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Rumble Strip
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Hub & Spoke
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Aug 13, 2021
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A camp for people with and without disabilities that is the funnest ever.
A camp for people with and without disabilities that is the funnest ever.


Zeno Mountain Farm is a camp for people with and without disabilities, which is a super reductive way to describe it. Most other camps are places where people with disabilities are not. They’re missing. Zeno is a camp where everyone…is.  And a camp that includes everybody is way more fun. Exponentially more fun. At Zeno, everyone is a camper and everyone is a counselor and nobody pays to be there and nobody gets paid. It’s just friends who come back year after year to this mountain in Lincoln, Vermont, which looks out over the Champlain Valley. I spent a day talking with people there and capturing the sound of a day at Camp Zeno.

Credits and Links

Thank you Laurel Sager for introducing me to Zeno!!!

Link to Zeno Mountain Farm

Zeno’s latest film, Best Summer Ever

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