#AskAway with Coach MK and Coach Sarah | Running Questions, Answered
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Aug 12, 2019
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We start with light chatter about Sarah's trip to Maine and Coach MK's intense love of Coach Sarah's #wideeyedworkface, before encouraging folks to hear the new podcast: A Full Tube of Toothpaste.


After Coach MK did her usual radio-style introduction, we PLANNED to talk about the #RaceDayTakeAway challenge...but our connection cut out during the stream and though we recovered, most of the audio was not. Short version: All of the answers were WOW OMG. Y'all dug deep! ADRIENNE HOLMES WON THE $100 VISA GIFT CARD! WHEE! 

Here's why Coach MK wanted to try the #RaceDayTakeAway Challenge: "Bad runs contain good lessons. This is introspection, reflection, observation. No shame. No judgment. No inflated sense of purpose. Little narrative choices like these on a day-to-day basis MATTER."

We may do the #RaceDayTakeAway again! Let us know what you think! email info@coachedandloved.com



1. In the Dizruns podcast, you mentioned an upcoming book club. Is that a thing? What was the book you wanted to start with?


2. This is Ann from TX. I’m hoping to do a (any) race sometime between December and February. I feel like I’ll be disappointed in myself if I don’t do one event this season. I know the birthday event is off the table this year. I know a half marathon is off the table this year. I was eyeballing a race mid-December that was based out of a nearby hill country golf course that is occurs at night. And being out in the cold and the dark and the stars sounds magical. They have half, 5k, and 10k options. Racing for time in the dark seems like a bad idea, but is this event a bad idea overall? Is any race event for me a bad idea? I’ll probably be in Rebuild for a long while. It seems unlikely that I’ll be able to sustain anything more than Rebuild for the next year, potentially more. WHAT DO I NEED TO GET? ‘performance”?


3. Does anxiety impact cortisol the same as stress? Are there any impacts to running to consider when taking meds like Prozac, Xanax, or the OTC Hylands Nerve Relief?



1. Hi! We’ve talked about “bad” runs where you can’t get your heart rate below 140. What about those when you can’t get your heart rate close to 140? What does that mean? I know 140 is a cap and not a target, but is there any good from a long run where your heart rate can’t even hit 130? I feel like on those days my whole body is like nope and is happy to trot along.


2. Can we expect fitness gains with the consistency, strength and harder workouts of the maintain program? I heard you mention a Build program coming in the future and it sparked my interest. I was wondering how the two programs might differ and what the expected outcomes would be.


3. Foam rolling. How often is optimal? Good enough? What time of day is best?


4. My husband ( Pete) is training to run NYC with me. He like endurance cycling and is building his km’s with 3:2 walk run. My nYC goal is literally to get there and participate. Running ahead and finishing 30mins ahead of him is less appealing than sharing the experience. We tend to do our own thing but I’ve been enjoying joining him for his longer runs (16km today). What do you think of running the 3:1 runs with him on friday and then doing the weekly long run solo on sunday? (Long winded- will listen to the poddie, hope it makes sense)


5. First, thank you both for all that you do. This thing you have built and the community around it is incredible. My question is simple I think! This is my first time using training peaks. I love the accessibility and having my planned and actual workouts in the same place with no effort on my part 😊. That said, I’m wondering what to do when I have to switch up the days - do I/can I change the day in TP? Can’t seem to figure that out. I like to plan my week ahead - not sure if it matters whether I change the days officially or not? Love technology, hate the time suck trying to figure things out!


6. Hello Coaches! I am currently on a marathon ramp. I have done race plans with MK in the past and I never make the milage (or even close) before I get the maximum time. I know it works (because I've done it!) But can you talk about how? I went down a rabbit hole of bad runner math and freaked myself out. Thank you both!


7. My question is about walking during my runs. Almost every run, I get to the point when even the slowest shuffle will not bring my heart rate down. In fact, I can walk faster than I can run, and my heart rate comes down with the walking but not the running (I can keep the settings the same on my treadmill runs and walking brings my HR down). While I’m trying to avoid “should,” I’m concerned that my running form is not getting all the benefits of the longer workouts because I have to walk so often, especially in the last half of the workout. Do I need to worry about this? I know that my heart muscle is getting stronger whether I’m walking or running (or doing another activity at HR 140ish), but I want to be sure I’m doing the right thing to make my running stronger/more efficient.


8. When doing the two hard runs which involve pace running, I most often warm up by jogging to the Luce Line Trail not from me. It's a fairly straight and flat out and back for the pace portions. I program workouts into polar thanks to tips from you both. MY question is there an advantage to taking these to the track? I am guessing either one is fine? THANKS much. I have also been incorporating more hills into long run or ending every run near a hill. Thinking it will be beneficial when I get to my hilly marathon:-) Correct? Ok to run the full time or do you prefer us to stop at the milage even though it is less than time given? Meaning 16 miles or 3:15. THANKS again

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