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The Archers
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Performing Arts
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Sep 10, 2023
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When Pip pops into Brookfield, Ruth suggests she changes her plan of a picnic with Stella and Rosie and joins them for lunch. Pip turns the offer down but then worries to Stella – she’s paranoid they gave away their new relationship on Friday. Pip would hate Ruth to find out before they tell her, but at the same time isn’t ready to tell her mum. Stella makes clear what makes it tricky is that Ruth is Pip’s mum and Stella’s friend. They’re not concerned about Ruth’s attitude to them being in a gay relationship. Over lunch at Brookfield, Paul is stunned to learn that it’s Josh’s birthday this week. He can’t believe Josh hasn’t told him already. Josh insists to Paul and his parents that he has no plans to mark the occasion. Later, as they drive home, Josh complains about Paul showing him up by being the perfect guest. Paul asks Josh why he’s so miserable and Josh admits he’s not looking forward to turning twenty-six. Paul insists that Josh makes a plan and invites people to celebrate. Back from their picnic, Pip panics that Rosie saw her and Stella kissing. Stella’s sure that Rosie’s eyes were closed before she kissed Pip, but Pip’s not so sure. Stella encourages her to try to find out from Rosie what she saw. Pip says she’s never considered how she would talk to her daughter about her meeting someone; she’d just cross that bridge when she came to it. Maybe you’re now at that bridge, replies Stella.

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