Alexandra Paulin-Booth, "Time and Radical Politics in France: From the Dreyfus Affair to the First World War" (Manchester UP, 2023)
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May 19, 2024
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People experience and comprehend time in different fashions in response to events occurring around them. The experience of time and the speed at which change is perceived to occur may alter during eras of crisis. Time can feel compressed for some and broad or flat for others. These comprehensions of time in turn give form to political views and provide impetus for actions in the political sphere. Political reforms may seem to fast and without foundation for some and not nearly fast enough for those desperately seeking change. Using French thinkers and activists of the radical left and right between the Dreyfus Affair and the First World War as a case study, Dr. Alexandra Paulin-Booth argues that time provides an important means of exploring how concepts such as nationalism, revolution, and social change were understood at the turn of the century.  In her latest work, Time and Radical Politics in France: from the Dreyfus Affair to the First World War (Manchester University Press, 2023) Dr. Paulin-Booth argues French political and intellectual figures differed in opinion as to whether a glorious future was within their grasp or perhaps the past promised salvation for the embattled French Third Republic. Professor Alexandra Paulin-Booth is a Postdoctoral Researcher & Academic Coordinator with Humboldt-Universität in Berlin. Dr. Paulin-Booth completed her Masters degrees at Durham University before studying for Ph.D. in History at the University of Oxford. She has also taught at Balliol College, Oxford and Durham University. Rick Northrop is an undergraduate student of History in Calgary, Alberta. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit Support our show by becoming a premium member!

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