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The Archers
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Performing Arts
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Sep 17, 2023
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Freddie gives Elizabeth and Vince gifts from Portugal. Elizabeth is pleased to hear his summer around Europe has been a success. Later, Freddie comes clean to Vince that the summer was a disaster. He didn’t manage to get any DJ bookings and he used his credit card for the whole trip. Vince advises to be honest with Elizabeth. Brookfield burgers are selling well at the Flower and Produce Show. David’s hopeful it’ll turn into a confirmed supply contract with Grey Gables. Ruth cringes when she spots Stella. Stella doesn’t know that Usha’s told Ruth she saw Pip and Stella kissing. David agrees they need to talk to Pip as soon as they can. Stella comes to David and Ruth’s aid when they struggle to get Hector the bull to move. Elizabeth recounts the spectacle to Freddie and she consoles him about the DJ-ing not working out. Freddie admits it was so hard to get any work he briefly considered dealing drugs again. But he assures him mum he’d never return to that. He regrets turning down Vince’s previous job offer as he’s now struggling to get any work. David, Ruth and Stella sigh with relief once Hector is back home. Ruth can’t help but turn the conversation to Pip and makes it clear that they know about Stella’s relationship with their daughter. Ruth recalls Stella talking about texting an amazing woman and assumes Stella was dating Pip at the same time. Stella tries to explain but Ruth won’t listen. She’ll speak to Pip directly tomorrow.

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