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The Archers
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Performing Arts
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Sep 08, 2023
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Ruth observes Pip’s making a lot of effort with her make-up for a night at the Bull. She wonders if Pip’s mystery woman’s going to be there. Pip distracts her with more obfuscation. While Ruth’s at the bar Pip thanks Stella for agreeing to come out. She knows it’s awkward. Stella’s just glad to be there. Pip jokes that they should get drunk and tell Ruth the truth about them. She drinks too quickly and almost gives the game away as she declares herself excited and in love – with life. Stella suggests Pip has a sandwich to soak up the alcohol. George teases Brad for drinking apple juice. George reckons Fallon still looks at him sometimes and wonders, which amuses Brad. Fallon and Harrison look pretty happy to him. George then spots two girls. He suggests they go and talk to them. Brad asserts he’s with Mia so he’s not interested; George should go and talk to the one he likes. George brags about his experience. He could advise Brad if Brad told him how far he’s got with Mia. Brad refuses to divulge anything, leaving George guessing. While George talks to one of the girls Brad calls Mia. He wishes he’d blown George out, and he could be with Mia. George returns, reporting the girl he liked was more interested in Brad. George told her Brad was single. Brad’s appalled. Mia arrives and hears Brad saying she’s the best thing that’s happened to him. She reciprocates, to George’s disgust. Brad reckons Mia should stay over at his tonight.

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