234 // Magic Moment: In Defense of Books By Taralyn
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Find The Magic
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May 23, 2023
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We LOVE books. One of the casualties of our current age and our screen adapted/crippled attention spans is that we don’t read as much anymore. In this magic moment, Taralyn gives her best persuasion for reading and gives lots of easy tips to keep or acquire the habit of reading in your life. People ask us all the time how we read so many books, and she tells the secret to our habits:)

Books and Links We Mentioned:

Women Who Run With Wolves // Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D

The Gift // Hafiz

You Can Heal Your Life // Louise Hay

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Review of the week:

I have loved and listened to "Find the Magic" for years of motherhood. So many of those years I would listen to Taralyn or Felicia talk about reframing and even enjoying the mundane tasks (like changing diapers) and to dos that normally are mindless. They talked about enjoying these things, creating connection in them. Every week I tuned in but honestly, I didn't believe it. I said things like, "I can't be that mom, that isn't working for MY children, these women are just UNICORNS. And every episode I would still plug in my headphones and listen along and wish I could get there, be that mom. Then something switched, last year I went on (my first ever) solo retreat to South America. It was a women's empowerment, yoga, surf trip but a switch flipped and I started doing the work on myself. I continued taking steps like FINALLY starting a miracle morning routine (for me!) and guess what? Things started clicking with my kids, and at home. So if you are able, start with yourself. I was convinced that to be a good mom I had to read all the parenting books, listen to all the podcasts, plan all the activities but that is so far from reality. Start with your Self! So grateful to Find The Magic, To Taralyn, Felicia and Katelin... Thank you!

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