59: Seeking Professional Advice (w/ Dr. Chris Donaghue)
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Jan 11, 2019
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Dr. Chris Donaghue (Host of Loveline, sex and relationship therapist) provides Nicole with an honest assessment why she may be single. He provides her relationship advice and a Tinder bio makeover. He also shares how to manage dating multiple people at once, the importance of sharing your needs and kinks with your partner, and the importance in masturbating in this sex-positive episode!

Thank you to TENGA and Dr. Chris for providing Nicole with the beautiful sex toy giftbasket.

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this “”doctor”” is an idiot
Mar 02, 2019 by none

I don’t think i can get through this episode. this guy is being so fucking rude to nicole and condescending... honestly. he’s said “atta girl” like 5 times. and he’s giving awful advice. why listen to some creep who can’t even get his own romantic life together? somehow he’s managed to be a boring normie and a shallow perv. yikes. rip. next!!!! **4 stars because i otherwise love this podcast