10 Masters Swimming Myths Debunked in 10-MINUTES, Episode 161
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Jul 01, 2022
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In honor of the Month of July being US Masters Swimming's Try Masters Swimming promotion, Champion's Mojo Co-hosts Kelly Palace and Maria Parker debunk 10 common myths about Masters Swimming that may be holding you back.  If you've ever fancied the idea of joining an adult swim team, swimming for fitness in a group,  or just learning more about Masters Swimming, this show is for you!

Maria is a brand new masters swimmer and Kelly is one with 30 years of experience, so it's the perfect combo for Maria to voice the concerns, fears and myths about Masters Swimming and for Kelly to debunk them. It's a quick show, chocked full of great information.MYTH #1: You have to be a fast swimmer, having swum in high school or college. Just like the word Master suggests, you’ve mastered it!MYTH #2:  Masters must do swim meets or open water races.MYTH #3:  To enter local Masters meets you have to have a qualifying time, or be a certain speed.MYTH #4: Meets and races are hard to enter and are pressure filled! I’ll be embarrassed and/or humiliated! MYTH #5: You have to dive off the blocks.MYTH #6: You have to know how to do all four strokes.

MYTH #7:  You have to have a fancy swim suit or tech suit.

MYTH #8: You have to swim everyday.

MYTH #9: Goggles always leak and swim caps are uncomfortable.MYTH #10:  Swim equipment is for experienced swimmers only. 

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