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  • Partners in Crime Media
    True crime authors and real-life couple Rebecca Lavoie and Kevin Flynn hold a pop-culture roundtable with noir novelist Toby Ball and journalist-turned-investigator Lara Bricker. The panel chats about other podcasts (including 'Serial') as well as journalism, storytelling, TV shows and films, and the special ...
  • Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace share triumphs and fails and offer advice on parenting kids from toddler to teens.
  • Co-workers and gal pals Jenn Morrissette, Jess Ryan and Sarah Fenerty navigate the world of the paranormal and share comedic and spine-tingling stories from the realm of the unexplainable and odd. Episodes include themes on ghosts, aliens, UFOs, lore and much, much more. They invite you to share your encounte...
  • #AmWriting with Jess & KJ
    A show about writing, reading, and getting (some) things done. Jessica Lahey writes the Parent-Teacher Conference column for the New York Times' Well Family and is the author of "The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Children Can Succeed." KJ Dell'Antonia is a columnist and contributing...
  • New Hampshire Public Radio
    The Exchange is New Hampshire's only locally produced statewide call-in talk show, hosted by Laura Knoy. It airs live at 9 AM and rebroadcasts at 7 PM weekdays. Want to call in during the show or leave us a message? Here's the number: 800.892.6477 You can also reach the show by email, by tagging us in a tweet...
  • True crime writers and pop culture podcasters Kevin Flynn and Rebecca Lavoie invite special guests to talk about ripped-from-the-headlines episodes of Law & Order, SVU, and Criminal Intent. Tweet to us @lawandorderpod or find us on Facebook at facebook.com/lawandorderpod and on the web at lawandorderpodcast.c...
  • The Biggest Little Show This Side of the Alpha Quadrant! Trek Geeks is a casual discussion on Star Trek between two friends that have known each other for 20 years. Each week, Dan Davidson and Bill Smith will highlight various Star Trek topics covering The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nin...
  • A weekly podcast featuring people you've never heard of talking about things of very little importance
  • New Hampshire Public Radio
  • Three friends from New Hampshire get together to talk about their awful dating lives, tinder nightmares, and day to day bouts with the real world. They also debate the topics that other podcasts just won't touch. Come dive in with us! Follow on twitter @PlungePodcast and on Instagram @theplungepodcast.
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Recent NH Episodes
  • Publication Date | Jan 21, 2019
    Episode Duration | 01:12:37
    The crime writers discuss the finer points of hate mail. Toby gives a shout out to a little-known but important local podcast called 2nd Read, Rebecca and Kevin plug their appearance on Netflix's "You Can't Make This Up" podcast, and Lara has wine come out her nose.The panel reviews Monster, which ex...
  • We're here to introduce you to a new podcast: as new parents, comedians Josie and Jonny bring their humor and genuine curiosity into each conversation to get answers to questions they’re completely clueless about. Each episode of their podcast, Josie Jonny are Having a Baby, features creators of all types ta...
  • Publication Date | Jan 21, 2019
    Episode Duration | 01:25:53
    In this episode, the gal pals look at one of the largest cases of mass possession. Was the devil really present, or was something even more sinister at work? They also look at the peculiar case of the Dover Demon. Cuddle up and get ready to get the goosebumps!
  • Publication Date | Jan 18, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:50:16
    …in which Jess and KJ talk with award-winning biographer, Ruth Franklin, author of Shirley Jackson: A Rather Haunted Life, and find out what it takes to write an account of someone else’s life.
  • Publication Date | Jan 17, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:58:58
    Rebecca Lavoie, Carvell Wallace, and Gabriel Roth discuss picky eaters with The Sporkful's Dan Pashman, a listener question about kids and creative problem solving, "Triumphs and Fails" and recommendations. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
  • Publication Date | Jan 17, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:57:24
    The State's Office of the Child Advocate releases its first annual report on the state of DCYF. Director Moira O'Neill says lots more needs to be done to keep kids safe. Julian Castro comes to New Hampshire in his bid to win over Democrats in the 2020 presidential primary. And democrats have made legal mariju...
  • Publication Date | Jan 16, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:57:05
    New Hampshire’s five-member Executive Council flipped to Democratic control in November. We sit down with two newly-elected members to find out what, exactly, the council does and the key issues before it this year.
  • Publication Date | Jan 16, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:47:45
    A co-ed is found dead in her dorm. The computer geek with the rape-and-murder fantasies and a pair of the victim's panties seems like a good suspect, but Briscoe and Curtis home in on her paranoid roommate. Instead of homicide, McCoy and Kincaid charge her with fraud for lying on her college applicat...
  • Laura talks with New Hampshire House and Senate leaders representing both parties to find out what's in store for the legislature in the months ahead and how the shift in power -- from Republicans to Democrats -- might play out. So far, business taxes, marijuana policy, and voting laws are among many issues u...
  • Publication Date | Jan 15, 2019
    Episode Duration | 02:24:02
    The New Year is only a couple of weeks old and  we thought we’d put together some special bonus content in the form of outtakes before we return with an all-new episode in a couple of weeks! Many of you know that following the end theme of every podcast episode, there is an outtake–something that we talked a...
  • Publication Date | Jan 14, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:57:02
    The Sky Crew is back to kick off 2019 with news of the New Horizons spacecraft and its encounter with the distant object dubbed "Ultima Thule." We get the details on the "Super Blood Wolf Moon" eclipse which will be visible (weather permitting) from N.H. on January 20-21. And we discuss how the government shu...
  • Publication Date | Jan 14, 2019
    Episode Duration | 01:10:43
    Two true crime updates this week. The "hot sheriff" from Murder Mountain issues a rebuttal of-sorts to the Netflix doc. Meantime, based on a recent court decision favorable to his case, Adnan Syed's legal team has submitted a supplemental filing in his appeal. Then there's a special cameo from this m...
  • Publication Date | Jan 11, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:57:13
    This year, about twenty states are raising their minimum wage; the Granite State remains tied to the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. Several bills in the N.H. legislature, meanwhile, will look again at raising that number. Supporters say this change is long past due, though ideas vary in terms of how m...
  • Publication Date | Jan 11, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:43:13
    ...in which Jess and KJ talk raw honest memoir with Janelle Hanchett, author of I'm Just Happy to Be Here. It's not easy to write memoir, or to put it out there, but as Janelle says, you're either going to tell the truth, or don't bother.
  • Publication Date | Jan 10, 2019
    Episode Duration | 01:00:31
    Rebecca Lavoie, Carvell Wallace, and Isaac Butler discuss tyrannical grandmas, musical bribery, triumphs and fails, recommendations, and more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
  • Publication Date | Jan 10, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:57:03
    With the governor signaling support for offshore wind energy, we talk with environmental reporter Annie Ropeik. We also discuss new limits on PFAS chemicals and arsenic in drinking water. The state rolled-out the new program of "doorways" to addiction treatment services in a series of meetings around the stat...
  • Publication Date | Jan 10, 2019
    Episode Duration | 01:05:20
    Chrissy Jason are joined by the entire Team Alme clan for a special first episode of 2019! We mark the occasion with profane complaints about things in 2018 which upset and annoyed us. Jason's parents each say the F-word, and the whole family comes together to complain about politics, scooters, negativity (i...
  • Publication Date | Jan 09, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:57:11
    Thousands of federal employees in the Granite State are furloughed, some working without pay. At the same time, certain government programs and private contracts aren't being fulfilled, with effects on the private sector and the general public.
  • In 2019, we make a tentative forecast of the economic trends to watch in the new year. From continued affordable housing challenges in New Hampshire, to tariffs and stock market fluctuations internationally, we look at what indicators you should keep an eye on.
  • Publication Date | Jan 08, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:57:11
    Taylor Caswell, Commissioner of the Department of Business and Economic Affairs joins us. The state's economy is looking robust with unemployment the lowest in the region. But there's also a labor shortage, workforce development challenges, and high energy costs for businesses. We get Caswell's take on these ...
  • Publication Date | Jan 07, 2019
    Episode Duration | 01:11:00
    It’s 2019 and the Crime Writers resolve to bring it in the new year.The panel clicks its way through "Bandersnatch," Netflix’s hot interactive TV show. Toby thinks it meshes gimmick with good story, Kevin likes its meta themes, and Lara is still trying to figure out her Roku. Meanwhile, Rebecca final...
  • In the first episode of 2019, the gal pals take a look at cursed forests and the first witch hysteria in America, and no, they aren't talking about Salem. Settle in, get comfortable and prepare to get the goosebumps. 
  • With the new year upon us, resolutions abound -- including, for many of us, promises to eat healthier and exercise more regularly, perhaps even to lose weight and build muscle tone. In attempting to do so, however, it can be confusing making sense of the research and health headlines. We'll talk with experts ...
  • Publication Date | Jan 04, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:57:27
    Governor Chris Sununu begins his second term, calling for cooperation as he faces Democratic control of the House, Senate, and Executive Council following midterm elections. House lawmakers vote to ban guns inside Representatives Hall -- a rule that has been reversed over the years, depending upon which party...
  • Publication Date | Jan 04, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:05:01
    Here at Something Wild, we don’t have a problem with winter. Aside from the snow and the cold and the freezing rain… okay, maybe we have a couple issues. But we have sweaters and hot cocoa and Netflix. Trees, however, do not. As the snow piles up, you may see trees bent over with their crowns nearly touching ...
  • Publication Date | Jan 04, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:44:58
    ...in which Jess and KJ open the new year with their goals and words for the upcoming year.
  • Publication Date | Jan 03, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:46:22
    Gabriel Roth hosts a cultivated selection of some favorite Slate Plus segments to ring in the new year, featuring Rebecca Lavoie, Carvell Wallace, Allison Benedikt, and Isaac Butler, subjects include: how to talk to your kids about "bad guys", a New Hampshire social media scandal, practicing what you preach, ...
  • Publication Date | Jan 03, 2019
    Episode Duration | 01:13:00
    Happy New Year Plungers! This New Years Eve special recording dives into Zac Efron with the main guys to start off 2019 in fashion. We discuss 2018 and how it treated us, including the birth of the show. We also are happy to announce we have moved to PodBean.com as our host site and you can now see our websit...
  • Publication Date | Jan 02, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:57:40
    More people are bringing their animals with them -- into stores, onto planes. Some are service animals, highly trained, assisting with such tasks as pulling a wheelchair or retrieving medicine. They also assist people who are blind or experiencing seizures. These animals are highly trained, covered under the ...
  • The Hudson University president is murdered, but who convinced the grad student to do the deed? The answer is Goren’s new nemesis: Nicole Wallace!We’re talking about Criminal Intent season 2 episode 3 “Anti-Thesis.” We’re joined by returning guest, from Undisclosed and the Office Hours podcasts, Dr. ...
  • Publication Date | Jan 01, 2019
    Episode Duration | 00:57:40
    For months now, speculation has been growing about who will run in the Democratic and Republican Presidential primaries, fueled by politicians' visits to such states as New Hampshire and Iowa. The list of potential Democratic contenders appears long and includes Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey, Former Secre...
  • Publication Date | Dec 31, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:57:29
    With pleasant weather comes a busy hiking season in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. A misread map, a sudden storm, a forgotten headlamp - and suddenly a hike could turn into a matter of survival. We look at a new book, " Critical Hours, " that offers a history and a celebration of the search and rescue ...
  • Publication Date | Dec 28, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:57:29
    Barns have an important historical significance in New Hampshire, and are a major part of our landscape. But as these barns age, how can we preserve and restore them for new uses today? This rebroadcast will air Monday, December 31 at 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.
  • Publication Date | Dec 28, 2018
    Episode Duration | 01:07:28
    Raef "Hollywood" Granger is in the third chair as we make our predictions for 2019. Do you agree? How far out on a limb will we go for a few points?
  • Publication Date | Dec 28, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:45:22
    ...in which Jess and KJ take stock of 2018 with a review of their goals and their words of the year. 
  • Publication Date | Dec 27, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:56:24
    Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace are prompted by a Washington Post series of three stories about  raising boys in the #MeToo era to discuss teenagers, modern masculinity, "the friend zone", and more. Plus a listener question about the grandparent's favorite kid, "Triumphs and Fails", and reco...
  • Publication Date | Dec 27, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:57:29
    We learn about the miracle of fungi, from mushrooms, to yeast, to mold on your shower curtain. Fungi are in a vast yet little-known kingdom of their own, closer to animals than plants, and one of the oldest and largest organisms on earth. In addition to tasty mushrooms foraged in fall, we learn about the impo...
  • Publication Date | Dec 27, 2018
    Episode Duration | Unknown
    Merry Christmas Plungers! This Christmas special recording dives into Hunters uni-brow and quickly goes off on a weird tangent of a wide variety of absurd topics. We attempt to get back on track but then get sidetracked by questions involving the entire population blinking and astrophysics. We finally get bac...
  • We revisit our top shows of 2018. Author Debby Irving's memoir, "Waking Up White" serves as inspiration for New Hampshire's Oyster River community, as it reflects on tough questions about race and tolerance. The discussions come after incidents revealing discrimination and racism, in an area where many believ...
  • Publication Date | Dec 25, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:56:57
    For the holiday week, catch the top shows of 2018. There are 48 New Hampshire peaks over 4000 feet, drawing hikers from all over. The official Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) Four Thousand Footer Club was formed in 1957 to introduce hikers to some of the less known sections of the White Mountains of New Hamps...
  • Publication Date | Dec 25, 2018
    Episode Duration | 02:04:34
    All good things must come to an end, and so it is with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. You all made the Nice List this year, so Santa has brought you a special present! It's our final installment in the See It or Skip It for DS9 and our last new episode of 2018! Joining us for this next installment is our dear f...
  • Is it an early Christmas present, or a justified lawsuit? We weigh in on the news that one of the maybe-corrupt law enforcement officers featured in Making A Murderer has filed suit against Netflix and the filmmakers. Plus, one of the Bundy clan is walking away from the movement we heard about in the...
  • The ghouls are back and better than ever! In this week's episode, the gal pals deliver the second part of Betty and Barney Hill, and they dive deep into the world of cults with the largest mass suicide in US history. Get comfortable and get ready to get the goosebumps!
  • Publication Date | Dec 24, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:33:51
    It's a profane and offensive Team Alme Christmas! Like any good Christmas special, we piss and moan about all the crap we wasted money on, stereotype Jewish folk, and whip up some holiday fury.Listen as we talk sh*t about "My Grown Up Christmas List," which is WAY worse than "Baby It's Cold Outside." We also ...
  • Publication Date | Dec 22, 2018
    Episode Duration | 01:19:04
    Joe Bouley and his wife Michelle drop by the studio to talk about marriage, parenting, supporting your spouse, eating expired food, and vomiting.Jason regales us all with his recent trip to the urologist, and we play a fun-filled round of “Internet Acronym Game.”Additionally, Joe B announces his new podcast, ...
  • Publication Date | Dec 22, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:48:01
    ...in which Jess and KJ weigh the many ambiguous definitions of fiction genres with Emily Tredowe, and her short-story path to novel writing.
  • Publication Date | Dec 21, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:57:08
    We start off with the top stories of this week: questions around the propriety of spending by Governor Sununu's inauguration committee; and a House committe vote to ban guns in Representatives Hall (with final vote by the full House yet to come). But for much of the show, we'll look back at some of the top st...
  • Publication Date | Dec 21, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:04:35
    The diversity of New Hampshire’s habitats is staggering, as we’ve mentioned in the past there are more than 200 natural communities within our borders. This week, in another edition of New Hampshire’s Wild Neighborhoods Something Wild, again visits a rare habitat type. We’re going to visit the pitch pine scru...
  • Publication Date | Dec 20, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:44:33
    Rebecca Lavoie, Carvell Wallace, and Gabriel Roth discuss the role of step parents, and their relationships to the birth parents of their step-kids. Plus, a detailed and swear-filled account of Rebecca's dramatic recent injury, "Triumphs and Fails", and recommendations.This episode is brought to you by the fo...
  • Publication Date | Dec 20, 2018
    Episode Duration | 00:45:42
    Welcome to The Plunge! This recording from Sunday, December 16th dives right into dong size, the Titanic, and the NFL wall of abusers on loop constantly. This week we are live in the 99% finished studio with the A Team and B Team Davey. We get into conversation about Logan Paul, the YouTube Rewind, and invest...