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The Archers
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Performing Arts
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Dec 01, 2023
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Oliver and Ian turn up on the back lawn of Grey Gables at six-thirty as requested, still none the wiser. Following the sound of music, Oliver tells Ian they’re installing La Femme du Monde’s kitchen by the end of the month, but they’re still paying the catering staff in the meantime. To their amazement they see a lit-up polytunnel ahead, with guests milling about, before Adil welcomes them. They admit they like his surprise. Everyone else – business partners, staff, suppliers - looks happy too. Adil calls it a showcase of what Grey Gables is about: Local food, drink and hospitality. Ian and Oliver are seriously impressed. Adil suggests keeping the polytunnel going as a pop-up venue, using Ian’s pizza van, until they’re ready to open the restaurant. Ian and Oliver are quickly on board with The Polytunnel Pizzeria idea, and Ian’s happy to make a fresh start with Adil.

Alice and Harry are on their rearranged date at an Indian restaurant. Harry had thought things were over when she cancelled on Wednesday, but Alice apologises, it was her nerves. They talk horses and Alice thinks she might try competing again. Rueful Harry tells her about his forced retirement after an eventing accident - the fallout from it broke his marriage. It feels easier telling Alice than it usually does, but she’s awkward when Harrison approaches. Once he’s gone Alice explains he’s her ex’s best friend and she’s worried what he’ll tell Chris, before catching herself. She’s not doing anything to be ashamed of. Enjoying spending time with Harry is all that matters.

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