11 Quick, Simple Sleep Hacks
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Eric Siu
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May 04, 2021
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Sleep is one of the ‘power-ups’ in your life and, in order to perform at a high level, it’s important to get good rest. From preparing for bed to preventing disturbances and monitoring your sleep patterns, today’s episode looks at some quick yet powerful sleep hacks to help you perform at your best! We factor in the environmental, physical, and chemical factors that can help maximize your sleep quality for the ultimate night’s rest. 


  • [00:23] The importance of sleep as one of the ‘power ups’ of your life.
  • [01:27] Tip 1: Putting a piece of tape over your mouth.
  • [02:34] Tip 2: Sleeping at 68 or 69 degrees.
  • [03:18] Tip 3: Using an air filter to ensure high-quality air.
  • [03:39] Tip 4: The benefits of tracking your sleep with an Oura Ring.
  • [04:08] Tip 5: Cooling your mattress and monitoring your sleep with an Eight Sleep.
  • [04:48] Tip 6: Being wary of taking too hot a shower before bed.
  • [05:16] Tip 7: Avoiding screens before bed; read a book or use glasses with blue light filters.
  • [05:35] Tip 8: Keeping your phone on orange light and using F.lux on your laptop or desktop computers.
  • [05:57] Tip 9: Wearing a silk sleep mask.
  • [06:22] Tip 10: Taking hemp oil or a CBD pill before bed.
  • [06:43] Tip 11: Current Experiment: using magnesium to stop tossing and turning.


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