Atheist Experience 24.05 2020-02-02 with Matt Dillahunty & Jenna Belk
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Religion & Spirituality
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Feb 03, 2020
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SHOW TIME-STAMPS00:00:00 Introduction00:07:50 Hermer-NY: The Bible Supports Science00:18:01 Yoel-NY: I Can Convert Everyone!00:43:39 Brant-CA: Native American Church Member’s Peyote Path to God01:00:34 William-NE: Deductive Proof of NO God01:12:36 End of Show AnnouncementsSHOW NOTESMatt and Jenna are back to experience being atheists, and we’re starting off today with some shenanigans! Matt Dillahunty answers prayers sent in on postcards, including a miracle healing of a hen! Jenna has some Christian music looping in her brain today, and has a thought about why this music is such an effective indoctrination tool.Hermer calls us from a cavern deep inside the Earth, approximately 5 meters from its core, and explains to us how the Bible says, “Avoid opposition to science.” He somehow completely misses the fact that the Bible is loaded with scientific inaccuracies. He proceeds to justify Lot’s wife turning into salt because sweat tastes like salt. (“I Tasted Lot’s Wife and It Tastes Like Sweat | Hermer - NY | Talk Heathen 03.51” Also, everyone who has ever seen Hermer’s face believes in God! Wow! How does he know this?Yoel from Brooklyn calls in to give us PROOF of God that will turn all of us into believers! Pack it in, folks, the Atheist Experience is over. What will I do with my Sundays now? At the end of the call, it appears that Yoel has some trouble constructing proper syllogisms...while discussing this, Matt demonstrates a concept by eating crickets with Jenna. Ew.Brant presents a case for his Native American Church beliefs, which involve a peyote path to God, because we all know altered brain states are the way to truth!After all this life-altering proof God DOES exist, William is able to provide us with deductive proof that NO god exists. Matt expects to disagree with him just as much as the “proof of god” callers...let’s see if he’s right.Send your prayer postcards for Matt to answer on the show to 1507 W. Koenig Lane, Austin, TX, 78741. Otherwise...goodbye!

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