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    The Nyrdcast Podcast
    Not Your Regular Dialogue - A pop culture podcast where we talk to people about things they are passionate about.
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    Ian Loxam & Nikki Bates
    Ian and Nikki take a look at the world of comics & pop culture reviewing comic books & movies as well as interviewing big names from the comic industry every episode.
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    The Sentinel Tower and 2nd Floor Studios
    The world famous #5Cast! Top 5 lists of a random and fun topic in every episode! The best Stallone and Schwarzenegger movies, '80s metal bands, terrible Spidey villains, Pokémon, Bowie songs, dwarves, Legend of Zelda titles - you never know what they're going to cover ne—Actually, this show is now CANCELLED!
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    Split Screen Podcast
    Host Shah Shahid is joined by a new guest every episode as they compare film remakes to their source material (comic books, television, movies, novels) to discuss the similarities, understand the differences and provide insight to put it all into context.
  • Welcome to "The Not So Crazy Podcast of Blizzard the Wizard and Eli" Documenting our Shenanigans one under-25 minute podcast at a time
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    Disney Discussions
    A Disney podcast. A father and his 2 boys discuss Walt Disney World, Marvel, Star Wars, the Muppets and anything remotely Disney related.
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    Spoiler Country
    Two guys talking about things they enjoy. Comics books, movies, science, whatever.
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    Pop Culture Leftovers
    Every week the Pop Culture Leftovers bring you the latest news in Movies, Television Shows and Comic Books. It's friends getting together and talking about what they love or hate in the genre. We aren't experts, we're not critics, we're not writers but we are FANS! We're called The Leftovers for a reason. We're like Danny DeVito in Twins. All the talent and originality went into the other podcasts. All the crap that was left over...went into what you listen to on this show. We talk about the latest movies in Marvel, DC and Star Wars. And we got you covered in television with Black Mirror, Supergirl, Stranger Things, Ash vs. Evil Dead, Marvel's Runaways, Westworld, Preacher, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. So strap yourself in and have a good time! Strap yourself in? Really? Just listen. No straps required. Unless you're into that sort of thing. <br /> Email us at, follow us on Twitter @PCLeftovers and like our Facebook page. <br /> Check out our other podcasts as well. Talking Taboo FX, Sweetwater Saloon - A Westworld Podcast, American Gods Aftershow, Wrestling Jabronis, Runaways TV Talk, We Are Legion - Legion FX and Number One Comic Books! <br /> <br /> © 2013 Pop Culture Leftovers. All rights reserved.
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    James Enstall
    A live radio show heard every Saturday at 4pm ET / 1pm PT on 95.1FM and 1260AM - The Answer. We cover the World of Pop Culture from Comic Books and Video Games to Movies and TV Shows!!
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    Christian and Damon's Amazing Nerd Show
    For Nerds by Nerds! Christian and Damon's Amazing Nerd Show hits with topics covering all of nerd culture. From comics, to films, to even wrestling, no Nerdom goes untalked about!