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The Archers
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Performing Arts
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Jun 01, 2023
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Brian has called in on Justin for an off the record chat. He wants to know how he found Stella to work with when she was employed by Damara. Justin says she was always professional and that they never fell out. If anything, Stella always kept her cards close to her chest. Justin guesses there is some sort of trouble at Home Farm. Whatever it is, he advises Brian to value Stella’s contribution. Harrison is in The Bull dropping off some dishes for Fallon. Tracy offers him a pint. He looks like he needs with one. Harrison admits it’s been a tough week. Tracy reveals that Jazzer is struggling as well with his broken leg. She’s encouraging him to connect more with nature. Harrison thinks he might give it a go too. Adil bumps into Tracy and asks after Jazzer. She reveals he’s become obsessed with finding Jim’s glasses. Despite contradictory leads, Alistair is sure he was wearing them when he got home from the stag night. It prompts Tracy to mention her hen party at Grey Gables, but it’s clearly the first Adil’s heard of it. Later, he reprimands Oliver for allowing people to use the hotel without his or his co-owner’s knowledge – especially as it was Tracy’s son and her nephew who broke in the other week. Oliver can’t behave as if he’s the sole owner anymore.

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