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The Archers
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Performing Arts
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Jan 12, 2021
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Josh approaches Rex for help with mending a roof at Hollowtree but for Rex the combination of the ending of his tenancy and Brookfield’s culpability in using Philip’s enslaved workforce is too much. He angrily confronts Josh about his and his family’s inability to admit their failures and mistakes. Tracy starts a quarrel with Jazzer over his motorbike blocking in her car. It transpires they staged the row to put an end to any rumours about them. Tracy is confident it will have the desired effect. They both insist that nothing is going on between them anyway and more accusations fly. Later, Tracy turns up at Jazzer’s to put him right on what he said earlier. He counters with details that she got wrong and then invites her in. Toby looks round the council farm with Rex who is still fuming about the Brookfield Archers. He compares Neil’s sorrowful reaction to being connected to Philip’s business with their lack of guilt. Toby discovers that Rex is about to post a poisonous message about Brookfield online. Toby doesn’t want Rex to post it but he does it anyway. Meanwhile, Toby wants to take on the council farm with his brother but Rex flatly refuses. Josh brings beers to Rex and apologises for everything. Josh is positive about Rex’s chances of getting the council farm and comes clean about how the revelations about Philip have affected his parents. They truly are devastated. Josh seeks assurance from Rex that he knows that Ruth and David are ultimately good people.

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