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    Ashley and Lindsey
    Crime Diaries primarily centers around "glamourized' crime, wealth, fame and relationships that turn deadly. Ashley and Lindsey take turns each week sharing their favorite crime story.
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    Tyler Kurtz/Cesar Leon/Maya Holt
    Tyler, Maya and Cesar discuss anything from serial killers, to aliens and everything in between in your new favorite weekly podcast!
  • An Arkansas true crime podcast focusing on lesser known cases from the Natural State.
  • An unidentified body. Who was she? Why hasn’t she been missed? A BBC World Service and NRK original podcast, investigating a mystery unsolved for almost half a century.
  • At 11.52pm on August 10, 2002, unassuming rugby fan David Breckenridge called his best friend from a phone box and told him he was on his way over to watch an international match on TV. Eight minutes later he was dead. The person, or persons, who stabbed and bashed the Sydney man to death the night after his 28th birthday remain at large. Investigative reporter Nicole Hogan's five-part true crime podcast series on the perplexing and brutal, unsolved murder of an ordinary guy.
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    Casa Muretito Productions
    An investigative podcast on John and Jane Doe cases.
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    Beyond Bizarre True Crime
    A podcast that features the unique, strange, and often wacky side of criminality. These are the stories that will make you wonder if they came from Hollywood -- or if Hollywood took it from them. Visit
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    A chilling, 22-minute surveillance video captures the brutal 1994 murders of a popular South Florida bar owner and two women he invited home after a night out. A mom and her 7-year-old daughter are kidnapped in 2007 after an afternoon of Christmas shopping, then found shot to death in the back seat of their SUV. But they may not be the only victims of this child killer. Both crimes shocked Florida — and the murderers could still be out there among us. South Florida Sun Sentinel reporters Lisa Arthur and Juan Ortega uncover new details about these terrifying crimes.
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    Sofia Fabiano & Johnelle Mannie
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    Mark and Yolanda Norris
    Do you and your significant other ever get into discussions that no one else could possibly think are interesting or funny? Do your friends or family members wonder, "What could these two have in common?" If the answer is "Yes", then you should check out Not Perfect or Functional. A married podcast where we discuss pop culture, true crime, sports and every random topic that pops in our heads. Come see where we've found common ground (or not) while embracing our dysfunction.