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The Archers
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Performing Arts
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Sep 15, 2023
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Pip’s more convinced that Rosie didn’t see her and Stella kiss. She tells Stella that Ruth thinks her girlfriend is Lottie. They share a kiss and are interrupted by a knock on the door. It’s Usha to collect Jennifer’s tea urn for the Flower and Produce Show. Usha gabbles before quickly departing. Pip knows that Usha never gabbles and is sure she saw them kissing. Jim and Helen bump into one another at the GP surgery. Jim explains he’s there to get a mole checked after a stranger who visited the shop recommended he do so. He expresses his sympathy for everything Helen has been through recently. Helen talks to a locum doctor about her history of an eating disorder and how she’s been feeling recently. The doctor notes Helen’s BMI is low. She gives her some information and suggests they talk again in a couple of weeks. The doctor walks Helen out and calls in Jim. He immediately recognises her as the woman who came into the shop for lunch. She is Dr Malik. As they set up for the Flower and Produce Show, Ruth is desperate to talk to Usha about Pip’s new relationship. Does Pip telling David first suggest she’s wary of what Ruth’s reaction would be? Usha points out it’s only because Ruth and Stella are friends. Ruth corrects Usha – Pip’s girlfriend isn’t Stella, it’s Lottie. Usha says she saw Pip and Usha earlier and they are obviously a couple. Shocked Ruth is stumped as to why they haven’t just told her.

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