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The Archers
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Performing Arts
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Nov 25, 2021
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In charge of making dinner, Jazzer calls Chelsea when she doesn’t arrive home. Chelsea kicks back at Jazzer’s attempts to keep tabs on her and hangs up when Jazzer challenges her on being altruistic. Meanwhile the dinner burns, so Jazzer heads to the shop for more supplies. He moans to Jim about Chelsea’s behaviour. Jim can only wryly smile at Jazzer’s middle-aged attitude. At the bus station in Borchester, Chelsea recognises Blake. She approaches him and apologises for hitting him while driving. She shares her chips and they get talking. Chelsea insists shivering Blake wears her coat. She assesses his appearance and lands on the idea of giving Blake a makeover. They get the bus to Ambridge together, and Chelsea grabs a ‘before’ shot of Blake that she can share online. Back at 6 The Green, Tracy’s about to show Blake his new look. On seeing Jazzer, Blake rushes to leave, but Chelsea persuades him not to. He needn’t be scared of Jazzer. Blake’s impressed with his haircut and Jazzer takes them both to The Bull for dinner. At the bar Jim observes Jazzer’s looking more worn out by the second. He points out gently that while Jazzer might think of himself as an eternal teenager to Chelsea and Blake, he’s old enough to be a father figure. Reflecting on Jim’s words, Jazzer apologises to Chelsea for what he said earlier – she has proved that she is thoughtful with what she’s done for Blake. Chelsea replies Jazzer’s not too bad himself. Jazzer will take that.

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