#160 - Movie Trilogy Review - Fear Street (Netflix Exclusive)
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TV & Film
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Mar 27, 2024
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With the triumphant return of Andruw, we finally review the Netflix horror trilogy, "Fear Street." Each of the movies in the trilogy are named after the year in which they're based: 1994, 1978, and 1666.

- How well did the Geeks think these three movies worked as a collective trilogy? Was there disagreement about this point?

- Did one or more co-hosts love these movies, and did one or more co-hosts hate these movies?

- Were the characters likable and/or sympathetic? Did that change for the better or worse for any of the co-hosts?

- With these three movies gradually going back in time, which other movie trilogy did one Geek compare it to?

- Which of the Geeks felt a same-sex relationship between two characters was crucial to the plot & message of the trilogy, and which other Geek felt that wasn't even important until the 3rd movie?

- Was there too much focus, good or bad, on a scene involving a bread slicer?

- Which co-host repeatedly reminded the others how many hours it took to watch the whole trilogy?

- Which of the Geeks was extremely critical of the trilogy's plot, to the point of claiming there was no plot?

- Which Geek wondered where all the adults were in the trilogy?

- Which cartoon had an episode with convenient similarities to this trilogy?

- How did this review lead to tangents about "Avatar" movies, Dave Teague, "Killer Klowns From Outer Space," oldies music, and "Mac & Me"?

- What were the Geeks' opinions about the production value, monsters, and music?

- Which of the Geeks totally blew his Lightning Round?

- One of the Geeks listed 5 witch-related movies better than Fear Street. What were his picks?

- And, what confounding thing was randomly rolled to be reviewed in the near future? Note: We actually got to that item before things rolled earlier, so this episode's rolled item will be reviewed in the next episode.

Listen now for the answers to these and other frightening questions as we try to demystify..."Fear Street."

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