64. How to Become a Competent DEI Practitioner: { Louise Moulié }
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Ashanti Bentil-Dhue
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Mar 17, 2023
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In this episode, Ashanti Bentil-Dhue talks to Louise Moulié, a DEI professional and the founder and host of the site diversity secret podcast. During this episode, Ashanti and Louise explore many different subjects including the different kinds of toolkits which are needed to really be able to move forward, completely dedicating oneself to the role of diversity and inclusion.


“Being a facilitator is just learning to be patient with oneself and with your journey, and with everyone else's journey as well.” 


Episode Highlights:


  • There is no experience too small

  • What value you can gain by being a facilitator

  • Highlighting the taboo around diversity and inclusion


About Louise Moulié:

Louise Moulié, Founder and Podcast Host at Diversity Secrets


Louise started her DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) journey as Public Affairs and CSR Manager at the American Chamber of Commerce in France. There, she worked hand in hand with a wide range of multinationals and leading DEI experts to build tangible and actionable toolboxes in order to help organisations implement and promote DEI. 

Today, Louise helps organisations drive sustainable change in our society, through authentic and impactful DEI. Louise created the Diversity Secrets Podcast with the core belief that the secret to successful DEI is learning from the experience of others, through meaningful dialogue. Leading DEI experts from around the globe join her weekly for honest conversations where they share their unique insights, inspiring experiences and pragmatic advice. Louise puts these teachings into practice as a DEI consultant, helping organisations across the business field develop and implement impactful and sustainable DEI strategies.

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