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  • A Post-Apocalyptic Fallout Fan Podcast
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    AstroPanda Productions
    The Middle Aged Nerds Shows shares it's love for books, games, technology, science fiction, fantasy, and general discussion about life and personal experiences. The show aims for comical relief, but there are no boundaries for it to bend sideways and get real or focused on a serious topic. You will find four guys that just want to have a good time, share their ideas, thoughts, and stories with hopes to entertain their audience.
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    Nerdifi PLC
    Feed your Fandom with our obsessively detailed, quasi-intellectual discussion on a range of fandoms, including comics, film, TV, books and video games.
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    Blazing Caribou Studios
    8 Bit Avenue features detailed breakdowns of the games each of the personalities have been playing, news, and odd emails from readers that always lead Katie Talmo and Matt Palmer down some fascinating, and oftentimes strange, avenues of discussions.
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    Feral Audio
    Explore the video games people love and why they love them. This mad-cap book club for video games digs into how games make you feel, how they draw you in, and how they reflect the world. Settle in for a mix of goofy quizzes, indie project spotlights, and some serious introspection as hosts Keith and Jesse chat with comedians, game developers, industry insiders, and some people you’d never guess are into video games.
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    AstroPanda Productions official video gaming podcast: PC, console, and everything in-between.
  • Join Ben and Jono every week as they play the first 30 minutes of a game and then ask the question “Do you want to Keep Playing?”.
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    Stephen Marlin
    A series of continuity errors
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    TransMissions Podcast Network
    Your Source for Awesome
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    The Game Brew Crew
    Tap into a hearty brew of gaming topics with the Game Brew Crew and think beyond the screen as we discuss how modern gaming intersects with your daily life.