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    Missy, Lyndon, Rik
    Welcome to Ass4Cast! A weekly comedy podcast where 3 friends get together and pick, from a hat, "A Stupid Statement" that you, the listener, have suggested. We then debate and manipulate our stupid statements to try and convince the others it's a valid thought. Then you, as the listener, get to decide who did it best! Special Intervals include our "Riktionary" and "Fake Ass News". Decide who did it best via our weekly voting polls on our Twitter: @Ass4Cast. ---------> [FOR OUR LISTENERS: Please note that any and all stupid statements are for entertainment and comedic purposes only. No member of this podcast truly believe these statements to be true and nor do we intend to convince you that they are true. In no way does any member intend to offend you, please enjoy this with complete comedic value.]
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    Steven Michalove
    HAKLOUD.art a newborn indie record label based out the Pacific Norwest out of Seatlle in mid-cascadia. A gem of the tech and art scene being birthed. A true cross-generational effort of art and tech. Be Chill, Heal on Others. Live Fast, Die Sloe. Prosper, HAKLOUD. We do Art. Steven Michalove is a native of Atlanta Ga, that lives and writes in near Seattle. He is a stroke survivor and was gifted the keyboards playing by his brain damage.
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    Black Gals Livin'
    Two black girls from London and Essex chatting about mental health, pop culture and random shenanigans. Hosted by Vic and Jas. Vic Twitter: @victoriasanusi Instagram: @vicsanusi Jas Twitter: @jas_bw Instagram: @jas_bw Holla at us using the hashtag #blackgalslivin
  • Supercharge at Work + Play! Entrepreneurs can access the latest anti-aging, vitality, and biohacking strategies - the best years of your life are a few tweaks away! Dr. Rac is an international speaker, who sits on a national board of physician entrepreneurs. Trained in medicine, public health, physiology, some pharmacy, and a lifelong study of alternative medicines, Dr. Rac brings entrepreneurs a passionate and innovative approach to max their vitality.
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    Hall of Comics Podcast
    The Hall of Comics Podcast! Comics Book News, Discussion and Reviews! Follow us on Twitter - @Hall_Of_Comics Email - hallofcomicspodcastuk@gmail.com
  • To make informed decisions about our health, we have to break taboos against publicly discussing our basic bodily functions - and most perplexing symptoms. Ladyparts takes a wide view, attempting to bridge the divide between mainstream medicine and holistic healthcare, and consider all of our options.
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    Reid Messerschmidt Gets Metal with Robert Piller
    A podcast where I, Reid Messerschmidt, a man who has set up eBay alerts for cardigan sweaters, attempt to get metal. My Metal Svengali on this journey is Robert Piller, a man so metal, he makes Satan look like seitan.
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    What is it like to be famous before you’re famous? What is it like to walk in the shoes of another person? Each episode of Imagined Life takes you on an immersive journey into the life of a world-famous person. It’ll be someone you may think you know, even admire -- or maybe the opposite. You’ll get clues to your identity along the way. But only in the final moments will you find out who “you” really are. So sit back, let go, and -- imagine your life, with our hosts, Oscar nominated Virginia Madsen and celebrated voice actor Robbie Daymond. From Wondery, the network behind Dirty John.
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    Manchester Football Social
    Welcome to the Manchester Football Social: The voice of the fans! We are a daily Manchester football podcast recorded LIVE from the centre of the footballing universe... Manchester! Each show Reds and Blues go head to head discussing all the latest news from Manchester City and Manchester United. Listen LIVE at xsmanchester.co.uk weekdays from 18:00 (GMT) and have YOUR say by calling 0345 111 76 25, or text us on 87711. Hit subscribe now so you never miss a show and follow the Manchester Football Social on social media: Twitter: @MCRFootySocial. Facebook: ManchesterFootballSocial Instagram: ManchesterFootballSocial Listen to our weekly MCFC show: https://www.acast.com/manchestercityfootballsocial Listen to our weekly MUFC show: https://www.acast.com/manchesterunitedfootballsocial