#141 - How med schools approach metabolic health, nutrition, & behavior change | Dr. Elias Eid & Dr. Lauren Kelley-Chew
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Jul 01, 2022
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Where does education around metabolic health, nutrition, and lifestyle fit into med school today? Look for multiple new shows per week on A Whole New Level, where we have in-depth conversations about metabolic health and how the Levels startup team builds a wellness movement from the ground up in the health and wellness tech industry.

🎙 What Levels’ Clinical Head of Product Dr. Lauren Kelley-Chew and Dr. Elias Eid discuss:

(04:27) - How Elias got involved with Levels

(05:50) - How CGM helped Elias live a better, healthier life as a diabetic

(07:14) - The importance of real-time data

(09:38) - Life without CGM

(19:26) - Insulin resistance and its significance

(26:16) - The power of CGM

(28:35) - What is emergency medicine?

(30:12) - The beauty of emergency medicine

(35:57) - Be bold and add value

(48:18) - How cardio will help people control their sugar

Transcripts & Show Notes

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Become a Levels member: https://levelshealth.com

Learn about metabolic health: https://levelshealth.com/blog

Connect with us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/levels

Connect with us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/levels

Find us on YouTube: https://youtube.com/levelshealth?sub_confirmation=1

Connect with Lauren on Instagram: https://instagram.com/lauren.kelleychew

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