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The Archers
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Performing Arts
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May 24, 2023
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Tracy pulls Tom a Shires, as they spar over who has the best T20 team. But then Tom claims that Chris’s sprained ankle has deteriorated, and he can barely walk. Tracy will need to find a replacement. Later, Tracy confronts Tom. She’s spoken to Susan and discovered that Chris is fine. Tom admits it was a pathetic attempt to steal Chris. Nonetheless, he maintains that Chris would rather play in Tom’s team. Chris is just afraid to tell Tracy because she’s his aunt. Tracy worries that Chris won’t play at his best and suggests a swap. They haggle over a fair exchange and settle on Adam. Tom promises to break the news to him. Adam returns after a long day at Home Farm to find Ian and Alice waiting for him. Alice reveals that she and Kate are going to a favourite restaurant of Jennifer’s to mark her and Brian’s anniversary. Over dinner Adam brings up the lack of clarity over Brian’s intentions for Home Farm. Alice insists she doesn’t care about her inheritance – and nor do Kate and Debbie. Adam should move on too. Later, Adam reveals to Ian that once Stella’s back, he plans to put Home Farm behind him. Ian doesn’t believe him. He helps Adam to admit that Home Farm is a big part of his identity and that he still has ambitions for its future. Not that it’s likely he’ll be returning anytime soon. Ian counsels that by accepting that’s what he wants, the chances of it happening have already increased.

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