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The Archers
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Performing Arts
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Sep 12, 2023
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As they score their sheep, Ruth asks David if he thinks Pip’s OK. She’s noticed she’s a bit on edge. David puts Pip’s behaviour down to just being busy. Ruth wonders if Pip has had a row with the woman she’s involved with. Later, after thinking back to Friday at the pub, Ruth wonders if Pip’s new girlfriend is Stella. David isn’t convinced and suggests that Stella is simply supporting Pip. They wonder instead if it could be a mum Pip has met at the school gates. Natasha outlines her and Tom’s proposal for the Tearoom. In order to cash in on Grey Gables making Ambridge more of a destination she thinks it needs to be more aspirational. When Helen’s hesitant about chasing confirmation of Grey Gables using Bridge Farm cheese, Natasha tells her she shouldn’t feel like she’s hassling – it’s just business. Natasha suggests that Fallon and Emma both become Bridge Farm employees rather being independent. Natasha’s confident she can break this news to Fallon. Helen and Pat mull over Natasha’s proposal. Pat understands that change has to happen to not get stuck in the past. Helen doesn’t think Fallon will be happy about it but first they need to know if the proposal is realistic. Pat asks about Helen’s GP appointment. Helen says she plans to cancel it as her usual GP is away and she thinks Pat and Lee are enough support for her. Pat pleads for Helen to get professional help and Helen agrees to go the appointment on Friday.

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