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    James Landes
    Join James Landes, Ph.D., on Wholly Orders (, for an exploration of mindfulness from a Western philosophical perspective. This program takes a fresh approach to the Western tradition, with a strong nod toward Goethe and other philosophical, literary, scientific and contemplative thinkers whose approach to thought tends in a more holistic and dynamic direction than in the more dominant theory- and concept-based Western worldview in the culture at large. This is a program in which poetry, philosophy and science come together. While trying not to get too bogged down in academic jargon, it is also a place where terms like ‘mindfulness’ and ‘holistic thought’ are treated in the longstanding contemplative tradition (e.g. Meister Eckhart), as opposed to being saccharine buzzwords used in contemporary pop philosophy/spiritual movements. Here tradition is not equated with orthodoxy. The Western tradition is examined thoughtfully, and not through the lens of ideology or religion. Rooted in Western tradition and grounded (if indeed a bit underground at times) in the present, this program explores perspectives and ideas that have often been forgotten or overlooked, but which may serve us well to remember now. This program is dedicated to those interested in asking the important questions, rather than demanding easy answers, to those who are open-minded, but not so much that their brains are falling out, to those who can encounter new ideas and perspectives without becoming angry or offended, to those who find the notion of continual progress to be vaguely Orwellian, to those who can intelligently approach spirit and science without feeling conflicted. The presenter, trained in the intellectual history of the West, has a keen interest in promoting imagination and creativity by means of re-connecting with important ideas and thinkers in Western history. Here you will find no gurus or secret teachings, just musings on some of the often overlooked ideas that are freely available to us all, ideas that show the Western philosophical tradition to be very much alive and relevant to the present day. Sometimes it is not what we see, but how we see, that can make all of the difference.
  • Interviews, musings and extra material from the makers of Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. If it did not fit in the HH feed it's probably here
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    This is 1980something
    Podcast by This is 1980something
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    David Gutsche, Emily Dussault, Michael John
    Three best buds. On a mission. To ask all the questions, and get ALL the answers.
  • Meta Treks is a podcast dedicated to a deep examination of the philosophical ideas found in Star Trek. In each episode, Zachary Fruhling and Mike Morrison take you on a fascinating journey into the inner workings of Star Trek storytelling, deeper into subspace than you've ever traveled before.
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    Francisco, Antwand, Fatina and Slade
    The show uses a hint of comedy, fused with deep. honest conversations on issues that occur in our world today. We're a group of well informed millennials who provide fresh insight on politics and technology. Note: This show contains some strong language. Listener discretion is advised. Hosts: Francisco Pierre-Louis, Antwand Howard, Fatina Shahzad and Slade Winston. Twitter: Facebook: Visit us at:
  • My new podcast 'Under The Skin' asks: what's beneath the surface - of people we admire, of the ideas that define our time, of the history we are told. Speaking with guests from the world of academia, popular culture and the arts, they'll help us to see the ulterior truth behind our constructed reality. And have a laugh.
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    Michael Dawson
    Michael C. Dawson, Director of the Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture and is the John D. MacArthur Professor of Political Science and the College at the University of Chicago.
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    Zachary Davis
    A podcast about the ideas that shape our lives.
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    CLNS Media Network
    The History of Ancient Greece Podcast is a weekly deep-dive into one of the most influential and fundamental peoples in Western Civilization. Hosted by philhellene Ryan Stitt, THOAG spans over two millennia. From the Bronze Age to Homer, to classical Greek democracy to the Roman conquest, this podcast will tell the history of a fundamental civilization by bringing to life the fascinating stories of all the ancient sources and archaeological discoveries. And not just military and political history, but their society, how the Greeks lived day-to-day, as well as their culture—their art, architecture, philosophy, literature, religion, science, and all the other incredible aspects of the Greek achievement.