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    Kristen Bennett and Elizabeth Nordenholt
    Kristen and Elizabeth explore our favorite TV shows, movies, and pop culture figures discussing issues relating to race, gender, the LGBT community, and other social issues. Are our faves too problematic to keep loving them, or do they get enough right where we can keep enjoying them. Join our two friends as they delve into the social implications of the things we love.
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    Cody and Gavin
    A talk show where two nerds try to be funny
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    Stop and Fangirl
    Stop and Fangirl is an entertainment, media, and television review podcast headed by Lizzie, Lyra, and Lynnie, (L3), that reflects, jokes about, and dares to question the writing, fandoms, and sensibilities of current television, movies, sports, books, and writing. With backgrounds in law, writing, and human rights' activism, we are a diverse bunch looking to change the conversation about the things we love. Above all, we hope to have fun, share laughs, and talk about the media we consume in meaningful ways. Come join the conversation on Twitter and Instagram @stopandfangirl3 and don't forget to subscribe!
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    Nicole Funari and Stacy Moore
    Welcome to Movies that Matter, the podcast about recent films going above and beyond the call of box office returns to boldly explore a social issue affecting people’s lives.
  • Remembering all those amazing movies from the 1980’s
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    General Failure Podcast
    The General Failure Podcast consists of four great people discussing the things we like, hate, are excited, or nerd raging about. Everything about TV, movies, comics, video games, and cons! New episodes come at you every week!
  • We watch the first 10 minutes of movies we know nothing about, then predict what happens next.
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    Popcorn Talk Network
    Popcorn Talk Network, the online broadcast network that features movie discussion, news, interviews and commentary proudly presents “Inventory Full: A Video Game News Show”. Each episode features news, play-alongs, discussions, and banter!
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    American Fright
    Podcast about American Horror films. We start in the seventies and move on up.
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    Robert Jenner
    In a world where we are almost forced into high priced theaters, with uncomfortable seats, eating stale popcorn in order to watch the latest movie release, the fan film is a way for us to visit our favorite Universe or watch our favorite character all from the comfort of our homes! The Fan Film Boyz will be your guide into the world of the fan film with interviews, and reviews of the many amazing, and some not so good fan made films. Hosted by Mike and Rob the Fan Film Boyz are a proud sponsor of the 2017 Fan Film Awards.