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The Archers
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Performing Arts
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Apr 08, 2021
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Kirsty’s had a brainwave after receiving a letter from Philip’s solicitor. Philip wants Kirsty to keep living in the Beechwood house for now, but she doesn’t want to, so she suggests Helen, Lee and the kids move in and rent it. Lee and Helen are excited as they tour the garden, planning veg patches and climbing frames. Helen worries it’s too good to be true, but Kirsty reassures them it’s all legal and above board, and they accept her offer. Alice is repentant but Chris is unforgiving; he spent hours last night trying to get Martha to take the formula he bought. When Martha wakes up crying he refuses Alice’s pleas to let her feed Martha herself; how can he be sure there isn’t still alcohol in her system? Alice insists the baby’s crying for her but angry Chris has no sympathy. Alice tries to explain she was exhausted and thought she could handle one glass of wine but didn’t have the willpower to stop. Later Chris is sarcastic when Alice says her detox buddy praised her honesty when she spoke to her. How can he trust Alice? Alice insists she loves him and Martha, and promises never to drink again. Chris needs time. Alice persuades him a christening would be good thing to do. Chris admits he’ll never stop loving Alice, and falteringly believes her when she promises to make things right.

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