrons on Indiegogo and Patreon! Because of your continued support we are very excited to share mini-episodes, music selections, and other bonus content with you during the off-season. If you wish to support the artists who work on this show, please visit our Patreon campaign at where you can find this exclusive bonus material for as little as $2 each month. Your support makes a huge difference to all of us.

The transcript for this episode is available on our website This episode includes death, injury, and extreme medical situations which may be triggering to some people. Listener discretion is advised.

Marsfall is an Amity Bros. production created by Erik Saras, Sam Boase-Miller, and Dan Lovley. Sound engineering and effects mastering by Owen Shearer and Brian Goodheart of Sonic Union in New York City. Additional recording by Mike DeLay of Real Voice LA.

CAST - Chip Heddleston: Sam Boase-Miller; Jacki O’Rania: Shannon Lovley; ANDI: Dan Lovley; Faye: Merissa Morin; Melissa Walker: Aba Woodruff; Mateo Alvirez: Aramis Martinez; Archie Heddleston: Matt Hopkins; Unknown Person: Eli Barraza.

Written by Erik Saras and Dan Lovley. Directed by Erik Saras. Music composed  by Johann Sebastian Bach and Sam Boase-Miller, and is performed by David Husser and Sam Boase-Miller. All tracks assembled by Sam Boase-Miller. Story consultant: Shana Mlawski. Machine learning advisor: Rika Gorn. Medical consultant: Masha Gervits.

This series would not be possible without the amazing support of our biggest patrons: Ruby Reagan, Murray M. Moss, Christine and Dan McKiernan, Masha Gervits, Amy Saras, and Chris and Mark Lovley. Special thanks to our incredible website and logo designer Bonnie Hardin, our story consultants Shana Mlawski, Masha Gervits, and Rika Gorn, and our translators Sergey Nagorny, Yelena Shmulenson, Anya Zicer, and Stephanie Hsu. We also want to thank Pat Sullivan, Kelly Oostman, Eugene Green, Matt Orlando, Jamie Williams, Ev Drake, Rob Ballingall, Larissa Gorn, Travis Vengroff, Kaitlin Statz, Sean Howard, and Sarah Werner. Producing art is a team effort, and we’re so grateful for all of the essential behind-the-scenes help and support these people continue to give us.

After the finale, please continue to check-in with all of us on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook @Marsfallpod as well as our newsletter and website.

Thank you so much. We sincerely hope you enjoy the Season 2 Finale.

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