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Performing Arts
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Sep 14, 2020
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Jazzer comments that working with the fish isn’t much fun. He’s less than impressed also with the Naughty Milkman campaign. He jokes he’ll issue a cease and desist letter. Fallon tries in vain to explain that the ‘milkman’ is just a photo gimmick and it will be Kenton delivering the usual stuff from The Bull. Jazzer isn’t comforted. He’s struggling with the current proliferation of delivery men; they’re too common, he doesn’t stand out any more. Fallon has a brainwave – maybe Jazzer could be the face of the pub’s milkman campaign! She persuades him with a chocolate doughnut and the promise of profile; it’s a win-win. He agrees to try out for the gig. Emma’s out of sorts with Susan, cross about her radio interview with Jolene and Kenton. It wasn’t fair to ambush them about the escaped peacock. And she’s worried they won’t give her any more shifts. With no work from Home Farm currently, Ed and Emma are changing how they run the sheep in order to drive up their value. Susan divulges that she’s discovered who the shoplifting culprit is. It’s Emma’s granddad, Bert Horrobin. Later Emma scoffs at his crocodile tears. She reckons it was so that Susan didn’t get the police involved. Susan insists it was just her dad’s way of getting attention. It was a cry for help from a lonely old man under stress… she’ll choose the right moment to tell Neil. Changing the topic to Gavin, she overheard him talking about horses. Susan hopes he’s not getting in too deep with gambling, because that always spells trouble.

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